Top 10 Cool Summer Hairstyles for Men

Summers can be a hard time, especially when it gets exceptionally hot and sweaty. Sometimes, all we feel like doing is shaving off our head out of frustration. However along with bringing changes to our wardrobe this summer season, try some of the funkier and practical hairdos, which will provide relief and give you an edge over others.

The popular myth that men are indifferent about their looks is a thing of the past. The 21st-century men are becoming increasingly conscious about their looks and hairstyles. Men want to stay trendy and keep up to date with the latest fashion. They are constantly looking for changes and fishing for compliments! The boiling summer season gives an excellent excuse to try out some of the most fashionable and weather- friendly hairstyles. During summers, men prefer having less volume on top of the head, or lesser hair in general. Here are some of the most ‘in’ summer hairstyles for men which will give you some respite from the heat and not compromise on your looks!

So here goes the list of the top 10 cool summer hairstyles for men.

10. Retro Short hairstyle

Summer Hairstyles for Men

As the name suggests, Retro Short hairstyle brings out a class and elegance in you. This is the hairstyle which falls in the category of being extremely masculine and macho. Here, the side hair is tapered and squared off to create sharp nice lines. The top hair is layered which is kept longer, in order to comb it off to the side or back brush. The gelled and parted hair look will get you a lot of compliments too! This hairstyle suits men in various occasions, but the best pick would be formal meetings or conferences. To get a funkier look, just blow dry the top portion. It is one of the perfect hairdo to try out for this summer.

9. The Fringe

Summer Hairstyles for Men

Though a little tricky for you to try it during the summer season, the Fringe is one of the most famous and legendary hairstyle for men. It gives you the quintessential contemporary, cosmopolitan look. For those who went through all the trouble and hassle to grow their hair, this is the perfect hairdo to experiment on. The Fringe has become a massive trend all over the world. So don’t shy up! Since it can make you feel a little hot and uncomfortable in the heat, instead of keeping the fringe thick and straight down, ask your stylist to decrease the weight by thinning it, cutting it a little short and sweeping it across your forehead.

8. Messy Top Cut

Summer Hairstyles for Men

For all those lazy bums out there, this is your cue. The Messy Top cut is most suitable for those who do not care to style their hair everyday nor do they have the patience or the interest. It is mostly preferable for the younger generation, who have a busy schedule. It is absolutely low maintenance, eye-catching and provides you with some relief from the weather. To rock this look, all you need is your hair to be cut in a few layers. The layers will style themselves as you head out. On top of that, this haircut suits almost all hair types.

7. Peaked Side Crop hairstyle

Summer Hairstyles for Men

Men have been sporting this cut since 1900s. Primarily, a crop is defined as a short style with the hair cut very close to the head. This cut hit the fashion industry again and became a massive hit in 2012. However, it is not recommended for men with thinning hair or if your hairline is receding. It is ideal for men with thick hair and strong features. Men with a long face can carry off this haircut with ease. It is a relatively low maintenance cut. Use a hair gel and run it across the crown to the front of your hairline. Gently rake the front with your fingers up to the side of your choice. Do remember to trim the sides from time to time in order to get some relief from summers.

6. Wavy Top Heavy Cut

Summer Hairstyles for Men

This hairstyle is exclusively for men having beautiful wavy locks. Ditch the myth that styling with wavy hair is next to impossible. Having this cut with medium length hair will definitely make you the trendsetter. Agreed, managing wavy hair can be a little problematic. However, you can stop worrying about that too! Keep the wavy hair of the sides as short as you possibly can while leaving the top portion lengthy. Your natural curls will do the trick. With different partings, you can create different looks too.

5. The short crop

Summer Hairstyles for Men

This haircut is perfect for all the men out there who give hair styling negligible importance. If you have absolutely no time in life to worry about your hair, short crop is the answer. For men who ignore taking care of their hair leads to thinning and balding, so beware. This is better known as the military haircut and is an all-time summer hit. This haircut will provide you the maximum relief from the hot and humid weather. To achieve this, the sides of your hair is cut short, while leaving the middle part to a medium length all over the crown area.

4. The Slick Back

Summer Hairstyles for Men

Let summer not be the reason for you to cut your long hair, which took you so much hard work and time to achieve! The Slick Back actually works brilliantly for summers. It keeps your hair off your face and helps you achieve that hot, wet, sexy look with only a little bit of gel at your rescue. If you have a lot of volume, ask your hair stylist to remove some of the weight.

3. The Man Bun

Summer Hairstyles for Men

The Man Bun has sky-rocketed in popularity since 2013. It looks extremely sexy and smart for someone who went through all the pains to grow their hair long. It is a type of long hairstyle that involves tying one’s hair into a single bun placed upon the crown area of the head. Also known as the bro bun, the only requirement to attain this hairstyle is to have long hair, preferably around 8 inches from the top. One of the key advantages is that it provides immense reprieve from the harsh hot weather!

2. Slick Side Cut

Summer Hairstyles for Men

One of the most sophisticated and voguish hairstyles, the Slick Sidecut is adopted by many celebrities all over the world. No one can deny that David Beckham looks one of the most masculine and polished with his hairstyle. Slick side cut can do wonders to your face. With this cut and a neat stubble, you are all set to woo the ladies. It is a retro-inspired look, which will suit you the most in formals. To perfect this look, don’t comb excessively, as it will make it harder for you to define a parting. Apply gel and comb it, making a nice side parting. Perfect for a summer look, this is one of the least fuzzy and safest hairstyles to try.

1. The Buzz Cut

Summer Hairstyles for Men

This cut will automatically give you an edge over the others and is undoubtedly a very masculine cut. It is suitable for anyone and with any hair type. Once the summer season starts reaching the peek, this cut is what will provide you comfort and liberation. Buzz cut looks dashing on people with a strong and square jaw. From army recruits to Brad Pitt, the Buzz cut has become one of the most popular. Other than being low maintenance, it is versatile enough for both work and casual parties. Depending on your style, you can opt for a uniform length or a slight difference between the sides and the top. Not only that, you can try out skin fade on the sides too!

In recent years, we have seen a massive renaissance in men’s traditional barbering styles. The key to perfection is precision and definition. Wisely choose your pick that bests suits your face and purpose. Ditch that boring hairdo and try out something funky this summer season!

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