How to get Rid of those Grease stains: 10 Simple Tips

We all love eating some delicious cuisine. The food we eat sometimes leaves some stain marks. Food and oil go hand in hand when we talk about best food and equally distressing stains. This food can get splattered while cooking we get grease stains on our clothes. Those stains are not easy to removable. If not treated properly they may set in as permanent marks. Apply grease on cooking utensils so that food does not stick on it. Frying food is a complicated business for clothes. Unfortunately this useful Grease leaves out stains which are unbearable and looks grisly on clothes and surroundings. However some simple techniques of removing grease can easily be learned and applied. All types of fabrics can be cleansed by these simple tricks but of course professional cleaner is required for delicate fabrics. Dish detergent, spot remover, baby powder, dish soap, salt, baking powder, cornstarch, dish washing liquid and many such more things are so easily available to us for cleaning these stains. Grease stains are really some stubborn stains which linger on your clothing even after washing them. Natural products should be preferred for cleaning them instead of harsh chemicals. Learn some Simple tips to remove those grisly grease stains from your clothes.


  1. Rub a Little Dish Soap:

Rub a Little Dish Soap on your Grease Stain. Let it be there for a while. Then wash your Clothes like you always do and dry them. Try using Dish soap on old stains. It will definitely remove the ugly stains from your clothing. You can also use Vinegar with dish soap while washing cloth which will help in better cleaning.


  1. Genesis 950:

Genesis 950 is a concentrated green cleaner.  It is a safe alternative to clean stains. It works with water and applied on the stain. It breaks the bonds of stains and removes them. Flush the surface from clean water and the stains are removed. It can work on multiple surfaces and easily clean them.


  1. Concentrated Coca-Cola:

Coca-Cola is a very common product and can easily be found. Among its various uses it can be used to remove stains. Take room temperature Coca-Cola and pour it over the cloth or the surface of the stain. Let the Coca-Cola sit on stain for period of 8-10 hrs. Acidic Coca-Cola would get rid of oil. Soak the Coca-Cola with towel. Use brush with soap and hot water to remove the stain easily. Rinse it with warm water and the stain would be gone.


  1. Aloe Vera Gel:

Soak the stained cloth with water completely. Now vigorously rub Aloe Vera Gel on the stained surface. Wash it and air dry it. The Gel will bond with the grease stain and it would remove it from cloth surface. Repeat this treatment again if the stain is still there and wash the stain right away so that it does not stick to the cloth again.


  1. Use the Baby Powder or Cornstarch:

Firstly scrape of the grease as much as possible with the help of spoon. Blot the stain spot with paper towel until its completely blotted. Sprinkle baby powder (Cornstarch) on the spot and put it as it is for 10 min. Flour or Salt can also be used. Now remove Baby powder and be careful to not to spread it. Drop some dish washing liquid with water to wash it completely. Let it dry. You can also use a nailbrush on the spot at this time for better cleaning. Keep in mind to wash according to the directions on the label and let it air dry. Don’t use a dryer as heat may cause some damage, let it air dry. The stain should be removed over time.


  1. WD 40 sprays also known as Lighter Fluid:

If the Grease stain has been set in then you can use WD 40. Spray the Stain with WD-40 which will make the stain fresh again. Let it sit in for half an hour so that it’s fully absorbed on stain. Rinse with hot water and cover it with detergent. Rub it gently and allow it to set in. Wash it with hot water.


  1. Waterless Hand cleaner or Waterless Mechanic’s Soap:

Waterless Hand Cleaner such as Gojo and Kutol has one more cleaning purpose than being a Mechanic’s soap. They can easily clean up grease stains. Rub the dry soap on the spot of stain and let it be these for some time so that it penetrates the stain. Soap will break down the stain because of its grease-cutting property. After 30 min repeat this cycle with the cleaner. Wash and let it dry.


  1. Just simply use a Shampoo

It is weird to know that a Shampoo can remove grease stain. When you don’t have any immediate remedy at your hand then simply use your casual shampoo. Pour a little shampoo on the stain and rub it over it. After 10-15 min wash it normally. This works great for fresh stains.


  1. Hair Spray:

Who would have guessed a hair spray can remove those stubborn grease stains. It is a very good stain remover. Spray the Hair Spray on the grease stain directly; it should be able to take away a good amount of grease at a first go. Then simply wash and let it dry. Hair spray will liberally clean the stain from the spot.


  1. Lestoil Cleaner or laundry stain remover:

Lestoil is a product of Clorox and it is an effective stain remover. It is like oil fighting oil. It can be easily found on hardware stores. It has a strong smell like pine. Pour some Lestoil on stain and it it be there for 25 min. For large amount of grease add water with Lestoil then wash it thoroughly with cold water. Test it first and then use appropriate amount on the stain. The smell of the product remains but the stain is completely removed.

Lastly, don’t fret over these stains and get your clothes cleaned all by yourself. Some things to keep in mind are; avoid machine drying until all stains are removed as heat may make them more permanent, Colorox bleach may also give proper results for stain removal, Colorox 2 is color safe bleach, chalk can absorb the grease quickly so use it on the cloth and brush it away before washing. Use such simple handy tricks for cleaning and let that grisly grease stain washed away for good. the professional cleaners will charge you a lot and that is just unhealthy practice for your wallet. If still in delima, use these keyword and watch videos online to become self taught experts. Some of these tips are just within your reach in day to day life so use them wisely.

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