Top 10 Best Indoor Sports and Games you can play this Summer

Again, it’s that time of the year when the scorching summer sun is glaring at us in anger. Summer time is when we all tend to become turtles in the shell not wanting to get out of our houses. But that should not give anybody an excuse to just lie lazily on the couch with cold drinks and ice creams all day long. Moreover, fun must always continue to happen despite of the scary outside.

Here is a list of some exciting indoor games and sports that will provide you enjoyment, recreation and the much-needed exercise away from the sun –

Best Indoor Sports

  1. Squash

The intensity of sports like tennis and football are immensely missed in summer. The problem of dehydration under the scorching sun becomes the setback factor. However, the “tennis-like racquet and ball game” of squash comes for rescue. Squash is played inside four walls of a wooden court and can comprise of singles or doubles matches. Nowadays, the sport is becoming hugely popular in competitions around the world. The striker initially hits the ball to the wall in front and then each player takes a turn to hit the bounced ball back to walls for the continuation of the rally. To sum it up, squash is the perfect apace yet enjoyable sport to keep both your mood and weight light.

Best Indoor Sports

  1. Box Cricket

Cricket is a favorite outdoor sport enjoyed by a vast population around the world. However, during summer it becomes hard to handle the intense physical activities demanded by the sport. An indoor version of the same, named as Box Cricket, has been invented as the savior. Although a relatively new concept, this enjoyable and amusing format is getting quickly accepted by all the cricket loving nations. In Box cricket the batsmen with a wooden bat face a ball being thrown by the opposition team’s bowler, and he tries to strike the ball safely in order to gain runs. These runs get added to his team’s total score. The opposition then tries to chase the score in the limited period.

Best Indoor Sports

  1. Carrom

The well-known East Asian game of carrom is an impeccable way of having an entertaining time with cousins and friends, away from the summer heat. This “strike into the pocket” table game is played on a square wooden surface marked with separate compartments for the four players sitting at each side. The players aim to strike their chosen pieces into the pocket at the corners of the board with proper focus.

Best Indoor Sports

  1. Bowling

Extensively popular in the western countries, bowling is every American teen’s favorite pass time. The game involves using a huge ball to strike down a lane of 10 pins. Also played at professional levels, bowling is widely known as a recreational sport among groups of friends to have an enjoyable time.

Best Indoor Sports

  1. Table Tennis

Table tennis is the mini-version of tennis, in short. The court comprises of a rectangular wooden table having a net affixed in the middle. The players at both the ends aim to hit a hollow plastic ball, with a small bat, over the net such that it bounces off the table at the opponent’s side. Then the other person does the same to keep the rally going. Although played in a small area requiring little coverage area, table tennis is an exercise for both mind and body. The concentration power increases along with the improvement in flexibility and quick movements. Due to the limited area it requires, the tables are now found in all offices and complexes serving recreation and relaxation to people.

Best Indoor Sports

  1. Chess

Chess is war over the board. The object is to crush the opponents mind.

Being a game that tests all nooks and corners of the brain, chess is the best platform to prove your smartness in front of the friends and family members. Apart from the fun and competitiveness of chess, it is also a great workout for the brain. The best part is that the performance of the players is not dependent on age, which makes it a special game for even grandfather-grandson pairs. A chess set comprising of a black-and-white chessboard and tiny chessmen is small, compact and easy to carry.

Best Indoor Sports

  1. Badminton

A favorite indoor game in which two or four (in doubles, with two in each team) players situated at the opposite sides of the court, volley a shuttlecock by hitting it with their rackets. The matches are played in big closed rooms with the court lined into two equal areas parted by a net. Games of badminton challenge your flexibility, alertness and quickness. Badminton is a friendly, relaxing yet competitive sport that can be enjoyed away from the summer sun.

Best Indoor Sports

  1. Swimming

Water is everyone’s summer love, that makes swimming pools the most lovable spots. Swimming is the perfect fusion of exercise with enjoyment in the soothing arms of water. The sport contributes huge advantages to our body by helping us to maintain good shape at the expense of extensive limb movements. The experience of cycling and swimming are quite similar. The beginners tend to look for ways to escape them but once the right rhythm and skills are obtained, you cannot keep yourself away. However, always be extremely careful to look out for lifeguards and other safety measures before boarding for swims.

Best Indoor Sports

  1. Basketball

The second most popular team sport in the world after soccer, basketball is a pleasurable experience for the players and supporters. The immense popularity and acceptance of basketball contradicts the thought that sports must be played outside. The game involves a team, dodging the players of opposition in order to shoot the ball into their basket while passing it safely within the team members. It’s another high-intensity sport which requires quick reflexes and ace focus. Hence, during summer it’s the right place to show your skills.

Best Indoor Sports

  1. Ice skating

What better way exists to escape the irritating heat than hopping into a room full of ice? The answer is none! In the past ice skating was popular only in the northern countries, where people had to wait for winter’s snow to cover the entire land so they could skate. However, nowadays ice skating rinks present at all locations of every country is increasing its popularity. Ice skating provides fun and exciting experience with friends and families. It only involves the use of proper skating shoes and mastering the balancing abilities on the slippery ice.

Spreading the arms and effortlessly floating trough the ice is an unmatchable feeling. Ice skating is a substitution of flying on the face of the earth.


So let the bucket of ice cream be in the fridge, and go try all these fun activities out. Happy summer!

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