9 Natural Ways to Achieve Pouty Lips

Every one wants to be the prettiest. Beautiful, fuller and juicy lips play an important role in adding sensuality and extra factor to an existing beauty. Unfortunately, not everyone was given such gift of having that gorgeous feature. There are some ways to make your lips fuller and make them pouty in a natural way.

Below are the 9 natural ways to achieve pouty lips.

1. Organic Lemon Water

Ways to Achieve Pouty Lips - Orrganic Lemon Water

Aside from cleansing your system, one glass of organic lemon water with six hrs interval every day will keep your lips smooth, fuller, juicy look, and hydrated.

2. Peppermint Oil

Ways to Achieve Pouty Lips - peppermint oil

This oil is very organic; it gives a tingling sensation, making your lips temporarily swell, thus creating a fuller lip-look. You can apply it alone or combine it with a little drop of coconut oil and will amazingly give your lips a pouty pulpy look!

3. Cinnamon Oil

Ways to Achieve Pouty Lips - cinnamon oil

This oil has the same mild irritant effect as peppermint oil. You can brush your lips with a small amount of cinnamon powder, cinnamon oil drops alone, or mix it with coconut oil to give a voluptuous look to your lips.

4. Honey

Ways to Achieve Pouty Lips - honey

Application of fresh organic honey nourishes and moisturizes your lips. It’ll give you a shiny, smooth, and plumper effect.

5. Hot Pepper

Ways to Achieve Pouty Lips - hot pepper

You can rub a small amount of dried pepper (red) powders like cayenne or jalapeno on your lips, and it will give you a pulping effect and natural lift on your lips.

6. Over-Saturated Sugar

Ways to Achieve Pouty Lips - over saturated sugar

For 10-15 minutes, topical application on the lips of over-saturated sugar mixed in hot water will moisturize the lips and make them pulpier. Just make sure the sugars were not dissolved entirely in the water and sugar crystals should remain attached on your lips post application.

7. Whistling

Ways to Achieve Pouty Lips - whistling

5 to 10 minutes of whistling everyday is a kind of exercise to your lips to achieve that pouty look.

8. Exfoliation

Ways to Achieve Pouty Lips - exfoliation

A small, circular motion brushing of lips with a soft bristle toothbrush removes the dead and dried skin cells from our lips; and new pulpy and moist cells are being surfaced. Exfoliation increases the blood flow and gives it pulpy, red, and fuller natural lips. Apply the lip balm afterward.

9. Pouting Exercise

Ways to Achieve Pouty Lips - pouting exercise

Eight to ten minutes of pouting exercise everyday will give your desired results. It’s easy as standing in front of the mirror and pout your lips, afterward close your lips and move your closed lips side to side. For sure, this will give you a great result!

Aside from the techniques mentioned above, moisturizing your lips and applying lip balm prior to sleeping will give you a beneficial result. Achieving those beautiful lips is not always hard. Opting in to try out the simple natural method above will give you a convincing result that is non-invasive and less expensive, to achieve those pouty and fuller lips. There are also surgical treatments for you to have pouty lips and they’re equally effective, but much more expensive compared to the natural methods listed above.

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