Top 10 Best Scooty for Girls and Women in India 2015

Tired of consistent traffic jams and overcrowding in public transports? Here is the solution to all your problems. The two-wheeler transport is one of the best alternative available to us to fight with all our problems. The two-wheeler medium of transport has grown and become very popular in India. Many big companies in the recent years have launched scooters and bikes especially for the female population of the country. Those days are gone when women had to depend on their fathers, brothers and or even worse, auto-rickshaw drivers to reach their place of work. The best option is to invest in these lightweight and easy to manage scooters. The major automobile manufacturers like Honda, Mahindra and TVS are manufacturing new scooter models every now and then to satisfy the growing demands.

Here is a list of best scooty models for girls and women in India along with their prices –


10. Honda Dio

Ex-Showroom Price – Rs,47852

Mileage-55 kmpl

Honda has secured a good position in the fields of scooter in India. The Honda Dio has a stylish and sporty look and is designed to suit the young generation of the country. It is also one of the top selling scooter by Honda The scooter has a good pick up and is powered by a 110 cc 4 stroke engine. The scooter weighs around 102 kg and has drum brakes. This scooter has set a new trend in the two-wheeler market and is available in different colors. The scooter has 6 litres fuel tank capacity.

9. TVS Scooty Streak-

Ex-Showroom Price-43,676

Mileage-51 kmpl

TVS Scooty Streak is one of the most popular and favorite scooter options available for girls and women. It is powered by an 88 cc 4 stroke engine. Due to its lightweight and small body proportions it is solely targeted towards the female population of the country. The scooty is styled with LED lamps which help it to stand out among the various others in the market. It weighs around 96 kg and is available in four colors-magic black, mystic mauve, breezy blue and perky pink. The scooty has a fuel tank capacity of 4 litres.

8. Hero MotoCorp Pleasure-

Ex-Showroom Price-43,000

Mileage-66 kmpl

Hero MotoCorp Pleasure is the first scooty launched by the largest bike manufacturer Hero MotoCorp and is quite famous in the Indian market. The specs of this scooty are also very interesting which include a 102 cc 4 stroke single cylinder engine with a kerb weight of 101 kg. The perfect arrangement of lights and headlight makes the scooty a perfect eye candy. The luggage box is lit with LED lights to provide you more convenience. The integrated braking system triggers both brakes with just pressing the left side brake lever and provides more stability. The scooter also provides mobile charging socket. Tubeless tyres prevent rapid deflation in case of puncture. The scooter gives an impressive look and matches your personality.

7. Mahindra Rodeo RZ-

Ex-Showroom Price-46,700

Mileage-59 kmpl

The new Mahindra Rodeo RZ has the most stunning look and thrilling performance along with comfort and convenience. It is one of the funkiest scoters in India. The scooter has a 124.6 cc 4-stroke air cool engine with a kerb weight of around 111 kg. It is very light and is a good looking vehicle on sale in the Indian market. It has a digital speedometer and mobile charging socket. The scooter has a low seat to provide you more convenience. The under seat storage is of 22 litres and the scooty is available in six colours: onyx blue, derby red, fiery black, electric green, pearl white, and flame orange.

6. Honda Activa i-

Ex-Showroom Price-45,600

Mileage-60 kmpl

The Honda Activa i is the new version of the Honda Activa which gained a lot of popularity and is one of the best-selling two-wheelers in India. It is powered by a 109.2 cc 4-stroke engine. The scooty is available in three color editions. Activa-i is a lighter and more stylish version of Honda Activa. The new Honda Activa i is feminine in looks as compared to its earlier version. It comes with a Combi brake system which offers better braking on the two drum brakes. The fibre body has reduced the weight of the scooter and weighs around 103 kg. It is comfortable and can be easily used for daily commuting.

5. TVS Scooty Zest 110-

Ex-Showroom Price-46475

Mileage-62 kmpl

The TVS Scooty Zest is specially targeted at the college-goers and working women. The look is totally new with leaf-shaped mirrors and twilight lamps. It is powered by 110 cc four stroke engine and the kerb weight of this vehicle is around 97 kg. The scooter has got high quality grips and switch-gears with a parking brake. The frame of this scooty is very light which attracts girls and even the maintenance is economical. The scooty Zest is available in five colors- dynamic white, powerful pink, daring black, terrific turquoise, and fiery red. The scooty features tubeless tyres, a back lit speedometer, and LED taillights. It has 19 liters of under seat storage and offers other storage areas like glove box, under seat hooks, and retractable bag hooks.

4. Yamaha Ray Z-

Ex-Showroom Price-48,000

Mileage-62 kmpl

The Yamaha Ray Z has a sporty look and has better aerodynamics which provide enhanced stability. The scooty was also known as a “lady’s scooter” in the beginning when it was launched making it one of the best scooter options available for women. It is equipped with an air cooled 4-stroke 113 cc engine with good fuel efficiency. The scooter has 15.5 liters under seat storage capacity. The scooter offers best in class acceleration and good fuel efficiency. The seat is designed for easy leg reach to ground and provides ample storage facility. The kerb weight is around 104 kg and is available in three colors- burgundy bliss, starry white and black star.

3. TVS Jupiter-

Ex-Showroom Price-46,952

Mileage-62 kmpl

The increasing demand of two-wheelers in India has given rise to another vehicle designed by TVS. This lightweight gearless two-wheeler is the best option available for two-wheeler buyers in India. Jupiter has a very fresh and unique look. It is equipped with 12-inch alloy wheels and LED tail lamp. It is a fuel efficient scooter and is powered by 109.77 cc engine. The company claims to provide the largest leg space in its segment and the kerb weight is around 108 kg. The scooter provides under seat storage space of 17 litres and a mobile charging socket.

2. Suzuki Let’s-

Ex-Showroom Price-47,600

Mileage-63 kmpl

The Suzuki Let’s is the most suitable two-wheeler for both the young generation as well as older people. It is powered by 112.8 cc unit and is lightweight with the kerb weight of 98 kg and has decent ground clearance at 160 mm. It is available in various colours- pearl mirage white, metallic triton blue, glass sparkle black and metallic sonic silver. The scooty was able to win the hearts of the women population due to its petite dimensions. The low seat height proves beneficiary for the female riders. It is a great option for those looking for peppy and easy to use scooter. It is also one of the most fuel efficient scooter.

1.Mahindra Gusto 110-

Ex-Showroom Price-43,000

Mileage-63 kmpl

Mahindra Gusto 110 is the latest two wheeler launched by Mahindra. It is powered by 109.6 cc engine and is among the most fuel efficient scooters present in the market these days. It has height adjustable seat which provides a convenient ride to girls and women. It is the first scooter to feature LED pilot lamps which enhance the overall look. The scooter has a kerb weight of around 120 kg with fuel tank capacity of 6 litres. Mahindra Gusto is available in two variants- dx and vx. It is giving a tough competition to other 110 cc scooters in the market like Suzuki Let’s and TVS Jupiter.

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