Top 10 Delicious Indian Chicken Delicacies

The tradition of Indian cooking style has spread across the world, and is also among the most enjoyed cuisine. From authentic lovely food to masti desi chat, Indian cuisine has mouthwatering, unbeatable delicacies. Apart from the lovely vegetarian dishes, Indian cuisines serve a great variety of meat dishes too.  Chicken is one such meat which is simple to cook and enjoyed by most. One will develop an instant love for the meat. There is no match for the smell of freshly cooked chicken.

Apart from being a versatile meat, chicken has also been known for its rich protein content and various other health benefits. A spark of desi spices, and there you have your favorite meat served in your favorite style. Grilled, sautéed, baked, fried and much more, there is always a new variety that is just for you. If you are a meat person, you sure are a chicken person!

Indian Chicken Delicacies

So for those chicken lovers out there we have a list of top 10 chicken dishes from across India you should try. Here we go!

1- Butter Chicken 

Indian Chicken Delicacies

From the Punjabi kitchen with due love, butter chicken is a delicacy filled with the mesmerizing flavors, yummy taste of butter and aromatic spices that will spice up your day. The chicken is marinated overnight for the flavors to sink deep. The chicken is then cooked to perfection in a rich and tangy paste of tomato puree and cream with some handmade paste of authentic masala. Enjoy the curry with any naan of your choice and that will be a great meal. The capital is the best place to explore butter chicken.

2. Teekha Murg

Indian dishes are known for teekha or spicy taste that is definitely special. Teekha murg is stuffed with lovely flavor from the ancient kitchen, through the traditional masala which is used to fry the chicken first. The fried chicken is then cooked in mustard oil with tangy tomatoes. This gravy is then filled with rich share of spices, giving a delicious variety for your meal. You can add it to your rice or enjoy it with your usual roti.

3. Nimbu Aur Hari Mirch Ka Murg

The tingling taste of lemon can add a super new taste to any possible dish, and be flawlessly tasty. Just a squeeze and the dish will turn great. Chicken is well minced, enriched with the flavor of lemon and then is mixed the spicy flavor of green chilies. The combination is jaw-dropping yummy and you can never have enough of it. The curry is complete with a pinch of cinnamon powder sizzling on top.  A slice of roti with Nimbu aur hari mirch ka murg is delicious.

4. Chicken Stew with Appam

Indian Chicken Delicacies

The exciting flavors from Kerala are unique and filled with the goodness of coconut oil and milk. The traditional methods of cooking enriched with some special spices and creamy taste of coconut milk is a homecoming treat. The curry is filled with exotic choice of ingredients such as ginger, garlic and potato. The curry is best served with appam, a south Indian style of rice pancake. The flavor of coconut is dominant in the dish and this is a perfect partner for your meal. 

5. Kadhai chicken

Indian Chicken Delicacies

Kadhai gravies have taken a popular place in Indian cuisine. A brilliant blend of the 3 flavors- sweet, sour and spicy all in one bite is never-exhausting good. Kadhai chicken is a dish you can enjoy anytime. Chicken seared with bell peppers gives it a spicy flavor. Tamarind, lemon, garlic and ginger and some homemade spices are made to a paste and added to the chicken to enhance its health benefits. The dish is a complete food bonanza on your plate!

6. Chettinad Chicken


For the love of fiery palette, you can have some spicy and delicious chettinad chicken curry straight from the Tamil Nadu kitchen. The dominating taste of pepper and handmade masala gets to the deepest cells of the meat making it drooling delicious. Lemon juice is added to connect the flavor of masala with the meat while marinating. The coconut paste serves as the perfect base for you to enjoy the chicken that is tossed in mixture of sexy southern spices. Taste the curry today with rice or Kerala parotta.

7. Kolhapuri chicken curry

Indian Chicken Delicacies

The curry tastes so authentic and unique, that you will want more of it. The flavors are enriched with bold choices of spices such as peanut oil which not only add taste to the meat, but are nutrient supplements as well. Bay leaves and black pepper are the perfect combination to make the best tasting gravy and this is raised to perfection with some cloves. Seasoned with usual spices, Kolhapuri chicken is a delight.

8. Murg Malaiwala

Indian Chicken Delicacies

Murg Malaiwala is a completely unique and special flavor of chicken that you will enjoy today. The dish is native to Punjab with dominant flavors of saffron and cream, making the curry exotic to enjoy. Shimmered with mild spices and lovely new flavor of rose petals, chicken and rose are new partners you need to try out today!

9.Murg Rezala

Indian Chicken Delicacies

While the Bengal region has given some lovely fish curries, chicken curries from the region haven`t failed to sweep us off our feet either. They have a completely fresh choice of spices such as black and green cardamom, cloves, dry chilies, peppercorns, cinnamon etc,. Chicken is well blended with these spices.  It is then marinated with cashew nut paste and spiced up with khoya and coconut. A nawabi treat with taste that will give you foodgasm, Murg rezala is a dish which will leave you salivating. It is robust and an absolute treat to enjoy today, so don`t forget to try this out.

10.Chicken Xacuti

Indian Chicken Delicacies

Goa, a party paradise, can get closer to you with its rich food culture too. Xacuti is a Goan delicacy, loaded with variety of masalas. The poppy seeds and Kashmiri chilies used, make the dish a whole new experience to enjoy.  The chicken chunks are cooked in a medley of lovely local flavors like coconut, white poppy seeds and a super rich flavor of cashew. Also added are cardamoms, maize flower and a little of nutmeg! It is a perfect party delight in the most perfect party city.

A delicious combination of chicken with a variety of spices is something all of us would love to taste. Chicken is not just a tasty treat for your tongues but is a complete package of taste plus health. Add these curries to your chawal(rice) or side them with your naan and roti for a great meal time. So thinking of chicken tonight? Then light up your dinner with these Indian chicken delicacies. Get set for a tummy treat!

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