9 Types of Guys, Girls should Never Date

It’s summer. Yes, that time where everyone wants to go out and chill with friends, go clubbing and meet their loved ones. You heard me right, the loved ones. It’s an amazing feeling, to love and to be loved. But there’s always a twist to everything in life. Thanks to Karma for existing, whatever you do, will come back to you. No matter how many mistakes you make in your life, please make sure, you don’t make a mistake of CHOOSING THE WRONG GUY!

So here are the 9 types of guys you should DEFINITELY STAY A MILLION FEET AWAY FROM:

Girls should Never Date


Of course, we love it when it comes to intelligent men. Every girl wants to date a guy who would help her get through her problems. But here’s the catch. In usual cases, they help you out and give you an impression that they are who you want for the rest of your life and then, this happens:
‘Your problems aren’t decreasing but the size of my brain is. And thanks to you, so is my control over you.’ Seriously, these people just want to create those ‘first-time impressions’ on you and take control of you for the rest of your life. For these people, there’s a doormat that says ‘welcome, when are you leaving?’

Girls should Never Date


These boys make a big deal out of everything. They want things to go their way and when they don’t, they turn into someone completely different. They fight on things like ‘why did you make me fries I wanted something to eat and not just swallow.’ Like seriously, this happens. This person gives you enough reasons to stay away from him because he’s harmed, dangerous and absolutely worthless. If you’re about to date someone like him, please open your eyes and ears and think about this. Do you really want him?
There are friends like that too. The only way to deal with them is to yes, give it a shot, explain that all this isn’t going to lead them anywhere, it will pull them down real bad. And if they don’t understand, thank Mark Zuckerberg for creating blocking and unfriending options on Facebook!  And well WhatsApp is great too.
Also, if he is already with you, don’t forget that saying, ‘it’s never too late in life.’

Girls should Never Date


You want to go out with these kinds of boys. You want to know how it is to hang out with them because at first, they come to you as really enthusiastic and absolutely hyper people, but hold on, you’ve only seen that side. These boys can’t keep anything in their tummy. They love speaking at times when they’re told to keep shut. And they love ruining plans. Like surprises. Oh, they hate it. Without a doubt. They hate things like minding their own business, not interrupting, not listening to other people’s conversations. AND THEY ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE IDEA OF SPOILING EVERYTHING.
You tell them something and they’ll have to tell that to someone else. Like you’re my boyfriend and I want you to keep whatever I tell you, a secret. But no, talking to your friends definitely makes my secret more confidential. Thanks a lot for that.

Girls should Never Date


No, I’m not talking about men who want to earn a lot in life and make something out of themselves. I’m also not talking about men who are already rich. I’m talking about men who date girls who are rich. Yes, it’s you. These men don’t know anything about their lives. They want easy solutions to everything. And mostly, the problems they get into are problems related to money. And when you see that they have issues, you would obviously want to help and so, you take THE step. You give them the money and woosh they’re gone. They’re there with you, yes, but the money is gone. Never, ever are you getting your money back.

Girls should Never Date


Boy: ‘You’re late. I’ve been here since 7.’

Girl: ‘It’s 7:03.’

Boy: ‘A lot can happen in 3 minutes. What if this place caught fire and I died? What if there was an emergency and I just left?’


To avoid the above conversation, you need to get out of the idea of ‘dating a time-lover AKA the asinine punctual ones.’ Sometimes they aren’t who they are. They’re a pain for you and they don’t give you your space. They crib about what consequences a lot, an entire date as well. Oh, they aren’t worth it. Leave the restaurant.

Girls should Never Date


You’ve gone out for a party with your boyfriend. You guys want to probably chill with a glass of beer and dance a little to some good chart numbers. But no, this guy decides to do that all by himself. You’re all happy and excited when you enter the party because it’s your best friend’s birthday but look, your boyfriend is getting drunk and throwing up everywhere and he needs you to take care of him. Yeah, clean his shit. This changes your mood in just a few hours/minutes/seconds(I feel bad for you.)
Everyone in the party wants to party and not watch your boyfriend do what he always does. He spoils everything in the party, blabbers a lot, talks non-sense and upsets others. And no, you’re responsible for this man. And getting him to a party where he pretends to have never seen alcohol before isn’t your deal.
No, a serious no. Your best friend needs you, you need yourself and the guy needs to get a life.

Girls should Never Date


These are the type of men you’ll find in almost every relationship. These men love picking out on you. They love to point out the bad in you. They don’t care if you had a bad day or not. For them it’s usually, ‘I’m going to do what I usually do.’ Pin point problems in you. Sometimes they just stay with you with the hope that you’ll probably become what they want you to be. And in that hope, they don’t leave you. But no, it’s not their choice after a point. It is definitely a good reason to leave that guy and stay away. AWAY. Go to Miami or something.
Come on boys, everyone has issues and you, in particular, have too many of them.

Girls should Never Date


I’m talking about men who flirt even after they’re in a relationship. Nope, not with you, but with others. They take undue advantage of you not saying anything to them and giving them too much space. Sometimes men cross limits and this needs to stop. Flirting is healthy, but often it leads to something else. Their seriousness in the relationship is doubted and they have no personality. Date yourself or something if you love flirting so much.

Girls should Never Date


This is a serious issue. There have been cases around the world about boyfriend/husbands raising their hands on their better halves. If a guy is capable of losing his temper and bashing someone up, he is also capable of losing his temper and doing the same to you. It isn’t a healthy relationship and it ruins a lot of things.
Ps – gift him anti-depressants on his birthday. And a break-up.

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