Obagi Skin Care Line and it’s 10 Best Products

Everybody loves looking stunning, naturally and via make up. But what do we forget? We forget that sometimes we have outbreaks on our skin that can’t be covered by make up all the time. Yes, I’m talking about all kinds of skin problems for all types and age limits. You can be 20, 60 or 40 and these products will help you.

Correct, I’m talking about ‘Obagi Skin Care.’ This is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies since the year 1988 and is doing well in the field of providing medicines for skin care purposes. This company makes medicines that contain prescriptions and are only given by top physicians and  other leading doctors across the globe.

So, you’re facing skin problem? Here are the top 10 products of this company that can solve all the problems you’ll ever face!

10. Obagi Nu-Derm Clear

This is one of those products that have the highest selling rate in the market. Yes, it is a skin lightening pigment. From all the ultraviolet rays of the sun that completely ruin the breathing cycle of your skin, this cream helps you bring back that complexion and remove all those dark spots that are formed on your skin because of the sun. This cream helps in healthy grow and glow of the skin and also repairs all those cells that had died because of the sun. It also creates new cells for better development of the skin and helps the skin get clear and free of spots and damage.

9. Obagi Nu-Derm Blender

You got it, it is the second best. All the time you were out, you didn’t realize how badly your skin got damaged. Its high time you knew that before its too late. Yes, you will realize, as soon as you’re back home, that your face is full of rashes, acne and unnecessary pimples. It is difficult to maintain perfect skin all through out the day. But it isn’t difficult to take care of it on a regular basis. Yes, this blender does just what you’re thinking it does. It has ingredients that match with all skin types and help reduce the acne and pimples on your face in less than a day.

8. Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream

Eyes are the most important sense organs there are. And taking care of them is a wonderful promise you’re making to yourself. And for that you need an Eye cream which Obagi can provide. Often we see every second person with puffiness and dark circles. We have tried everything possible. Have even gone down to chemicals to get them off our eyes. But here’s a great solution. You need to go natural and all that is there in this eye cream is something that’ll help your under eye to get sorted.

7. Obagi Nu-Derm Toner

Aging? There’s a perfect solution for this. This toner helps penetrate right under your skin and remove all the wrinkle formors and anti-aging creators. Its important to take care of your eyes and skin when you’re aging and this is what helps you if not prevent your aging signs, but at least helps you reduce them whenever they come out. Dryness on the skin and other skin aging problems have an easy solution now.

6Obagi Hydrate Facial Moisturizer 

Dry skin and acne problems? Obagi has just the right thing for you. It isn’t aging that develops the dryness on you. Sometimes on your skin, moisturizers work best. It is the best sort of remedy for all types of skin. The ingredients in this product doesn’t even let you have any sort of allergic reactions on your skin. It doesn’t mean that it can be used beyond a certain limit. It is the best solution for all skin types and it is capable of healing your dryness in a day’s time.

5. Obagi Nu-Derm Physical UV Block SPF 32  

Usually when one goes out, they forget to put sun screens. No, I’m definitely not talking about a very normal sun screen, I’m talking about Obagi’s UV block with SPF 32. It isn’t just another sun screen as it has substances and products that are used for protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays and fine lines. These rays cause damage to the skin and cause fine lines, dryness, dullness, dark spots on the skin, damage to the skin, etc. This isn’t the only damage, it can even cause permanent skin rupture and penetrate through your skin to kill the cells that help your skin glow. This sun screen helps your skin to grow regardless of these rays and lessens the dark spots and acne caused by it.

4. Obagi Professional C Serum 10

There are a certain number of vitamins that help your skin and build up your immune system. One of them is Vitamin C. Now, what this serum does is, that it helps your skin get a radiant glow, whether or not it gets Vitamin C. It helps the skin develop on its own without depending on other natural ways of doing it. Works best on mature skin, mostly damaged. It brightens the skin and helps it heal.

3.  Obagi Professional C Peptide Complex

Wrinkles and don’t have a solution? Well here is one. This ingredient is known to to have the best remedy for wrinkles. Wrinkles are usually caused by aging, too much exposure to the sun and sometimes when there’s too much dryness. It stops the growth of the skin and doesn’t let it breathe. Obagi takes all of this into consideration and has prepared a complex substance what would help your skin lighten, do away with dark spots and become wrinkle free.

2. Obagi Nu Derm Foaming Gel

Acne is one problem almost all the teenagers of today’s times face. It is sometimes a permanent issue and sometimes hereditary. Go natural on them. This foaming gel helps your skin clear all the acne forming pores there are and helps reduce the bacteria. It is very important to manage the skin tone as well because sometimes too much exposure to the sun can cause tension on the skin. And therefore, Obagi came up with a foaming gel that can be used in order to prevent that from happening.

1. Obagi 360 retinol

Need a total make over? And by make over I mean, A totally new kind of skin? Then this product contains just the right thing for you. Renitol is a substance that is used in other fields for the same purpose, to brighten and lighten and for skin renewal. It is the most widely used ingredient in most of the skin lightening and fairness creams and  gels because it directly helps in the formation of a new kind of skin.

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