How to Tell If a Guy Likes You: 12 Signs that Reveal His Feelings

How to tell if a guy likes you?  Telling your crush how you feel about him/her is no child’s play. What if he doesn’t like me?  What if she refuses to speak to me ever again? Doubts like these may hold you back from approaching that special someone.

Do you like a guy but have no idea how he feels about you? Have you recently met someone and have been wondering whether or not he is into you? Have you been receiving mixed signals for a guy but want to be sure he likes you before you make a move?

Well, words are not the only way to know his true feelings. Your secret admirer may not have been able to muster up the courage to confess that he likes you but there are various signs which may show that he is really interested in you.   All you have to do is observe the way he behaves when you are around.

From his body language to the way he looks at you, there are a number of ways to tell what a guy feels for you. Here are a few telltale signs which will help you know if he likes you.

12.You make him nervous

How to Tell If a Guy Likes YouGuys tend to get a little bit nervous around the girl they are interested in. Your presence may give him goose bumps or a rapidly beating heart! If he acts clumsy or weird around you, starts racing through his words or laughs unnecessarily, it is because you make him nervous as well as excited. Guys like to act tough, we know it. If a guy is finding it hard to do that when you are around, he definitely feels something for you.

11. You keep bumping into him

How to Tell If a Guy Likes YouIf you have been bumping into a guy quite often and have been dismissing it as a coincidence every time, think again. Chances are that the guy likes you and wants to connect with you. So next time you spot him at your favorite hangout, know that it could be more than just a pleasant surprise.

10. He acts differently when around you

How to Tell If a Guy Likes YouIf a guy treats you differently than his friends or other girls, it could mean that he likes you. For example, he may act casual or non-serious when he is with his friends but much more attentive and responsive when you are around.  All the special treatment and care you have been receiving from him reveal the way he really feels about you.

9. He talks about you

How to Tell If a Guy Likes YouAnother sign which tells if a guy likes you is when he just cannot stop talking about you. All his friends know about you!  He may not exactly tell them the way he feels but he would often make you a part of his conversation one way or the other. If lucky, you may get to hear the good things he has said about you through common friends.

8. His body language

How to Tell If a Guy Likes YouHe may not be able to say anything but his body language may reveal the way he really feels about you. For example, if he leans in while talking or mimics your body language, it means his focus is on you and he is trying to connect with you.  He may also find ways to touch you. An accidental brush against your shoulder or a high-five/handshake which lingers a little longer than usual also mean that he is into you.

7. He looks for excuses to talk to you

How to Tell If a Guy Likes YouIf a guy likes you, he is likely to find excuses to talk to you.  From asking silly questions to discussing the little unnecessary details of his life, he will call you or text you several times in a day. He may call you for suggestions on what he should wear for a party or to know your views about a certain movie or book. Chances are that he doesn’t really need your help and is just looking for excuses to keep the conversations going. If he never misses a chance to talk you, he is definitely interested in you.

6. He is always available

How to Tell If a Guy Likes YouYou will hold the top position on his priority list if he likes you. No matter when you call him, he is always available. He replies to your text immediately and may put his other plans on to hang out with you! You will almost never get to hear “please may I call you later” or “I am busy today, can we do this some other time” from him.

5. He is always up for what you plan

How to Tell If a Guy Likes YouIf a guy really likes you, he would want to spend more time with you even if it means going for activities which he doesn’t really like. For example, he wouldn’t mind watching a chic flick with you or accompanying you on a shopping spree! So if you want to know whether he is interested in you, think about the things you love to do an ask him to do them with you.

4. He is protective and concerned about you

How to Tell If a Guy Likes YouAnother sign which indicates that a guy really likes you is when he becomes concerned and protective about you. He will offer you his coat if you are cool, keep checking in on you if are unwell or call/text you to ask whether you have reach home safely every time you guys hang out together. He is more than happy to offer his help when you need it and tries his best to come up with a solution to the problems you share with him.

3. The eyes say it all

How to Tell If a Guy Likes YouHave you ever caught him stealing glances? Does he turn away as soon as you look at him?  He takes that one last look at you every time before he leaves? If yes, chances are that he feels a special connection with you. Those prolonged eye contacts may really mean something.

2. He listens to you attentively

How to Tell If a Guy Likes YouA guy who is interested in you will really listen to you. He will not drift away from the topic or get distracted when he is taking with you. No matter what you are talking about-friend issues, problems at work place, a really cool clothing store you discovered recently, he will listen attentively. Even if you are talking about something he is completely disinterested in, he will try his best to look really interested.

1. He shows you his sensitive side

How to Tell If a Guy Likes YouMen do not like to reveal their sensitive side to everyone. They are not very verbal and find it hard to open up.  Unlike women, men are not really taught to be very expressive about the way they feel. The age old (and utterly senseless) ‘boys don’t cry’ phenomenon still exists! If a guy isn’t ashamed to show you his emotional side, you hold a special place in his life. When a guy let you in and does not find it hard to discuss his problems with you, it is a clear sign that he likes you.

These 12 signs will help you know whether or not a guy is interested in you. If you feel the same way about him, maybe it’s time you should throw some signals his way as well!

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