Top 10 Beautiful Love Songs you can Dedicate to your Special One

‘Love’, is a light word! Some might express it well, whereas some just let it grow within. When it comes to expressing the rush of feelings to your special mate, you get ideas of how a special mention or a dedication can make your beloved feel on top of the world! To make the task easier for all you lover boys and their sweethearts, here’s a list of top 10 beautiful love songs, you can pick to make your significant other feel special.

Pick the one which describes your love story the best. Make your way to your mate’s heart, perfectly!

Beautiful Love Songs

1. ‘Something’ –  Beatles

Probably the best love song ever written, ‘Something’ from ‘Abbey Road’ is all about admiration in a nutshell. Harrison, the lead guitarist of the band, claimed that the song wasn’t written for his wife as assumed at the time, remaining cagey about its subject throughout his life. Whom so ever it maybe about, “Something” remains one of the greatest declaration of love ever written.

Do you value your main’s love, and want them to know that you’re never leaving their back, well enough? In that case, this shall be your pick!

With lines that say “Something in the things she shows me, I don’t want to leave her now”, it clears your intention of wanting her to stay and rejoicing the time of your lives together.

‘Auwww-some’, eh?

Beautiful Love Songs

2. ‘Your Song’ – Elton John

One of the most sterling works by Elton John, ‘Your Song’ is one of the purest expressions of love ever committed to a song. It is believed that Elton John and lyricist Bernie Taupin wrote the composition in less than 30 minutes. However, the timeless appeal of the track makes it one of the era’s most enduring hits. The song goes around making the special one feel their importance in your life. It portrays how simple things can be made flawless and remarkable, just by giving a chance to the love that is deep within.

‘Anyway, the thing is what I really mean, yours are the sweetest eyes I’ve ever seen. ‘

Amidst admiration and endearment, the song was made!

Beautiful Love Songs

3. ‘I can’t help falling in love’ –  Elvis Presley

The song, well-written by the legend Elvis Presley, speaks out the helplessness of a lover, of how his soul is being driven by the gush of feelings within.

“ Like a River flows surely to the sea, Darling, so it goes, some things are meant to be.”

The line assures that some things about love are pre-destined, and lets your partner know the desire you hold, for having them with you.

Can’t help falling in love with your love? Here’s your song, for the day.

Beautiful Love Songs

4. ‘ Wonderful Tonight’ –  Eric Clapton

This beautiful composition is a story told in the form of song. The story begins with a man, who’s keen on going to a party with his girl. While the girl grooms herself for the party, he falls for her beauty and declares her ‘wonderful’. While at the party, her beauty has been gazed by other people around, she asks if that’s fine with him, to which he answers ‘He feels wonderful tonight’, and the beautiful night just goes on and on!

Just a perfect song to dedicate to a glorious night with your loved one. Wonderful tonight, eh?

Beautiful Love Songs

5. ‘Maybe I am amazed’ –  Paul McCartney

It is a heartfelt dedication by Paul McCartney to his beloved wife, Linda McCartney. Taken from the album ‘Wings of America’, the song depicts the state of amazement of a man, who is so in love with his lady. He expresses how content he is to have her by his side. Are you trying to express something similar? Go for it!! Let out the amazement!

Beautiful Love Songs

6. ‘The first time ever, I saw your face’ – Roberta Flack

It was written by the British singer-songwriter Ewan MacColl for Peggy Seeger who later became his wife. After being used in the film Play Misty For Me, the song climbed #1 on the US pop charts. It is a beautiful note summarizing the responses and expressions on experiencing different feelings for the things that happened for the ‘first time’. Looking for a song to speak your mind for your ‘first time’? Here’s your pick!

Beautiful Love Songs

7. ‘Just the way you are’ – Billy Joel

Billy Joel’s “Just the Way You Are” was written for his first wife, Elizabeth. It became his first top 10 pop hit and a major breakthrough. In a world where relationships survive by alterations and modifications in personalities, the song gives a perfect message that real love has never been about materialistic sites, but in being the way you are in thoughts. It defines the state of a lover, who wants his/her man to live the way she wishes to, sans being influenced by the unreal world in and around!

And if you want your partners to stay the way they are and you acknowledge them for being so – THIS IS IT!

Beautiful Love Songs

8. ‘In your eyes’ – Peter Gabreil

Trust me, Keats would have been the most satisfied person, if he were to listen to this beautiful track. It revolves around the eyes of the beholder (beloved), which are so lively that it gives the lover, a sense of being content and complete on seeing in them. He sees his world through her eyes, in the song.

Beautiful Love Songs

9. ‘And I love her’-  Beatles

With a stern belief that the love between the couple will never die, it seems as if the heart has been poured out without manipulations in the purest form in this track. Paul McCartney has said that “And I Love Her” is, “the first ballad I impressed myself with.” To which I take pride in adding, not just himself, but the world! If you love her, come what may, let her know through this lovely song. I bet she’ll be blushing in no time 😉

Beautiful Love Songs

10. ‘You’re my best friend’ – Queen

Queen bassist John Deacon wrote, “You’re My Best Friend” for his wife, and its heartfelt message of love makes it one of the band’s most enduring and universal songs. It’s also one of the most straightforward songs in the group’s catalog, featuring a winning vocal by Freddie Mercury and a bouncy Wurlitzer (played by Deacon) driving the melody.
If you think that you’re best friends before lovers, having been there for each other in every situation like a pillar, here’s your bit of dedication to-do.


I hope that the next time you’re confused about how to make your partner feel special, this list can serve you, as a savior!

Good luck!

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