How to Manage your Time Better: 10 Best Time Management Tips

Time is life. There never seems to be enough time be it a deadline or a time strict schedule. Nowadays, time seems like a gold mine, at a premium. It is of the essence. Your parents must have engraved it inside your head like a nursery rhyme, that time once gone, shall never come back. And the next stage is regret, repentance and a pang of guilt that goes away only with time. Look at the irony of that! In this modern fast- paced life, the need to value time has reached its pinnacle. It is precious and eternal. Half of the population must have taken some sort of time management tutorials/workshops, or read books about it, and most of these efforts, unconditionally, must have been a failure. And the reason: lack of dedication and loss of interest. High chances are that at some point in your life, you must have formulated a paper- based day planner, out of a momentary spur of self-realization. Unquestionably, it must have helped in the initial days, when you were resolute and indomitable. Nonetheless, for how long did you follow it ardently? Few days? A week? A month? Surely, not more than that.

Technology and science have helped us in ways that fathom cannot to measured or computed. But one thing that it has done is that it is has kept us all distracted and consumed in our own personal space, completely blinded of what is happening around us, as our treasurable time flies. These devices keep us connected with work, family, and friends and to an extent, even strangers! Hence, getting distracted is very easy. Have you ever asked yourself that despite all this knowledge and these high tech gadgets, why do you still feel that you can’t get everything done properly and meticulously? We all get the same 24 hours in the day, but why is it that some people achieve so much more with their time and others don’t?

Managing time is an imperative and a need of the hour. As Wikipedia suggests: ‘Time is a measure in which events can be ordered from the past through the present into the future, and also the measure of durations of events and the intervals between them.’ Real time is mental, we create it. So, gear up, take a pen/pencil, a notepad and follow these simple tips to keep your life on track!


10. Make a tight, adjustable and follow-able schedule.

Best Time Management Tips

We always end up making time tables which are not achievable and ultimately, we break them. Must have happened with you at least at one point in your life. No wonder, board exams didn’t sail through without obstacles, even after those tight schedules, as had expected them to! Having a considerable amount of breaks, changing the routine from time to time and by not making it monotonous can help in making it a more enjoyable process and at the same time, fun. Incorporate activities such as food breaks, sports break, TV breaks, so that it is humanly possible to follow it zealously.

9. Keep your gadgets at bay.

Best Time Management Tips

While working, try to keep your mobile phones, laptops or any other form of distraction away from you. WhatsApp and Facebook can be the biggest mediums of interference and should be blocked while working. Either keep it inside a cupboard, or even better, hand it over to your mom. Problem solved.  Also, checking your phones or laptops after a very long time, with heaps of unseen messages inviting you is a different kind of pleasure altogether. It gives you a tremendous sense of satisfaction and exhilaration.


8. Focus on the most productive time of the day.

Best Time Management Tips

You might be a morning person or a night person. Think judiciously about the time which is best suitable for you to complete your work. Some people are more focused during the day while others have high concentration levels at night. Henceforth, formulate your timetable in such a manner which fully takes advantage of this fact. Spread out your schedule during the day time or night time accordingly, so that you can give your best shot and with high levels of productivity.


7. Assimilate fun time.

Best Time Management Tips

Leaving out fun time will only result in addition to the number of failed attempts into following a proper agenda. While there might be times when we would need to power up and accomplish a large project, but it is also important to loosen up, and give yourself some time. With a refreshed and healthy mind and body, the brain approves and works extra efficiently and proficiently. It doesn’t have to be of a long duration, but a short one will be more than enough to do the job.


6. Balance your work and effort.

Best Time Management Tips

Concentrate on wrapping up today’s work, one at a time, steadily. After completing the task at hand, move on to the next daily task. After completion, mark them as done, and proceed on focusing on tomorrow’s tasks. Doing multiple projects at the same time will only dampen your speed and efficiency, and not to mention, leads to a lower performance. Kick off with the most important, laborious task, and work your way forward. The later tasks won’t feel so pressurizing, rather, they would seem easy and doable, giving you a boost of confidence and eliminate burn- out.


5. Get sufficient amount of sleep.

Best Time Management Tips

The old age norm still persists, sleeping for 7-8 hours every night is a must. Getting sufficient amount of sleep will keep you alert, energetic and active. It will refresh your mind, and increase your output, hereby making you more competent. You will be able to think clearly and function at a high level.


4. Make a to do list.

Best Time Management Tips

One of the prime missions is to keep a track of your progress and reassessing the list. The joy of crossing things off from the list after their completion is ecstatic. Keep adding new things to the list. Give yourself a small treat after a good achievement. Eliminate or adjust tasks that are completed, or fall in priority. Also, delegating tasks is an effective way to get things done on time. Contrary to the popular belief, it’s not mandatory to do to all yourself!

3. Short periods of working hours.

Best Time Management Tips

It is quite obvious that working for short intervals of time will produce a higher quality of work since our concentration level will be top notch. It is not advisable to work continuously at a stretch for a very long time, as its fall outs would include loss of interest, fatigue, frustration and exasperation.

2. Have a proper diet.

Best Time Management Tips

Do not skip your meals. Skipping meals will disrupt your cycle and your work environment. Food gives you a boost and provides fuel, helps you gear up, ready to face any challenges in life. It lightens the mood and calms you down. Have high carbs, which will keep you up and ready all day. For some people, munching on small snacks during work also helps.

1. Accumulate your thoughts properly.

Best Time Management Tips

Devote a considerable amount of time in thinking and plotting about the activities to be done. Carry a notepad, record all your thoughts and conversations. This will help you realize where your treasurable time is getting spent and accordingly work towards that. You will notice how time is being wasted on unproductive things, actions and conversations. Also, putting up a “Do not disturb” sign is a fun way to inform people about your work status.


Those people who are over achievers in life manage their time remarkably well. Time management helps you to improve your ability to function meritoriously- even when the pressures are high.

Good time management requires you to shift from activities to fast track results and lets you work in a smarter way.

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  • Excellent tips! it is really very important to manage time throughout the day, it ensures that you finish all the important work on time without missing a single deadline.

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