Top 10 Definite Proofs of Reincarnation

Deja Vu is “It has happened before.” Reincarnation is “I have lived another life before”. You may choose to believe the theory of reincarnation or scoff at it, but you can’t ignore the fact that it might be possible. No one has answers to the question, “What happens after death?” If it is an open-ended question, reincarnation is a possible answer. Reincarnation doesn’t mean you will get the whole package of a person again. The chances of seeing Abraham Lincoln or Einstein walk the streets again are as dim as seeing Jon Snow in life form again! Rebirth just happens. Its when too many coincidences pile up and you can`t dismiss them. The nonbelievers should be intrigued by this list. Hold your breath skeptics because after reading this list you might start believing in reincarnations. Here is the list of top 10 definite proofs of reincarnation-

10. Presence of Birth Marks/Defects

Ian Stevenson is a renowned researcher at the University of Virginia. He believes that soul takes different body forms in different births. Yet the marks, scars, injuries get transferred with the soul in the next birth. He studied many cases of reincarnation where the person was born with a birthmark, scar or a defect from the previous life. Birthmarks appear when a person dies a violent death and his spirit doesn’t get enough time to heal. A Burmese child was born with a long, vertical line in the midline of her lower chest and upper abdomen. This birthmark lies at the same place as the surgical incision made for the repair of her dead aunt’s heart.

Proofs of Reincarnation

9. Xenoglossy

Xenoglossy is the term used to describe the ability of a person to speak in a language they haven’t learned otherwise. Skeptics may point out that one such disorder exists where a person starts speaking a foreign tongue. But put in a verified past life story, voila, you have a reincarnation example. One such case came to light in 1970. Carroll Jay, a minister dealt with past life regression cases. On May 10, 1970, Dolores, his wife complained of unexplained backaches. He then conducted a hypnosis session. The surprising thing was that his wife answered in the German language. She had never learned the German language. At one time she answered, “Ich Bin Gretchen.” In German this means “I am Gretchen.” In later sessions, she revealed about the life of Gretchen. She also underwent lie detector tests which she aced. One more amazing fact was that her soul still associated itself with Gretchen. In simple terms, during the hypnotic state, Dolores became Gretchen and talked to the Minister as if he was a reporter. Also, she might get scolded by her father if he catches her speaking to strangers.

Proofs of Reincarnation

8. Remembering Past Life

Skeptics may think that stories can be made up. What if each fact can be verified? Will you still oppose reincarnation stories as lies? Here is an example of a man who successfully narrated every vital fact of his past life. Researchers even verified each one of them and they were true. The first example is the case of the rebirth of Nasir Ali on the same day. Nasir Ali lived in the village of Yukari Ekinci. He was a true believer of God. He led a simple life with 5 children and a loving wife. He died a tragic and unexpected death. One day he fell off the stairs, his jaw broke and he ended up dumb for life. After a few days, he died of tetanus. Alongside, Mehmat lived in the same village with his pregnant wife. He knew Nasir, although not that well. He had a dream in which Nasir said, “I am coming to stay with you.” After the delivery, Mehmat named his child Nasir. When he was 3 years old he started telling his family about his children. He correctly named each five of them. He even traced the path back to Nasir`s home correctly. For a child of 3 years old, it is quite an unbelievable feat.

Proofs of Reincarnation

7. Talents inherited from Past life

Researchers at IISIS, Institute for the Integration of Science, Intuition and Spirit, put forward many studies to prove that talents are in fact transferred from one life to another. Many prodigies are reincarnated births of successful people in previous lives. One such case was of Peter Teekamp and Paul Gauguin. At a young age, Peter would shout “Go-Gone” while playing. Everyone was perplexed as to what it meant. Some claim that Peter must have been pronouncing Gauguin. Also, when Peter was young he used to paint. His paintings bore a striking resemblance to Paul`s work. At that time he didn’t even know Gauguin. Also, he had a tendency to hid faces in paintings too. He even tried to kill himself once in the same manner as Paul did- with a gun and drink in his hands. He survived somehow. Too many coincidences sums up to a single truth- he reincarnated as Paul.

