How to Stay Awake when you are feeling Sleepy: 12 Simple Effective Tips that Work

Sleep is the most uninvited guest that has the tendency to visit us in the most unwanted situations of life. Times when exams is right at your doorsteps, yet you are unable to resist the seduction of your bed or when you are striving to go through the innumerable files stacked on your bench, yet having a hard time to keep the eyes open. Moments like this and many more make our lives harder.

Some people go for medicines and energy drink to put the sleep on the back seat; however these methods are extremely unhealthy and should not be adopted.

Through this article, we will give you some simple and effective natural methods to stay awake.

How to Stay Awake

  1. Stay interested.

The more bored you are, the sleepier you will be. Students can easily relate to this. In our school days, we have all experienced the sensation of drowsiness by merely opening the books. So it is important to look out for something interesting when you feel sleepy. It could be any article on your favorite topic, jokes, unbelievable facts or anything else that interests you.
You may also keep your interest level high, by owning or doing something new. Have a new pen, highlighter or think about a new project to drive away the sleep.

How to Stay Awake

  1. Go outside.

Going outside to get fresh air and sunlight is always a great option. Light is an effective mood booster. Even staring out of the window or having a bright work environment can get you less drowsy. However, going out also gives you the opportunity to breathe in open air which keeps you fresh and alert for long.

How to Stay Awake

  1. Talk to someone.

A nice little chat on phone or with colleagues can be hugely beneficial. You could call up your friends or cousins to have a nice laugh and that would be enough to fight the sleep.  Light conversations get you refreshed, energized and ready for work in no time.

How to Stay Awake

  1. Deep breaths.

A particular breathing exercise of deep inhalation and exhalation from your chair can give you the much needed boost.

How to Stay Awake

8. Music.

Everyone loves music, making it the easiest drill to follow. Listening to music triggers your brain and keeps it engaged. Listen to upbeat music and if possible hum or bob your head along with the beats.
Moreover it’s better to keep the volume low, so you focus more on the lyrics and instruments. That helps keep you more active, hence awake.

How to Stay Awake

  1. Keeping the mind ticking.

When sleep starts kicking in, think about a fun incident, an interesting story, a funny conversation or even something that made you mad. When your mind engages in something dramatic, it forgets about the sleep, thus helping you stay awake.
If you are in class, take notes and raise your hands to ask questions once in a while. This way you will find yourself more focused and away from sleepiness.

How to Stay Awake

  1. Chewing and Sniffing.

Stimulating your senses are one of the best ways to remain active. Chewing anything, especially icy gums keeps your nerves alert making it easy to fight sleep. Even chewing pens and pencils help, but as they are very unhygienic it’s better to have a pack of gum in your bag.
Even sniffing strong essences keeps the mind alert. Therapists suggest that the smell of the oil of certain plants stimulates the nervous system and keeps the fatigue down. Some essences that are big help in keeping awake are – Rosemary, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and surprisingly pungent smells also do the magic at times.

How to Stay Awake

  1. Wonders of Water.

Sprinkling cold water on face, when tired and sleepy, can work wonders. The chilled sensations immediately activate your brain.
If you work from home, a cold water shower is better. It energizes you and makes you ten times more active. In contrast, warm water can work against this phenomenon. Warmth of water will make you feel drowsier. So no matter how hard it might be, stick to cold water.

How to Stay Awake

  1. Food habits.

Food and sleep are best buddies. We all know the hardship it takes to keep the eyes open after big fat meals. So better to stay away from them, and have small meals to keep the hunger away at all times. Be sure not to skip meals as empty stomachs are very appealing to sleep.
You should also fill your drawers with snacks like nuts, candies or yogurt to pop them in when you feel sleepy. Drinking lots of water also helps, by keeping you hydrated and scaring away the drowsiness. Moreover a cup or two of tea and coffee can also do the magic.
Breakfasts also play a major role in determining the performance of sleep. A good healthy breakfast comprising of egg, toasts, yogurt, oatmeal or vegetable can help you sail through your days without sleep kicking in.

How to Stay Awake

  1. Take power naps.

Sleeping to fight the zzz’s ? The idea might sound bizarre but always works. There is a difference between proper sleeping hours and naps. Also widely known as “power naps”, these 10-15 minutes of deep and uninterrupted sleep can do miracles. For some people it may extend to 30 minutes, but these naps can make you stay active and decrease your sleepiness for the entire day ahead.
So find a comfortable spot, keep away your electronic devices and have the power naps save you, when in need.

How to Stay Awake

  1. Quick in-office exercises.

You surely can’t get your track pants and start cardio in the middle of the office to stay awake, however there are certain exercises you can do secretively in the corners which will be effective enough. Simple jumping jacks, push ups and crunches are all you require. Remember, you are not in the gym trying to build muscles so there is no need to set goals and targets. Exercise just enough to keep the heart pumping hard.
Make sure to avoid long sitting hours. Get up from your seat once in every thirty to forty minute for a short walk or stretch to feel fresh and active.

How to Stay Awake

  1. Adopt healthy lifestyle.

Most importantly, to solve long term sleep problems, it is important to make certain steps every day. Here is the list of things that should be done regularly to keep off the unwanted drowsiness –

  • Go to the bed at the same time regularly, so the body gets in the routine.
  • Make sure to get 6-8 hours of sleep every day. If you have to get up early for work or school next morning, it obviously is a bad idea to stay up till 4 am.
  • Kick start your day with morning exercises to keep your body feeling good the entire day.

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