Top 10 Countries that are USA Allies

The United States of America has enjoyed the top rung in the International Superpower domain for more than six decades. Over such a long period of time, the United States has cultivated extremely steadfast collaborators in all the continents and amidst all the significant geopolitical arenas.  Here’s a list of USA allies.

This list comprises America’s most important allies. The ranking has been determined by relevant factors such as Past Historical Relevance, Level of Present Comradery, Standing in International Politics and Stability of Government. Lots of surprises in the list, let’s check it out!

10. USA allies: Philippines

USA allies

With an extremely strong relationship with the Philippines, both the countries are one of the most amicable allies in the world since 1947. The partnership does not extend to governmental policy alignment but also enjoys the support and approval of the citizens of both the countries as well. Close to 95 percent of Filipino citizens are Pro-Americans, which means that they approve of their government’s alignment with America. Enjoying such an amazing Filipino approval has resulted in it becoming one of the most important allies in the Asia. They frequently indulge in Joint Bilateral Military Exercises (JBME) and there have been close to three large-scale military agreement between the two nations since the advent of the relationship.

9. USA allies: Germany

USA allies

Germany has been of recent, one of the staunchest ally of America. Apart from some differences regarding political stand on the use of Active-Military, both countries are generally on excellent cordial terms. Financial interests of both the nations are aligned, which can be seen in their complementing trade and commerce. When Russia was recently excused from the G8 summit through a Sanction, over the coup of Crimean Peninsula, Germany stood in support of the said sanction, proposed by America. Outside of European Union, America was the strongest supporter of the German stand on the Greece financial crisis.

8. USA allies: France

USA allies

Though, France has been one of the oldest collating nation of America, going as far back as American Independence, yet the relationship with France has been flakey since after the September Eleven attack on America. Though France agreed to form a Joint Intelligence committee, yet later refused to intervene in Iraq. Apart from this, the stand on NATO action by France, on intervening in Libya, put their relationship in jeopardy. However, since the election of Barack Obama, the Franco-American relations have improved significantly.

7. USA allies: Australia

USA allies

The United States of America and Commonwealth of Australia have constantly and exponentially strengthened their relations since 1942. Australia has supported all major American wars since 1941. On a governmental base, both countries have formally enacted two agreements, the Australia-United States Free Trade agreement and the Anzus treaty. Which really brings the two countries together, is a similar history shared by the two nations during their colonial past. Australia is popularly regarded as America’s second most important military ally in the world after the United Kingdom.

6. USA allies: Japan

USA allies

Most people do not know, that the United States of America and Japan started way over in the late nineteenth century. The commerce and trade boomed and they shared cordial relations up until the second World War. Subsequent to the war, America offered help in rebuilding and the through the exchange of technology and culture, both nations have cemented the relation from the very scratch. Today, America enjoys an economic, cultural, political and military understanding with Japan, the likes of which do not exist anywhere else in Asia.

5. USA allies: Mexico

USA allies

Mexico or the United Mexican States is one of the neighbors of the United States of America. Not only do they share a land border, but also a maritime in Northern America. Both countries share extensive bilateral economic ties. Numerous treaties has been signed by both the countries, prominent of them are the Gadsden Purchase and the famous North American Free Trade Agreement. Though militarily, Mexico chose not to take part in the Iraq war and left the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance, yet both the nations fought side by side in the Libyan civil war. Though, their relationship has faced problems such as illegal immigration and drug trade across the border, both nations have been found to be extremely united on the International front.

4. USA allies: South Korea

USA allies

South Korea has been one of the most important supporters of the United States of America since 1950. The United States of America played a crucial role in the Korean War, which was sanctioned by the United Nations. Often mentioned as the most significant ‘Non-Nato Ally’ of the United States of America, South Korea has experienced tremendous economic, military and political growth under the guidance and support of America. The United States maintains some extremely important strategic military bases in South Korea and together both the nations are responsible for keeping a check on North Korea.

3. USA allies: Israel

USA allies

The United States of America-Israel relation is the most well known of American Government’s foreign relations. Israel is the biggest beneficiary of foreign aid from America which amounts close to a 100 billion dollars. Israel is known as USA’s footing in the Middle East and provides a strong strategic position in the region, through which America has been able to play a significant though controversial role in the Greater Middle East. With the help of American military technology, Israel has greatly strengthened its position in accordance to its neighboring nations. The relation between the two nations has always been strong and Israel enjoys extensive backing from the United States, even in the United Nations.

