How can you Make your Life Simpler: 12 Important Tips to Follow

You may live it to the fullest or choose to stress about it all the time; life will continue being complicated in both the cases. If so is the case, then why not stick to the previous mode of living which would be more worthy as well as an enriching experience altogether. Try simplifying things as far as possible for yourself as well as those around you. You do not deserve any unnecessary tension and apprehension. For a change, take a break from your fast paced life, sit and analyse how you can improve it. The improvisation should not be from a materialistic perspective, but from spiritual and psychological perspective. Aiming to assist you in the same, here are 12 tips that would help you make your life simpler.

Life Simpler

  1. Stop fretting about distant future

Live in the moment without being continually stressed about what the future has in hold for you. You tend to skip on the bountiful offerings that your present has to make to you. Being possessed by the thought of what your future would be like has a very thin line of difference from being concerned and focused about your future. Try and understand that subtle difference. A lot of your issues would automatically be solved.

Life Simpler

  1. Let go off grudges

What usage could keeping a grudge against someone, possibly hold? It would do nothing to the person you are holding the grudge against, but gradually take its toll on you. You would be robbed off your peace of mind. It will put you in a state where nothing apart from negative thoughts would circle your mind, day and night. Release yourself from that harm. It is still not late for one is seldom robbed off their capacity to heal themself. That would bring you considerable ease.

Life Simpler

  1. Eat healthy

Add color to your daily diet. Include all sorts of fruits and vegetables to it. The more colorful your everyday diet becomes, the better it is for your health. Having a sound body in itself is a great relief booster for it means no medicines and excruciating therapies to bring your body on the right track once again.

Life Simpler

  1. Yoga and meditation

Talking about simplifying life, you cannot overlook the widely practiced art of yoga and meditation. It is a tested and renowned procedure to soothe your nerves and get you in a mode of concentration. Your body as well as your mind becomes rejuvenated. Meditation puts you in a deep trance making you forget about your monotonous issues and its effects upon you.  For many it has become the mode to attain spirituality. The road to your simplistic life and spirituality do intermingle. Extract the best use out of it.

Life Simpler

  1. Stay close to nature

Life in itself is not as complicated as we view it to be. The sad part is that you seem to have forgotten that reality. You have been so weighed down about your trivial issues that you skip to notice the larger picture. Nature as always can be rescuer once again, even here. Try and watch sunrise or sunset, climb a tree sometime and notice the birds and the sky. That simple yet magnificent sight would get you thinking. You would realize your smallness and how insignificant you are in the larger scheme of things. It would in turn make you humble and lesser prone to fret over even a minute problem. Life would seem pretty simplified and easy to tackle then.

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Life Simpler

  1. Stay updated

There are chances that you escape something very startling and affecting on a large scale. It could be politics or some economic instability. Having missed the news you become vulnerable to be the worst victimized by it. This is one of the ways how matters in your life get complicated. A substantial portion of it can be clipped down just by keeping yourself updated upon the happenings on the national and international front.

Life Simpler

  1. Drive

There is no better feeling in the world than being self-reliant; the only person that you are to depend upon is yourself. It helps you in becoming an independent individual, not having to look upon others in time of need. One of the baby steps that can be included in being independent is learning to drive. You can go anywhere and anytime. Ofcourse we are not talking about crossing continents with anybody’s driving let alone yours. But, yes, it would  give you momento and the freedom to be able to chauffer yourself without requesting one or the other friend or relative to take you where you need to be.

Life Simpler

  1. Culinary skills

Feeding yourself after having moved away from the pampered and protected shelter of home, can be very challenging for some. Since you don’t have much of a choice now, then why not give up the wining and the cranky mood. Rather learn to cook and feed yourself. That’s the basic and the most important thing you could do to simplify your life. Once you become able to not be a cry baby when it comes to being hungry, then in actual sense you would have moved a step ahead in smoothing your life.

Life Simpler

  1. Be quick to apologise and forgive

Extra ego and adamancy has never brought good to anyone. You certainly will not be a great exception then. Listen to your conscience. If it demands of you to apologise to someone or forgive, then be quick in that. Adhering to the commands of your conscience can never be wrong. It always helps to lead a life without baggage and guilt.

Life Simpler

  1. Party

Don’t be locked up in a house. Go out, celebrate the fact that you are living and party. Be it once a month, but make sure to let down your hair and forget about the ongoing drama in your life for a while. You need a break for a change, and it would benefit you.  Your body is a machine, it needs to rest as well as be fed. No puns intended.

Life Simpler

  1. Know how to bargain

Shopping is a great stress reliever. Undoubtedly, many of you are already nodding a big yes to it in affirmation. Even the thought of going on a shopping spree has the ability to bring great change in one’s mood and do wonders to it. Just imagine the power of it if the art of bargaining gets attached to it.  Won’t it become a total bonanza? A reasonable pick from a weekly heart can be very soothing too. Learning the art of bargaining takes off your shoulder half of your miseries.

Life Simpler

  1. Mix with variety of people

Know people, talk to them and befriend them. They could be of any kind. The more people you meet the richer you get on your experience. You get to learn a little or a lot from each one of them. It is that valuable knowledge which goes a long way in helping you to crumble down your problems and solve it.

Sometimes you might have to adopt a spiritual way to simplify life and other times it might just be some fun that is needed to ease and relax you again

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