Top 10 Best Birthday Gifts you can give to your Mother

Mothers- The most lovable creatures on Earth. You just cannot ignore the fact that you cannot live without your mother. You will need her at every given point of time in your life. A mother is the only person in the whole wide world who will sacrifice everything and anything for her child and family. She starts loving you even before you were born. Mothers hold their children’s hand for a while, but their hearts for a lifetime. Unforgettable Birthday celebration for such a person is a must. Make sure she has the most wonderful time of her life. And to help you with that, we have come up with.


10. Cook her a meal 

Your mother is the one who makes you food most of the times. It’s time you make food for her on her special day. Cook her favorite dish and make something for dessert too. Tickle her taste buds. Let her rest for the day and enjoy the food you make for her.


9. Memory Collage

Make a book where you can paste all the photos of special memories and write down your messages for her. Ask you close relatives and her friends to write one liners for her throughout the book. You can also write a poem at the end of the book. There’s no better gift than children talking about how grateful they are to their mothers. Photo collage is something which can take her down the memory lane. Let your mother have a good time relishing the old moments which can bring that curve on her lips.


8. Spa Coupons

Your mother is always on her toes for you. Gift her Spa coupons and let her rest for a day. After all the hard work she has done, she definitely needs a refreshing break. These Spa coupons will provide her with services which will help her in instant relaxation. A full body massage is the best therapy to eliminate the stress from her life. Gift her these coupons of pure bliss to rejuvenate herself.


7. Basket of Love

Mother is the one who makes you feel loved all the time. It’s time you made her feel loved. Buy a beautiful basket and arrange all her favorite things like accessories, chocolates, etc. in the basket. Put a few love notes written by all the family members and her friends. Once all the gifts are arranged properly, cover the basket with a net cloth to make it look like a hamper. Gift her this love hamper and get the most priceless reaction from her.


6. Surprise Trip

When you can have fun with your friends, why can’t your mother? Kitty parties are too mainstream. Plan a short trip for her with her close friends. Get in touch with all her close friends and book tickets and hotels for a short stay. Everyone needs a break from their routine. Surprise her by hiding the tickets in her wallet. It’s time you get the fun back in her life.


5. A Letter 

Express your love in a better way. Write a poem or a letter which describes how grateful you are to her for being there for you. Write your feelings down so that she knows you love her too. Hide that letter in her wardrobe and let her find it on her own. Keep a chocolate or a pack of cupcakes with it. That letter will make sure that she cries tears of joy. Let her enjoy her special moment. Express your gratitude towards her.


4. House Party

A house party is a must when it comes to celebrating birthdays. The first step is to make her feel that nothing special is lined up for her. Call up her friends and all your relatives and throw a small house party for her. Surprise her by calling everyone at the same time. Plan fun games in which people of all ages can participate. Let the party revolve around her. Ask everyone to share at least one memory with her. It’s her day and make sure you make it large.


3. A Pet

Usually, mothers tend to think a lot about their family. They want their family to be safe and secured and hence, the overthinking. Get a new friend for your mother who would eliminate all her worries. A pet dog, a cat or any friendly animal who would divert her mind. A pet is the best companion for its parent. Nothing can bring you joy more than a pet waiting for you to get home when you go out. Gift her an unconditional love of a pet for the unconditional love which she shows towards you. That little bundle of joy will make sure that all her worries stay at bay.


2. Take Her for a Shopping Spree

Take her for a shopping spree on her special day. Let her shop whatever she wants. Give her the joy of buying new things for herself. Let her feel beautiful and confident in herself. Get her that one thing that she has been eyeing for since a long time. Revamp her entire wardrobe and let her feel young rather than feeling old on her birthday.


1. Handmade gifts

No materialistic gift can ever match a handmade gift. Make a bunch of flowers by yourself by watching tutorials on the internet. Make a photo frame with the material that you already have at your place like cardboard, beads, nuts, etc. Put one of your best family photo in the frame. Also, make a greeting card for her. Decorate it in the best way you can. Express your feelings in the greeting card. Finally club it all together and give it to her on her birthday morning. Let her start her day with a smile on her face.


Oliver Wendell Holmes has rightly said- Youth fades, love droops, the leaves of friendship falls, a mother’s secret love outlives them all. No person in the world can give you what mothers can. Whenever you feel low, mothers have the ultimate power of healing you. Only a mother can understand her child’s feelings even when the child doesn’t utter a single word. She will always be at her best with you even when you are at your worst with her. No complaints, no demands, no expectations. She sacrifices her whole life for her children and her family. It’s time you do your bit. Make her birthday special. Let her feel wanted. Work hard to get her priceless reaction which will give you immense pleasure. After all, doing something for your mother is a pure bliss.

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  • Surely, I think the best for mother is to make food for her on her special day and can give a handmade gifts to her for memorable moment.

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