Top 10 Advantages of staying Single Always

It is said that happiness is being young, free and single. Some people may agree to it, while some people may not. But sometimes, words like baby, sweetie pie, cutie can really get on your nerves. And that is the time when you think that maybe staying single is a better choice rather than falling prey to all the cheesiness. Singlehood is the ultimate way to freedom. You get to fly like a free bird. There’s no one to cage you for your life. And what other feeling can be greater than the feeling of being emotionally independent and free? This is just one example. We bring you all the perks of staying single.

staying Single

10. Not Answerable to Anyone

When you are committed to someone, you have to think 100 times before you react, say or do something. You have to think about your partner’s feelings too. But when you are single, you aren’t answerable to anyone. You don’t care about what others think. Doing whatever you want to without clarifying yourself is one of the many perks of being single. What, why, where, when, who, all these questions are at bay when you stay single.

staying Single

9. Money Matters

Everything is expensive when you are committed to someone. This is because you are bound to pay for your partner too. And this puts a pressure on your wallet, be it a guy or a girl. Contrary to that, when you are single, you tend to spend less because you just have to pay for your own expenses. Which means you have a chance to save money for something that you always wanted.

staying Single

8. Flexible Schedule

Your schedule automatically becomes flexible when you are single. You don’t have anyone who will constantly nag you to meet. You can freely sleep, go out, party and do whatever you want, whenever you want. It is rightly said, a single person is always a free bird flying at his own wish. You don’t have to adjust or compromise on your own schedule when you have no one to do it for. And hence, this is another perk of being single always.

staying Single

7. Less Distraction

One of the main advantages of staying single is that you are always focused only on your goals. There is no one to distract you from your aims. To become a successful person, you have to be determined at all stages of your life. Having that someone special in your life is a good thing, but it should not take you off the road to success. When you are committed to someone, you tend to focus more on your partner and handling their moods rather than what you actually want to do. Stay single, stay focused.

staying Single

6. More Me time

Singles always have an advantage of having more time for themselves. They can always do whatever they want to and without any restrictions from their partner. Sometimes what your parents allow you to do is not allowed by your partner and this can result in frustration. You have to consider the other person’s thinking every time you want to do something for yourself. When you are single you get the chance to experiment with new things in life without hesitation.

staying Single

5. Open Flirting 

If you are a commitment phobic, then you should definitely stay single until you have the confidence of giving a commitment. Everyone loves to flirt occasionally. And it is said that a little bit of harmless flirting is healthy too. But if you are dating someone, this door is closed until the time you both are together. When you are single, you have all the freedom in the world to talk to whoever you want to, flirt with as many people you want. Just make sure you keep it mutual and don’t end up getting slapped.

staying Single

4. Peaceful Sleep 

Those constant message beeps can make you go nuts especially when you are in the middle of a wonderful dream while sleeping. Your phone never stops buzzing when you are in a relationship. Your phone becomes that annoying thing which you want to throw away just because you don’t want to respond to constant messages or pick up the calls. Single-hood is the ultimate solution to sleep peacefully without having to hear those irritating phone beeps. You can enjoy your nap or your night sleep to its best.

staying Single

3. Stay Single Stay Fit

Singles tend to stay fitter than the people who are dating. And this is because people who are in a relationship go on dates frequently and thanks to those date nights that you end up putting on weight. You don’t have time to focus on yourself and your body. Hence, you end up eating unhealthy food, consuming high amount of alcohol, etc. But if you are single, you tend to spend your time doing something you love, rather than going to restaurants and eating. So, if you want to stay fit and fine, avoid getting into a relationship.

staying Single

2. Good Social Life

You don’t have to think even twice before going out with your friends when you are single. But when you have an overprotective partner, you just cannot go out with whoever you want to. If you partner does not like a friend of yours, no matter how old is your friendship with him/her, you will have to cancel all the plans with that person. Being single sets you free from all the restrictions when it comes to going out with your friends.

staying Single

1. Freedom to like/comment/post on social media

These days, social media has become the ultimate platform to express your emotions. Literally, everything is out there in public. But when you are in a relationship, you don’t have the freedom to like that one photo which you admire secretly. You cannot post whatever comes to your mind. Maybe, just maybe, it might be sensitive for your partner. That one like or a comment on a pretty girl or a handsome guy’s photo may result in innumerable arguments between the couple. But being single makes you independent and you have all the freedom to comment, post or like whichever picture or post you want to.

Dating can get really painful sometimes. It can become an obstacle for everything that you wish to do. And the worst part is that you cannot even do anything about it. All you can do is just bear with it without complaining about it. So all the singles out there, you are doing just fine. Life is all about enjoying and being single makes it easier to enjoy it to the fullest.

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