Tips to Avoid Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is common in social media nowadays. This might be a simple issue to some but it can actually destroy the life of a bullied individual. Nobody wants to be bullied, right?

Below are the tips on how to combat and avoid cyberbullying.

1. Do Not Respond

When someone tries to bully you, don’t respond. They want you to react, which gives them the power to rule over you. No one wants to empower them, right?

Avoid Cyberbullying - do not respond


2. Block the bullies

If you’re being harassed through texts, profile comments, or instant messages, you can use privacy tools or preferences to block them. If in chat, it’s better to leave the room.


Avoid Cyberbullying - block the bullies


3. Do Not Retaliate

Giving the attack back to bullies will reinforce their behavior and turn yourself into one. Aggression should be avoided.


Avoid Cyberbullying - do not retaliate


4. Save your evidence

Great news! Harassing messages can be saved, captured, and can be shown to someone to ask for help. This thing is a must even if it’s small stuff, in case the issue worsens.


Avoid Cyberbullying - save your evidence


5. Be civil

Even if you do not like someone, it’s still nice to be professional and not to sink in other people’s level. According to research, trash-talking and gossiping about others may increase the risk of you being bullied. Treat others the way you wanted them to treat you.


Avoid Cyberbullying - be civil


6. Talk to an adult you trust.

A backup is what you deserve. It’s always nice to let your parents know. However, if you’re not comfortable, you can reach your school counselor, they can surely help you out, and sometimes both of them are needed. If you’re nervous about saying anything, find a way to report the incident at school anonymously.


Avoid Cyberbullying - talk to an adult you trust


7. Don’t be a bystander, be the victim’s friend

Forwarding and watching mean messages give the bullies the power and can hurt the victims even more. You can warn the bullies that harassment will make people look mean and stupid. Now is the time for them to know that cruelty to others is unacceptable. If you weren’t able to stop them, try to report them and do the best to help the victim.


Avoid Cyberbullying - don't be a bystander


8. Do not be a bully

If someone annoys or bullies you, what will you feel? Are you familiar with the saying about “walking in someone’s shoes”? Think about the feelings of others and have a second thought before doing any undesirable actions.


Avoid Cyberbullying - do not be a bully

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