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You know how some people just know how to host the most fun parties while other, well, just don’t. A good party needs the right kind of people, games, hosts and food and beverages to be fun. So what do you do if you find yourself stuck at the party which has none of these ingredients of perfection? Why you make your own fun of course! Here are ten ways in which you can pass time at a boring party:

pass time at a boring party

10- Find a friend

What is better than one person suffering alone? Two people suffering together, of course! If you find yourself at a party where the fun is simply not happening, why not find a friend who is as bored as you. See if the friends you came with are actually enjoying themselves? Chances are that you will probably find a couple of them who are as bored as you. Stick together and do your own fun activities that could include making fun of common enemies or judging everyone else in the room. Alternately, make new friends! Scan the room and see if you can find someone who is also not enjoying themselves. Band together.


pass time at a boring party

9- Strike up a conversation

The best part about parties, according to me at least, is the opportunity of meeting new people/ future friends. And alcohol only acts as a catalyst to new friendships. Most people claim that some of the best conversations that they have had are when they were high. So why not make use of the fact that you are surrounded by strangers who are probably a lot of fun once you get to know them? Go strike up a conversation with someone who looks like they would enjoy the same things that you would. But don’t be creepy about it and leave if they don’t seem to want you. However, the thing is that most people feel comfortable and safe in a friendly environment like a party. So if you find a stranger or acquaintance you haven’t spoken to in a while and you guys click, chances are the party won’t seem too boring after that.


pass time at a boring party

8- Reply to emails

Yes, I know this sounds like a terrible thing to do at a party. Who wants to reply to tedious messages and get to work on all those emails they have been ignoring for some time now. Getting to work at a party seems like a terrible thing. But think of how it is still better than suffering another karaoke rendition of the latest Taylor Swift chartbuster by another drunk uncle. Make use of that smartphone of yours and get to reply to all those emails piling up in your inbox. Think also of all the time you will save at work the next morning so you can nap at your desk.


pass time at a boring party

7- Play with the host’s pet

If you are anything like me, you prefer the company of furry adorable cuties to that of human beings. Count yourself lucky if you are stuck at a party where the host has a dog or a cat or even a parakeet. Animals can be best friends in a boring situation. So maybe excuse yourself for a little while and play with the cute cocker spaniel or teach the parakeet some new cuss words? I’m just kidding, don’t teach him to cuss words. The point is that you can take a break from a boring human company and instead have a good time playing ball with an enthusiastic furry friend.


pass time at a boring party

6- Make your own fun

If you know what I mean. If you and your significant other are both equally bored at this party, you could maybe even explore the empty bedrooms if you’re at a house party. And since most parties have music, food, decorations and a lot of people who don’t really care what others are up to, you could even find a quiet, isolated nook and have your own little date. Catching up with each other during a boring party is not a bad idea.


pass time at a boring party

5- Organize a game

There’s no reason why you can’t liven up a boring party yourself. If you are unfortunate enough to have hosts who suck, take matters into your own hands. Why not gather a few people and begin your own game. Popular party options include beer pong, never have I ever, truth or dare, card games like poker and kings amongst many others. You could revv up the music and get people dancing, play paper dance or balloon dance. Or start a drinking game! Nothing like an excuse to get drunk to liven things up at a party.


pass time at a boring party

4- Eat

Name one thing that is better than food? Free food! One thing that is common to all parties is free food. In fact, a lot of people admit to attending parties mostly because of the food that they will be served. If you abhor human contact but brighten up at the sight of a sundae, maybe attending a party is not such a bad deal after all. You can simply load your plate up with the tastiest of food items being served and sit down to enjoy a good meal. After the first few satisfying bites, you’ll even forget that you were at a boring party in the first place.


pass time at a boring party

3- Observe people

This is something that people who use public transport on a regular basis swear by. Observing others can be a surprisingly enjoyable pastime. And at a party, you will have a plethora of well-dressed strangers to observe. Trying to guess their life stories from snatches of conversation or what kind of people they talk to, pondering over their past or attempting to deduct how much money they earn by looking at their handbags, it can be very entertaining! All you have to do is find yourself a quiet corner and a drink, and you’re all set to observe away!


pass time at a boring party

2- Drink

Is alcohol not the solution to your problems? It is if your problem is a boring party! Most people enjoy parties only when they get tipsy, it makes even the dullest of parties and gatherings appear more fun. That’s why most parties are considered incomplete without alcohol. So instead of looking for ways to pass time, get some alcohol into your system and time will move faster! Parties tend to be more fun and people more entertaining once you’re two beers down, so don’t let that open bar go to waste. But be responsible and don’t drive if you are drunk.

pass time at a boring party

1- Smartphone to the rescue

This is a clichéd but tried, tested and successful method of passing time. There’s a reason why people today are glued to their cell phones most of the time- phones have entertainment in them. Why would anyone ever be bored when they have facebook, twitter, Pinterest and funny cat videos just a click away. If you find yourself at a party where time seems to have stopped still, simply whip out your smartphone and download a new game from the app store. Or check your facebook or tweet about how boring the party is. Or plan your wedding board on Pinterest. Or plug in your headphone and listen to some music you actually enjoy. The possibilities are endless…

So here you have the ten ways that can come to your rescue next time you are bored at a party!


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