2. USA allies: Canada

USA allies

Canada is considered to be the greatest ally of the United States of America. Not only do they share the world’s largest demilitarized borderline across the breadth of both the nations but also share similar colonial history under the British Empire. Both nations are together world’s biggest trading partners as of now. Extensive commercial ties and economic trade-offs have cemented the historic friendship of the two countries. They are along with Mexico, part of North American Free-Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Since the Cold war, the foreign policy of the two neighboring nations has been closely aligned, except for the few instances such as Iraq war and America’s war on terror. The friendship is also popular amongst the citizens of the two nations.

1. USA allies: United Kingdom

USA allies

Yes! The strongest ally of the United States of America is none other than the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Both British and American people have over and over stated that they both consider their relation as the most important bilateral partnership in the world. Well-known as the Anglo-American Relations, this association tops this list because not only is United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland the greatest confidant of America but also scores extremely high on the Stability factor of the nation. United Kingdom is the power center in the European region and the mandates of both the nations are favorably aligned and together they make up a significant portion of world commerce. Designated as the staunchest ally of the United States of America, United Kingdom is truly the most ardent comrade America has right now.

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        • Um excuse me “sir” but the article said top 10 not “all” so excuse me but read the title and maybe someday you can actually be someone worth the time to browse. And also RESPECT the president idc if he is bad he is still more valuable than your life will ever be. Also God can only bless America is people like you are always poiningpominds with foul language. But I guess not all people have the same intelligence to find other words.

          • You dumb piece of s&^t. His comment was directed to the a%$hole who commented that “America doesn’t have any formal alliances”. So maybe you need to learn to use your brain before you f&*king use the internet. F^%k you, and have a nice day 🙂

          • Okay no, sometimes other people’s life is more valuable than the President, for example, someone in the Military, or perhaps even a fireman. They put their life on the line, they rush to the danger, meanwhile the President just sits in office doing work.

        • there is no god
          only questions
          would a god make himself known thru one religeon presumably one denomination
          otherwise why would there be so many

      • Um excuse me “sir” but the article said top 10 not “all” so excuse me but read the title and maybe someday you can actually be someone worth the time to browse. And also RESPECT the president idc if he is bad he is still more valuable than your life will ever be.

      • I thought President Trump was your leader. Never heard of President Faggot!
        Feeling embarrassed? Maybe next time you’ll consider using correct punctuation …

      • You just called the president a president faggot, you should have left a comma and why the homophobia seriously its 2017 get over yourself let people be who they want to be.

    • Are you actually Donald Trump??? I was only on this page to research for an upcoming essay. The reason that the USA has no formal alliances is because you are all of immigrant decent and are sooooo fake in your public appearances. As a human and a politician I do appreciate your honesty as refreshing but you are never a President in all your days. Your nation, the most powerful in the World, has become tired, hateful toward minorities and untrustworthy. Shame on you.

      • All lies total crap…let CHINA DEAL WITH NORTH KOREA. Im Australian and know like the English its a USA war. Let those gun hungry, nuke tutting yankees have their WW3 lol. Good luck no chance of winning. P.S you forgot New Zealand aka ANZACS!!! ONLY allies to to UK as an Australian we owe America NOTHING like the kiwis. THE Queen always rains supreme in our courtiers that belong to HRH…tell Trump to go munch on a carrot…bloody ranga. FIGHT UR OWN WAR…aussies already had ww1 ww2 don’t start stuff you cant finish.

        • When it comes down to it we are debt because of helping ungrateful countries because we back all nations of nato who did not financially do their part we fight the world’s wars and then pay to fix it back trying to loosen their reigns of freedom while we get more restricted.we don’t need users. we are the American Infidels.we would rather die on our feet than our knees…we willing fight for many good things .we are not perfect .but the world needs to stand on their own 2 feet and maybe when you Aussies .. excuse me to my Aussie friends go to war we wobt come

    • russia wants to launch an emp (electromagnetic pulse) toward usa because north korea wants to target us with nuclear heads. and russia would be frying all electronics or motorized vehicles

      • Yeah its either Russia or North Korea and who would want to say that their greatest enemy was a nation led by Kim Jong Un.

      • Russia isn’t a United States Ally. They are an alt with North Korea, a country which wants to launch nuclear heads at America. Russia wants to launch an electromagnetic pulse which will fry all of our electronics.
        Hope this helped you

  • This list basically shows that our efforts for peace and diplomacy with time factor, we managed for decades to do one simple thing to avoid repeats, share.

