How to Smell Good all Day? 8 Simple Effective Tips

Ew, she smells like rotten egg.” This is the definition of a nightmare in one sentence! Whether you are hugging your friend or standing close to a stranger on a bus, you don’t want people to hold their breath because of your odor.

Good smell not only makes you ten times for attractive but also gives a huge boost to the confidence level. It makes you feel beautiful. People start liking to be around you. Can there be any better words to start your day with than “Oh, you smell wonderful!”? Probably not.

Plus the good news is there is no rocket science behind the theory of smelling good, some simple every day steps can work wonders!

Here are some easy tips you could incorporate in your life to keep yourself smelling good all day long.


How to Smell Good

8. Good bye to bathing excuses.

No matter how many alternative cleanliness methods you may find to avoid facing the water; nothing beats daily showers. Regular baths are the best possible way of staying clean and fresh. To have your body smell divine all day, scented bath oils and bath bubbles are the favorites.

In case you don’t have time for a relaxed scrub in the bath tub, you may go for quick showers with scented gels and body washes. Body soaps can also do the magic for you. Trust me; there is no replacement of a good shower or bath, if you wish to chase away the odor.


How to Smell Good

7. “I love bad breath… said no one ever!”

Clean breaths are a must, always. You do not want to ignite puking sensation in the person in front of you every time you open mouth.

Brush, floss and gargle. These old and conventional methods will always work. Twice a day of each of these regularly should be good enough to keep the smelly breaths away. Drinking a lot of water throughout the day also helps. Along with this, have a pack of mint gums in your pocket at all times. After eating food or long silent hours of work, you may pop one of them in your mouth and smell fantastic.

Certain food items like, garlic, onions, stinky tofu, cheese, broccoli and red meat,  must also be avoided to stay away from bad breaths.


How to Smell Good

6. Take Care of your Hair.

As nicely as your long beautiful hair can make you attractive and desirable; the same hair can repel people away with intolerable odor if not taken care of. It’s definitely hard to find time to wash them regularly however you must wash your hair once every 2-3 days. Greasy hairs are unattractive in every way, both for eyes and nose.

There are numerous scented shampoos and conditioners available in the market to choose from. If none of them gives you the desired smell, there’s an option of purchasing non-scented ones and adding few drops of your favorite perfume in them.


How to Smell Good

5. Fresh clothing. Every day.

Especially for boys; it is not okay to wear the same pair of jeans and shirt for 7 days in a row. You may try to hide the smell of your sweat under branded perfumes, but trust me they persist!

Make sure not to wear the same pieces of clothing more than twice. Plus don’t delay your washing duties for too long. Do your laundries regularly with fresh and flavored detergents. The essences of such detergents are absorbed by the clothes maintaining their freshness throughout the day.

Feet are the smelliest, so keep separate shoes for gym and work. After work sessions don’t directly put the sports shoes inside the rack, rather keep them out in open to let the sweat smell fade away. You should also wash your shoes once in a while to keep them smelling nice.


How to Smell Good

4. Your beauty kit is the new BFF.

Bad smells are always uninvited, but sometimes they have the tendency to pop up out of nowhere. Here is a list of certain things that must be with you at all times, to fight against them –

  • Wet Wipes – Use them to wipe off your greasy face to keep your fresh and fragranced every time.
  • Powder – They will be helpful in absorbing unwanted sweat from body parts and keep away the bad odor.
  • Cologne and deodorants – The saviors from any smell, anytime.
  • Hair sprays and serum – If you find your hair giving out the bad smell in the middle of the day, these will help you pass through.
  • Body lotions – Especially in winters, to keep away the dryness as well as body odor.


How to Smell Good

3. Scented Sachets in wardrobes.

Your clothes cover almost your entire body, hence the scent from them reach noses the fastest. To have your clothes smelling decent at all times, keep scented sachets in your wardrobe.

With numerous choices in your closet, most of the clothes have to remain inside the closed walls for many long days leading to the development of unwanted odor. Especially in monsoon seasons when the walls are quite damp. Thus the constant sweet smell from the sachets inside the wardrobe helps keep them perfumed.

The scented sachets are a must-present in your socks, underwear and handkerchief drawers as well.


How to Smell Good

2. Sincere care for special parts.

There are certain body parts that are more prone to spreading odor than the others. Here are some parts that you should give special attention to –

  • Hands – Make sure to wash your hands with soaps or hand washes throughout the day, especially after meals.
  • Feet – Socks and shoes worn for long can get you smelly feet. So, wash the shoes and scrub your feet regularly to keep away the odor.
  • Bad stomach – We all know the disasters that bad stomach can lead to. Eat healthy and keep your stomach clean to avoid them.
  • Armpits – Armpits get sweaty most of the times, and having to raise your arms can get embarrassing. Stay away from odor-full armpits by washing them regularly with soaps, sprinkling scented powders to get the smell absorbed or using rollovers and deodorants.
  • Public areas – Public areas can also get sweaty and smelly after long days. So wash them properly during showers. Ladies must keep extra pads and tampons to change at regular intervals during menstruation.


How to Smell Good

1. Too many smells spoil the essence.

Most importantly, in the desire of smelling good, some people tend to drown themselves in too many strong perfumes. The combined essence of different smells is disastrous! It is even worse than bad body odor. Your colleagues may smell you from a 1km distance and not want to come close to you.

It’s the best to choose one decent perfume and use it every day in required amount. You may even keep perfumes only for emergencies. There is no need to spray them right after a bath, when you already smell great. Strong smells can give people a headache. So be careful!


Now that you know all the tips and tricks, follow these simple yet effective steps every day and you will start seeing the difference in the behavior of people around you. You will also start noticing a difference in your approach towards the busy working day. The feeling of freshness will keep you bubbly and happy all the time.

So, let your scents speak!

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