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Reasons to Wash Your Hands - prevent the spread of germs

Top 5 Reasons to Wash Your Hands

Approximately there are 1500 bacteria per square centimeter of your skin on hand. And the best way to prevent any illnesses caused by bacteria is through proper handwashing. But washing alone is not enough to stop the spread of germs and bacteria. Take note that after...

Healthiest Countries - Australia

World’s 10 Healthiest Countries

You’ll be interested in the rankings below by Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index if you’re looking to stay abroad in a healthy country. The ranking is based on different factors such as environmental (like sanitation and clean water) and life expectancy...

Ways to Save Money - Save each payday

8 Best Ways to Save Money

In a word full of fascinating places to visit, high-end gadgets, luxurious cars, online shops and many more (plus easy access to credit cards), it is very tempting to spend some of your hard-earned and worst, might end up bankrupt and with a huge amount of debt. Check...

World's Best Desserts - pavlova

10 of the World’s Best Desserts

If you have a sweet tooth, you are probably craving for desserts every after meal or in any buffet setting. Below are the 10 of the world’s best desserts that you should be aware of and should try to make at home. 1. Hummingbird Cake Surely, you’ll be a fan...

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