Top 10 Awesome DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Stop ransacking your brain to find the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones and take the DIY route, this holiday season. Christmas is the time for festivities and exchanging gifts with friends and family, but market gifts have prices, and handmade gifts have values.  Handmade gifts have a way to make people feel appreciated by the efforts that you put while making them. Make Santa jealous by making your gifts by yourself that are sure to please your dear ones. We have assembled 10 unique and quirky DIY Christmas gifts ideas for you that you can try this Christmas, they are inexpensive and take your little time and you are bound to receive praises for efforts.

1. Customized mugs

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If you know that one person who loves coffee, then there is no better gift than customized coffee mugs for them. They are super easy to make and let you get creative. You can throw some glitter on them, or doodle, and do not hesitate to unleash your inner artist and paint on it.  All you need is a plain white mug, your creativity and few minutes to brew in like coffee, with the sweetness of your sugary gestures, for the omnipresent warmth emitted from the smile of your coffee lover friend.

2. Personalized notebooks

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We all have that one friend that lives in daydreams and loves to spill their imagination on plain white pages, a personalized notebook would be a pure delight for them. Washi tapes, printed sheets, paints or pretty fabrics are some of the things that you can use to dress up those dull notebooks and give them a whole new personality. There’s a possibility that they might write about you as well!

3. Custom sweaters

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This chilly Christmas, give your dear ones a warm, knitted hug. Pick a warm and cozy plain sweater to make a customized sweater,  that is sure to let the love flow through the wool, wrapping their hearts with a creative touch, to stamp your own personal affection on it. You will need a plain sweater or a sweatshirt and some paint. If you have a superhero fan around you, paint the logo of their favorite superhero. For the person that loves colors, you can use tie dye and dip dye techniques. And if you feel a little off the edge using paints, you can carve your own stamps and stamp all over your sweater. The possibilities are endless and who wouldn’t love a great sweater to snuggle in during cold winters.

4. DIY phone cases

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Gadget accessories make a great gift for those who love gadgets. Now, you can always go and buy a pretty phone case but what makes a gift special is the efforts you put, that shows how much you appreciate your loved ones. The best part is that you can make a phone case based  on what a person likes, if they love everything studded from their shirts to sandals, you can make a studded phone case, if they are more of a party person, then they would love a glittery phone case. You can find plenty of designs and patterns to match the personality of the receiver which is sure to impress them. So, grab a glue gun and give your best shot.

5. Teacup candles


Nothing screams christmassy more than candles and twinkle lights that brighten up your house. Buy the prettiest vintage teacups complete with a saucer, that you can find and turn them into teacup candles, to make adorable Christmas gifts. All you have to do is pour melted wax around the wick. You can choose different colors, throw some glitter in it or add essential oils to the melted wax to make scented candles. They will make really cute candles that one can light and take away all the gloom surrounding the room. Make a couple of them for the girly girl you know, to fill her space with warmth and gleam, and the endless praises that are sure to come your way for your creativity is just a bonus.

6. Personalized tote bags

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Tote bags are dead useful, you can carry your whole world in them. If you want to gift something that will be really handy, nothing is better than a go to tote bag. A simple white tote bag is a canvas for you to showcase your  creativity, you can either tie dye it, stamp it, or you can dip dye your tote bag, there are endless means by which you can make a nice tote bag.

7. DIY lip balm

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Homemade lip balms are a unique gift idea that you can try, this holiday season. They are super quick to make, which makes it a great last minute DIY Christmas gift. You can find tons of deliciously simple lip balm recipes, or you can make your own brand of lip smacking flavors. And since your lip balms are organic, everyone is sure to love them. Contain your lip balm in tiny tins or lip balm tubes and complete the packaging by putting a printable on top. Make a bunch of them for all your  friends.

8. Personality jars

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The easiest way to make a gift look super creative and cute is to incorporate a mason jar. They take no time at all and are inexpensive. The idea is to assemble things that your friend likes, in a jar. If it’s a girl that loves her nails, you can make a mini mani-pedi set by adding a nail paint, a nail clipper, cotton balls, cuticle cream, nail file and buffer. If you know someone that loves to cook, assemble all the cookie or brownie ingredients in a mason jar. For the party person, you can make mini cocktail set by adding little bottles of different beverages. They let you get super creative with the things you put into them and they are really simple. You can make different jars for each person. Wrap your jars with Christmas paper or tie a label with ribbons and you have a fabulous gift for the people in your list.

9. Edible gifts

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Give sweet love in literal form by making cookies, brownies or fudge for your friends and family. Christmas is incomplete with chocolates and cakes in your mouth.  You can put your edibles in cute jars or boxes and decorate them by tying labels and ribbons around it, which would be a cherry on top of your sweet gesture.

10. Christmas cards

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If you are feeling crafty, then try your hand at making Christmas cards. Paint, print, emboss or put ribbons around your sentiments and enclose them in an envelop and they are sure to spill love and warmth, when opened. They are a treasure for both, the sender and the receiver to cherish. The words you put in your cards will surely fill the jar of joy of your loved ones to the brim.

These were some of the DIY ideas that won’t burn a hole in your pocket and at the same time, they will not fail to amuse your friends and family. Hope that the love and warmth in the atmosphere is more than the global warming, this Christmas.

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