How to Survive an Earthquake: 10 Useful Tips

Do you tremor at the knockdown of a temblor? Apparently yes, after all it’s a congenital catastrophe- bone-chilling, numbing apocalypse. You feel lost and catatonic when you stand still to face the disaster.

Usually, it is the tendency of human beings to get high strung and jumpy at the time of any debacle. But, it is judicious and sagacious to keep calm and handle the situation. It is very important and necessary to know the various preventive measures as it is better to be precautionary rather than just wait for the dire consequences.

It is generally believed that earthquakes are admittedly unpredictable. It is because of the movements of tectonic plates that calamities like these are caused. We should keep in mind certain tips to resist and survive an earthquake.

Here are 10 tips which may be useful for surviving an earthquake:

10. Preserve calmness:

How to Survive an Earthquake

While an earthquake strikes a particular area, the whole population gets panicky. Instead of shaking with trepidation try to remain serene and passive. Keeping calm will not only help you as an individual, but also help other people around you to cope up with the situation well.

Keep calm and survive an earthquake!!

9. Eschew elevators:

How to Survive an Earthquake

You think there are better chances of surviving an earthquake, using elevators? Although elevators help us move more swiftly than using stairs but, it is a bad idea when you feel an earthquake hitting your area. This should be done because you can get stuck due to the breakdown of electricity and it may also wobble around so much that the weight of elevator would snap the rope. It is advisable to use stairs instead. If you feel that the initial intensity of the earthquake is low, you should make efforts to rush down the stairs and move to an open and unobstructed area.

8. Dislocate to the unclogged and open areas:

How to Survive an Earthquake

During a cataclysm like an earthquake shun your anxiety and fear and move to zones that are safer. If you are indoors, try and quickly move to open fields and grounds, where there are no or scarce buildings and heavy objects. This can be done only if you keep your mind calm, open and working.

7. Do not neglect warnings:

How to Survive an Earthquake

In case of warnings, keep ready some comestible and esculent stuff along with some baser amenities. There should be no negligence for warnings so that in case of an emergency you can hasten and whist with the prepared and ready goods. Prepare yourself with a safety kit in order to be able to move out with it whenever the need erupts.

6. Cars:

How to Survive an Earthquake

Did you feel the tremor while you are in the car? Moving out at that particular time is not a good option. Just be calm and stay back. Don’t let yourself panic because a car is one of the safe options. You should know that you are secure to a good extent when you are inside the car while there is frazzle outside. You can bent down on your knees with your hands over your head( this is known as earthquake drill) to ensure your safety further. This proves to be a tip for survival at the time of an earthquake.

5. Your head needs a buckler:

How to Survive an Earthquake

Serious trepidation!! Protect your head. Try the earthquake drill. Drop your knees on the ground, hide under a table or a bed, cover your head with both your hands and hide under a table or a bed. This perhaps, is one of the most required safety tips during an earthquake in case you are indoors. Your hands come to be used as an armor for your head. Just try to to avoid extreme anxiety and evade any kind of movement. This is a necessitated safety tip during an earthquake.

4. Conform to the intensity and then budge:

How to Survive an Earthquake

Don’t just rush off at the feel of the tremor. Hold on and comply with the situation. Observe the intensity of the tremor and act wisely. If the inaugural shakes are high in intensity, don’t decide to move out. Stay indoors and find a safe place for yourself. Moving out during the originated high-intensity earthquake would prove to be an unwise decision. Try and keep yourself lown and hide in a safe place. If the intensity of the shake is negligible and low you can easily equip your mind to move outdoor to open spaces where you can reduce your panicky mind to some extent. Observe that you remain away from buildings, poles and other heavy objects. This intensifies your safety measures.

3. Earthquake proof buildings:

How to Survive an Earthquake

As an old adage says: “Prevention is better than cure.” There is facilitation of earthquake-proof buildings. Builders and contractors can make efforts for constructing earthquake-proof buildings which can be restrained from collapsing during a catastrophe like earthquakes. This not only saves the lives of people but also saves the shelter for lakhs of people. Saving life of people is saving your own country which is also a proven safety tip. Although the economic ground shoots up manifold when it comes to choosing these types of buildings, but it decreases the risk of your getting trapped into trouble that is difficult to deal with.

2. Decide different safety zones:

How to Survive an Earthquake

Don’t let warnings go unnoticed and don’t panic at the same time. You have to act wisely in cases like this. Try and take a safety measure by deciding some common zones where everyone can rush in case warranted. This provides a panicky atmosphere to get reduced to a great extent. This safety measure should be kept in mind as it can be worked out before it is too late to decide on anything.

1. Make efforts that water and gas lines can be easily turned off:

How to Survive an Earthquake

This also is a precautionary measure which can be taken when you are warned about an earthquake to be hit. You can make efforts to equip your house with a common main which can turn off the water and gas lines. This reduces the risk of extreme destruction not only in your house but also in your neighboring areas. This is an important precautionary measure and should be kept in mind.

All you can do is keep calm and your anxiety aside when you are hit by a tremor. All precautions work only if you do so. Alertness and Ar-Gus eyes is what you can contribute to safety. Definitely, it is very alarming to deal with disasters like earthquakes, but the warnings should not be turned deaf ears too. don’t panic if get a panic regarding any calamity, but try to swiftly work on it and make other people alert who are unaware of it. You can be your savior and others’ as well.

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