Office Politics and How to Stay Out of it: 7 Tips

Some people who go to office everyday, love the environment there, love to have conversations with others, love their work, have no complains etc. These people do not exist. Don’t get too carried away with the flow.

Like seriously, politics has taken over our lives so bad that wherever we go, we can’t live without it. Be it the workplace, school, family etc. We love how everything gets related to ‘what happened here? who did this? what did she say about her? oh, my he got promoted? but why she worked harder than him. oh, my god, this office serves tea instead of coffee this place is racist.’


Office Politics

This person will not let you live. And no this is not just about you. Everyone talks about him/her. Everyone has to talk about them all the time. They love getting into arguments with each other about how much their boss is flawed. Oh my, these people love gathering other colleagues around and sit and talk all day about how much they loathe their boss.

TIP – Please stay away from these people. This is the easiest way to get into some controversy and this can directly get you into trouble with your boss. If anything, people will have a reason to point out that you were also a part of it. Avoid that. Or kiss your job goodbye.


Office Politics

It is a possibility in every work place that people make a fuss out of little things. Sometimes when someone else gets promoted and someone else had worked hard for it, they often tend to make a big deal about it. They don’t come to the office, they start taking into consideration other means and ways of showing that they deserved it more. And usually what they do is, that they collect people, make them understand the situation, and half of them agree to them and the other half don’t.

Don’t be a part of this. Don’t be anti someone/something. Be neutral about that person’s feelings and professional life. Don’t get too personal or too professional. Maintain a friendly environment. But make sure, you stay out of this.


Office Politics

Some people cross their limits to get things done. When you feel something is wrong, go ahead and do something about it. But here’s the catch, don’t get into something absolutely wrong. You need to know what you’re in for. People take advantage of a lot of situations and they might use you to get things done and then when its done, blame you for everything. Maintain healthy office relations with everyone in the office.

Learn how to differentiate between what’s wrong and what getting into the wrong things with the wrong people is.


Office Politics

Very often people tend to cross their boundaries and that is not a crime. People make mistakes and if you’re short-tempered, then showing that in a workplace can get you into a lot of trouble. Learn how to differentiate between a workplace and a personal environment. Not everyone will be ready to take your attitude and arrogance and this can cause a lot of discrepancies in your professional life. This can lead to a lot of other things. Like people talking about you in the office and then this reaching your boss. That’s how things go to another levels.


Office Politics

Be around people who influence you. Wrong influence can lead to different goals and different kind of interests. This often takes a wrong turn when you’re working on a particular project. Sometimes when you’re around people who have a bad influence on you, you end up doing something absolutely strange. This isn’t the right thing for you to do. Whenever you feel things are going wrong, make sure you work on them and change your circle because losing focus on something will only get you to the wrong path and end up spoiling what you had planned for your future. Short term goals often get spoiled because of bad influence.


Office Politics

This is the most important thing you should keep in mind. Not everyone wants to listen to what you’re trying to say and also, the flip-side of this can be that when you talk about something to someone, you might end up losing that right you had on your idea. Other people tend to use your ideas as their own for their own betterment. Yes, there are people like these in your office place who would do anything to curb you down.

Stay away from these kind of people. Towards the end, when this helps the company, the credits will not be given to you. And then, there’s no point explaining how this was your idea or suggestion. These are the worst kind of people to exist.


Office Politics

Focus on what you want and what you want to do. Set some goals for yourself. Often there are times when people ask you to join them for their own betterment and then later, they don’t do anything about you and giving you credits. This is an absolutely disgusting way of taking credits and making their own position in the office for their own position.

It is the most important part of your life, your job and office. Do not get into any kind of politics over there. It is the most difficult thing to get out of once you’re into it. It doesn’t matter if you’re at a high position in the office or at a low level. These things matter a lot for your future.

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