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Biggest Diamonds

Top 15 Biggest Diamonds in The World

Diamonds have fascinated people since the ancient times.  They are very popular and are widely sought for their non-breakable and shining properties. They are the symbol of anniversaries, weddings and celebrations and also symbolize eternal love. These April...

Weird Mormon Beliefs

Top 12 Weird Mormon Beliefs

Religion is as vast a subject as Universe. Just like Universe, it expands, modifies and extinguishes in some parts each day. Every person on this Earth puts his faith into something. There are followers of Jesus Christ, Prophet, Hindu Gods, Satan, nature and then there...


Top 15 Bad Luck Superstitions

“Nobody gets justice. People only get good luck or bad luck.” That is what Orson Welles said. And let’s face it life is seventy-five percent hard-work and twenty-five percent luck. While good luck seems rather elusive; bad luck is apparently easy to bring on. Here is a...

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