Proofs of Reincarnation

6. Phobias

Many cases of unexplained fears came to light when Ian Stevenson began investigating reincarnation cases. You may think, “How can phobia be a definite proof when most of the people are afraid of something or other?”. The catch is phobia with a recurring dream of their own past life death! Teuvo Koivisto had a fear of swastika, barbed wires and police uniforms. He often used to hide from his parents. Even if we dismiss the fears and phobias, we cannot discredit the fact that at age 3, Teuvo described concentration camps accurately. He used to say people were made to take off their gold chains, poisonous gas was leaked into the rooms and children lay atop of each other. He had breathing problems too. Doctors told his parents he definitely did not have asthma. He was most likely a prisoner of concentration camp in his previous life.

Proofs of Reincarnation

5. Hypnotic Regressions

Hypnosis is a popular trick on TV serials and movies. But it is not shown accurately enough. Hypnotists ask their patients to recall past events. Slowly, they take them to their childhood and then the life before. Many people successfully recall the old address they lived in, their family and what all they used to do. Some facts were accurate geographically. They could even tell the intricate lanes and passages to a place they have never visited in real life. Even a PhD in geography cannot make you that accurate!

Proofs of Reincarnation

4. Bullet wounds

This has to be the surest proof of reincarnation. A child cannot get bullet wounds in the womb except in the cases where a mother was shot. Bullet wounds occur as deformities. Ian Stevenson came across a Turkish boy who was born with a deformed ear. His right side of the face was also damaged and underdeveloped. He remembered his past life as a man who was shot dead by a gun. Medical reports verified this claim. It had admitted a man with a gunshot who died 6 days later.

Proofs of Reincarnation

3. Identical Handwriting

Researchers are divided over the fact that handwriting can be inherited on different births. Yet, such a case happened in India. Taranjit insisted that his real name was Satnam. Further, he narrated his death too. He was riding a bike with books and 30 rupees in his wallet. He even remembered his father`s name correctly. His parents were surprised over this narration. They decided to verify all this in order to have some peace. A school teacher confirmed that a boy named Satnam did die in a bike accident. Taranjit and his family talked to the family of Satnam and they confirmed the story of books and money. Lastly, the handwriting of both children was matched. Handwriting experts found them identical. Don’t you start googling Einstein`s handwriting and rejoice if it matches. You need to have more proofs to cement a case of reincarnation.

Proofs of Reincarnation

2. Technical knowledge from previous life

What will your reaction be if a 3-year boy told every plane part correctly? Flummoxed, right? So were the parents of James. James Leininger was a born pilot (literally!). Since a young age, he was intrigued by planes. He used to tell her how he flied planes during the war, his flying companions and other details. Every detail checked out correctly. Turns out, James was a pilot during World War II. He died when Japanese shot his plane down and he was trapped inside it. Researchers at IISIS have done many interviews. They concluded that in few cases technical knowledge can be transferred from one birth. Rumors are abound about the reincarnation of Steve Jobs! Maybe someday a company gets more famous than Apple and you will know it’s him.

Proofs of Reincarnation

1. Two rebirths at once!

The strongest powers are at force in case of rebirths of a twin. This story is of two twin sisters who died at a young age in a car accident- Jacqueline and Joanna. Their parents, John and Florence, were devastated. John was a devout believer in God and he prayed daily for the return of his daughters. By a miracle, Florence gave birth to twin sisters. They named them Gillian and Jennifer. Jennifer had a scar down her nose and a birthmark on her left hip. Jacqueline had them too! Also, when the parents gave them the old play dolls, they called them by their names- Mary and Susan! How could they have possibly known? Reincarnation is a seemingly possible answer.

Proofs of Reincarnation


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