How to add Romance to your Relationship: 10 Steps that Work

The quintessential romantic comedies have created an image in our head about our probable relationships and have increased our level of expectations. Don’t we all want to be in a relationship full of romance and passion? In a perfect world, each instant of our relationship would be like the weak-kneed romantic scenes shown in the movies. Who won’t want their relationship to be read like a romantic novel? All and sundry want to create those magical moments in their relationship which will maintain that spark and act as a catalyst.  However, very few people work towards it, probably because they are blank about what to do!

Romantic relationships are governed by those small charming gestures, like a peck on the cheek, an off-hand compliment or a little gift. Nothing grand needs to be done to add the romance back into your monotonous love life.

So here are a few not-so-tough acts of love to kick start your hearts and bring a little romance into your relationship.

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  1. Impromptu weekend trips

Unplanned and spontaneous trips are the best. Bored of your lifestyle? Don’t hesitate to start your car and hit the road. Get prepared for a romantic getaway weekend, away from work and home. Rent a convertible or drive your partner to the coast. Awfully romantic, yet very simple. Hire a hotel room and spend as much time together as possible. This will definitely develop your romantic life.

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  1. Don’t forget the candlelight dinners

Cooking for your partner is one of the greatest joys of all times. And it elevates when the other person actually likes it and appreciates it. Many of you might not notice, but food is a great mood setter, especially when it comes to romance. It is mostly the mood which sets a romantic scene and gears up the engine. Pick out a few fragrant flowers, light the vanilla flavored candles, play a soft music in the background, dim the lights, create the perfect ambiance and then see the magic work.

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  1. Take out your dancing shoes

Nothing is more passionate than a sexy salsa dance or waltz. Joining a class is a good idea, but it could get stressful sometimes while balancing between work and home. Which is more recommended is, popping in your favorite CD, making your own dance moves and enjoying the moment. Nothing can beat slow dancing as far as intimacy is concerned. Getting up close, having eye contact, twisting and twirling around the living room gives you a sense of satisfaction and makes you closer as a couple.

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  1. Shower each other with compliments

Complimenting each other is crucial for a healthy relationship. The other person should know how much you appreciate him/her. Take a few minutes off your busy schedule to tell your partner that they look perfect, great, beautiful or dazzling. When your partner says that you look attractive, it builds up your confidence and intensifies your love for him/her. Let your partner know what the most appealing thing about them is and what the things you admire about them are. These small things help to add spice and multiply your mutual understanding and romance.

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  1. Little gifts do matter

Small gestures make a vast difference. The gifts don’t need to be anything extravagant, but the thought is what that matters the most. A nice romantic novel, beautiful piece of jewelry, a nice tie, or something which your lover had their eyes set on for a long time. These unexpected gifts will bring a huge smile on their faces and rekindle your romance and love for one another. The cue is to be creative. Write short notes, a warm ‘I love you’ on a stick-on, an emotional romantic card or a love letter would automatically set the mood and secure your relationship.

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  1. Always be there for each other

Be it in times of a crisis, or good times, you should always be there for your mate. There will be a major life changing challenges, or little challenges in your partner’s life, and you need to support them and help them overcome all these difficulties. Try to calm your partner, hear them out, add your inputs and most importantly, be their rock. Provide a shoulder to them and handle the situation to the best of your abilities. Romance is not just about the physical attributions, but also comes from connecting emotionally with each other.

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  1. Watch movies

Nothing can beat the oh-so-romantic idea of a movie night, complete with a bunch of rom coms, popcorn, loads of cushions, a blanket and your partner by your side. Take full advantage of this opportunity by cuddling, hugging, kissing and having fun with each other. Don’t underestimate the power of touch! Watching a nice movie, with your lover, curled up comfortably on the couch is one of the most common and effective ways to add romance in your relationship and take it to the next level.

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  1. Pay attention to your partner

You should be well aware of your partner’s needs and desires. Don’t just pretend to listen to them when they are talking, rather, take a mental note of the little things which will truly make them happy. Like, a newly released gadget, a piece of clothing, a favorite snack or a long lost desire to visit a place. Nod to them while they are talking, so that they get reassured that you are there to listen to them. Don’t undermine the details, after all, it’s these little things that bring life and base to the relationship. Romance will follow undoubtedly.

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  1. Play games together

Playing games together can actually be a lot of fun and if you try, then it can be made romantic too. The household chores can also be divided on the basis of who won and who lost. You can give exciting dares to each other. After all, you lover is first and foremost your best friend. This is an entertaining and exciting way to spend more time together and it depends on you whether you want to escalate things further or not!

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  1. Say ‘I love you’ generously

Last but not the least, expressing your love for your partner is a must. Verbalize your feelings to him/her. Let them know about how much they mean to you and life without them is unimaginable. Words can remove all the insecurities and can secure your relationship. Getting goosebumps when you hear the three beautiful words makes you feel on top of the world. After all, life is all about having that one person who will wake you up every morning with a peck on the cheek and say ‘I love you’.

Often we get so busy with our nonfictional lives that we forget to take out time to try new things and renew that romance in our lives. Even if they appear silly to you, work on them! After all, your partner might find them amusing! And don’t forget, it’s the effort that counts.


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