Get Pampered: 10 things Every Younger Sibling will Identify with

Are you the younger sibling in your family? Well, this article will surely make you feel on top of the world! Being the younger sibling can be hard sometimes, especially when we need to deal with the constant teasing, poking, beating and all kinds of sibling abuse from those older tyrants. Growing up with an older sibling comes with a truck load of expectations, and maintaining high standards. Especially if you have super talented ones; these situations are a different kind of torture altogether. Being pushed around, one might even feel a little lost and overshadowed by one’s older siblings and their over achievements. Not to forget, the immense pressure of having to live up to their accomplishments, and being constantly compared to them in every aspect of one’s life.


However, there is no refuting the fact that there are some major perks of being born second or thereof! From getting special treatment from your parents to getting to eat the last slice of pizza, being the younger sibling is blissful. So gear up! Make yourselves comfortable and enjoy your fate.

Younger Sibling

10. You don’t get blamed easily

Yes, this is actually true, no matter how much you deny it. It’s mostly the older one, who has to bear the brunt and get blamed. Broke your mother’s favorite glass set? Or your father’s most beloved iPad Mini? I will suggest, hide under a table, and let your parents pent out their anger on your older sibling because they should’ve known better than to leave you alone with those precious things. No one will suspect that this cute little kid is capable of such mischief. You, the innocent and naive one, the apple of your parents’ eye. You always get off easy.


Younger Sibling

9. You learn from their mistakes and experiences

Still remember the immense whiplash your parents gave your sibling when they stayed out past the curfew, bunked school or lied to your parents about that night stay? Recall those dramatic verbal fights between them when your older brother failed in the final exam, or your older sister bumped the car into a tree? Nightmare. Surely you won’t dare repeat that or else you will have a similar fate awaiting you! Take mental notes, and prepare yourselves for the future.


Younger Sibling

8. Whatever belongs to them, automatically belongs to you too

Your closet is never empty. Ron Weasley sure had a lot of advantages, from the hand-me-down robes to the books. Younger siblings do get to enjoy such luxuries and privileges. Whether you had sisters or brothers, you could always make their clothes work for you. As a child, you enjoyed playing with their toys. If you have an older sibling of the same gender, then their world is your oyster.


Younger Sibling

7There is always someone to watch your back

Yes, they may beat you up or mess with you, but by no means will they let someone else lay a finger on you or try the ‘b’ in bullying. They believe that it is their sole right and they are justified in doing so, but if someone else does it, god save them. No one in primary could mess with you, because you were the formidable one with your older sibling behind you, remember? Even though your older sibling begrudges you about the fact that you have quite a few undue advantages of being the younger one, he/she will always defend you whenever you need him/her to and whenever the situation demands it; be it from your friends or your parents. Their protective instincts go green for you.


Younger Sibling

6. You could hang around with your seniors with ease

Yes, you automatically have a lot of contacts with your cool seniors, making you popular among your peer group. You never have a problem with communicating with them. Always up to date with all the new and exciting gossip, you are the center of attention in all the parties and girl sleep overs. You get to know about all the new stuff and facts before your classmates have even heard of them, automatically making you cooler than anyone your age!


Younger Sibling

5. You have your own personal driver

After a lot of cribbing and bargaining, your older siblings agree on giving you a ride, whenever needed. If your parents aren’t there, they force your older brother or sister to drive you, regardless their protests. Impromptu movie plans? Have to meet a friend ASAP? Easy – peasy. Just call up your older sibling since your parents are busy. (Are you smirking yet? because I sure am.)


Younger Sibling

4. After having to go through immense hardships while raising your older sibling, your parents are relatively calmer with you

The first born usually gets to experience all the first-hand bad experiences and trial and errors along with the parents. However, with the smaller sibling, they are already pros when it comes to dealing with just about anything! (And also because they are tired). Your dad is relatively less harsh when teaching you how to drive, or your mom increases your deadline from 7 to 8 pm, because your older sister/ brother comes back home late too. So basically, your siblings fought the hard battle for you already, while you reaped the advantages!


Younger Sibling

3. You develop a thick skin and an ability to laugh at yourself

Being kicked around, made fun of from time to time, being picked on and made a fool of yourself, nothing seems to bother you anymore. As a kid, your older siblings convinced you to do some of the dumbest and most humiliating things (like eating ants or wearing your underwear upside down, just because it gave you superpowers) and you did them without hesitation. You automatically learned to laugh at yourself and dismiss it. Also, not to mention, the embarrassing photographic evidence helped with that. Your older sister refused to give you the last bite of your favorite chocolate? Okay then, how about a slight slip up about her secret boyfriend to mom? Your older brother didn’t let you touch his play station? Sure you didn’t catch him drinking at that bar that day.


Younger Sibling

2. You learned how to be a gracious loser.

Being the younger one, you are less experienced, and mostly the one who loses at the end of a game/fight/brawl. The elder ones are busy showing off their skills and talent, while you end up losing game after game, but that does not dampen your spirits. One thing to keep in mind, they never take it easy on you, ever. Moreover, it is mostly the opposite, where the older siblings try to make each game harder and harder for you to win. Worry not, you will get there.


Younger Sibling

1. Your older sibling is your best friend and your confidant

You may have a lot of friends, but none can be compared to your older siblings. They are the constants in your life, never letting you feel alone. You always have someone to play with, talk to, or share your secrets and problems with, which couldn’t be shared with your parents. There was no one for them when they discovered the world. You can always count on them because you know that they have your back. No matter how much they may pretend to tolerate living with you, you know exactly how much they love you and bestow their worldly knowledge on you. For them, you will always remain their little menace.

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