  • watch how fast the UK public (not our PM, she would never dare to break our “special” friendship and save the world from a nuclear holocaust caused by Trump having a hissy fit) will start to dissociate itself with America under Trump (btw look up the English slang definition of the word “trump”, or to “trump”, or he “trumped past tense… perhaps all that gas exterminated that creature on his head). The British do support the American people, okay, we lost the war of independance and then supported you (eventually), what we didn’t do is say…. “You will accept my position over you and do everything I say, and do it or I will replace you!!! Oppps yes we did, and you revolted in 1765…. why aren’t you standing up and causing a revolution for THE PEOPLE’s rights 252 years later? #historyrepeats

  • 의외로 한국의 순위가 높다는것에 매우 놀랐다. 한국이 일본보다 순위가 높을 것이라고는 생각하지 못했다.

    • 한국 전쟁에서 미국이 한국을 도왔기 때문이라고 생각해요. 근데, 미국은 제 2 차 세계 대전 이후에 일본을 재건하는 걸 도왔고… 그래서 저는 정말로 확신 할 수 없어요.

  • this is a joke…right now the US has a lot of allies ok got that…But I am really curious as to how many allies they will have when WW111 comes…Trumpy is going to try and make all its allies pay way more money towards Nato or Nafta which ever it is and he thinks they owe the money to the US WTF….well what did he say will happen if they don’t pay when war comes, the US will not help them in any way….I predict when the war comes the US will be all alone except maybe for maybe Israel …as for fighting ISIS US + Russia will hit each other, Russia for the Rebels and trump for ISIS….Canada well little potato doesn’t give 2 s&*ts about its country he’s to chicken s&*t to fight for us…Mexico well nothing to say there..We all know how much trumpy hates Mexico…and for Germany well trumpy gave Merkel a bill for $30. billion which I doubt Merkel will pay, so that leaves Germany out…next, etc… keep on going….

    • Uhh… Most of the world supports the US over Russia; particularly over Syria. As a matter of fact, the most recent airstrikes against Syria have the favor of everyone but Russia, Iran and China… surprise surprise…
      Disdain for Russia and Syria is something that even brings Iraq, Israel and Saudi Arabia together… so don’t get it twisted… If Syria prompts a WW3, the US will have far more allies and will inevitably win.

    • Hay dumba$s all those country’s do owe us because if it wasn’t for the U.S they would be saluting to the Nazi flag and saying Hail Hitler Next time before posting go thru history and see how much they owe us.

      • Will you please stop being so over-dramatic and arrogant. If Japan hadn’t attacked America, not a single American would have cared. Stop acting like you’re the reincarnation of Jesus. And stop overcompensating, Mr. STROHECKER! 😉

      • The allies won ww2 NOT the USA it’s totally insulting to us brits, we stood alone for 2years and fought for freedom if we had fallen then the USA would of been next

  • John, “faggot” shame on you . I’d suggest you can maybe call him a homophobic, white-trash, brainwashed (boy howdy that fox news sure is somethin ain’t it) poorly educated, under-educated, low IQ, low brow, xenophobe. Oh, pardon me, that’s you!
    Also I do believe the comment referring to “no formal alliances…” was sarcasm so you really made a bit of an ass out of yourself there, didn’t you?
    As for respecting the president, well even someone as obviously angry and downright hateful of opinions you haven’t heard expressed on talk radio can agree it’s a vital first ammendment right to speak freely. Please tell us you would have defended Hillary with as much vigor if the election went otherwise, I doubt you would.
    So. In closing I guess you’d be a homophobic, white-trash, brainwashed (boy howdy that fox news sure is somethin ain’t it) poorly educated, under-educated, low IQ, low brow, xenophobe and possible hypocrite.
    Good day you hateful piece of excrement

    • No matter where there’s a option for a COMMENT . no matter the topic, there’s always negativity, disrespect,insults, but at the end of the day we all in this bubble together and would have to fight together, he it came down to it. so moral of the story is, CANT WE ATL JUST FUKIN GET ALONG???

  • Shame in the ignorance on this blog! We all are from the same species! Regional and cultural differences should not matter. Common respect for one another, and personal right to live as you may! We are foolish in all the hate and greed we hold in our hearts. Ashamed of the chaos in the world!!!!!!

    • It is like closed eye cat saying what is is drinking is all milk, no one polluted anything, no one is drinking other person’s share. Easy to say when you are not covertly radiated, burned, smoked with electroMagnetic field, followed to corrupt every business move or employment disruption. When you are targeted internationally to this extent and hunted, haunted like Chess game YOUR ideological closed eye comment does not help. Wake up. Look up the words like DeepState, shadow government, No touch torture, Directed Energy Weapon, facts about Gangstalking, ElectronicHarassment, HAARP weaponized, Voice of the God weapon, etc.”.

