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Dangerous Dog Breeds

Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

A dog is a man’s best friend, and rightly so. The sight of a big fur ball with floppy ears, a wide pink tongue (ready to lick you at the drop of a hat!) and a wagging tail surely perks up one’s day and boosts one’s energy, especially if one has been having a hard one...

Ways to Treat Domestic Help

10 Ways to Treat Domestic Help Better

The newsreader is blaring out the news while I sit immersed in my work. Out of the blue, I hear something that catches my attention. ‘A 55-year old NRI woman allegedly tortured her mother’s help by branding her with hot kitchen tongs.’ I listen in disbelief. I mean who...

Tips to Improve Body Language

19 Effective Tips to Improve Body Language

Are you awkward? Do you keep being called clumsy? Do you find yourself clamming up while at social events? Are there times you haven’t the slightest notion as to what to do with your hands or legs? Maybe what you need is how to learn to get comfortable in your own skin...

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