  • I’m reading this from Brisbane, Australia, and nearly all Aussies would support the US whatever their decision on North Koreo, whether good bad or otherwise. To Australian’s the US is like our big brother. It wouldn’t matter if the President was left wing, right wing or otherwise. Both sides of politics in Australia would always support the USA. Keep the world safe guys.

  • Hopefully we keep our loyalty to France because if Donald Trump screws or up then other countries may leave our ally list thinking we will stab them in the back too and then they could become allies with someone with larger army and nukes would not be 💩 to what we would face

  • Its what you get with Inpendence day 4th of july… plus no health care for free. Idiots wanna serperate from England then wanna claim their your bbf to UK Australia and NZ wont help in this s&*t fight. Ask yourself this? America…what is the QUEEN WAGES WAR on the USA? half your so called allies would jump ship like us aussies and kill for the uk. Plus never piss off China unlike the usa the chinese are australias and uk friends fools…bring on ww3 its will be a lol situation.

  • Well f****** the Philippines; Really? that’s America’s number one Allie?? Holy s*** I hope they got some new technology, or something cuz damn. Yeah. Sorry; didnt mean to interrupt.

  • Let’s just say this if WW3 comes into play its going to be U.S and it’s allies looking down on N. Korea and I bet china will go neutral if they know whats best for them because we have more than 10 strong allied counties for sure and just because russia has a big ass county and I guess you can say supports the N.K regime I bet russia and china are not going to side with the N.K because of there damn missle tests that they keep on telling them to quit with and clearly the North ain’t stopping so why ally with a country that won’t even listen to you because is that not what allies do? am I wrong? and unlike North Korea over there we haven’t tried to kill Mexico and Canada’s Prime Minister/President so really who are North Koreas real Allies? think about it there only ally would be Madagascar I would say

    • You don’t have anything nice to say don’t say nothing at all why would you talk about our allies like that why dont you move to Russia because they interfered with the vote

  • Your all wrong the uk consider any attack on america an attack on us we have fought side by side in every war since ww2 as have canada australia and nato and in any future our army will be first on the battlefield along side the us so america does have very strong allies who fight to the end

  • And to lowe paye you idiot america own us the uk are u kiddin america cant fight with uk what happened in helmand province?ill tell you the us were getting battered by the taliban and asked the uk to do the fighting in that regoin as fighting was to tough for us forces

  • British special forces are the best trained best fighting force in the world the seal wouldnt live with the training sas and sbs go through without uk forces america is nothing the uk would fight to last man alongside america dont mean they own us thats bollocks we would never surrender

  • There are 5 countries all english speaking that will alway fight alongside america and any attack on any of them is an attack on us all america uk canada australia and new zealand and thats without other staunch us allies such as isreal and nato without other us allies in asia such as japan and south kores and pakistan so war with russia china and india korea wont last long when ranged against over 30 nations

  • The United States has a lot of allies I don’t think North Korea can handle being a one man show here besides having Russia maybe and thats not even for sure good luck to them

  • The UK created the USA in its image and the USA saved the UK from being under Nazi and Communist rule. When ever I think of a country that has helped the UK the most it is always USA.
    I have worked with many people who hate the USA mostly Russian’s and I helped the USA to have them imprisoned.

  • Just searching for a list of allies because revelation says that the woman (papacy) riding the beast (coalition of powers) that had seven heads (or seven mountains which represent military powers) and the 10 horns (ten kings which will rule with the beast one hour at the very end) was making me wonder which 7 military powers support the papacy.

  • America may not be a formal Ally but is most certainly a great informal ally. Just shows we don’t need no contract to support one another.

  • Bunch of dumb kids.
    This is why they wanted to neutralize the internet, lol.
    Have people who would back their comment with dough but y’all just saying a bunch of dumb s&*t.

  • All of you guys act like children. Fact of the matter is we the United states have plenty of allies. We also have plenty that hate our nation, because they think we are arrogant, self absorb, and entitled. After reading all these comment I see why others look at our country in that way. People making comments on how others owe the u.s. there’s that entitlement people say we have. The U.S has always put themselves in other nations fights whether they ask or not. We are not owed anything for doing what’s right. That’s like giving to charity and expecting something in return. As U.S citizens we should be showing others we are good people and not cursing at eachother using dirogotorry words such as faggot! We have come so far, let’s not back peddle.

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