Top 10 Fun Baby Shower Game Ideas

It indeed is exciting to hear about occasions and events like baby showers. It is a reasoned time for celebration and aggrandize not only for the to-be-parents but also the kindred and chums. It is absolutely mind-boggling how the pending geniture of the bairn is awaited.

A baby shower is a ubiquitous occasion celebrated in most parts of the world. Some countries prefer celebrating it a few months before the child is born and some favor celebrating it after the consanguine of the youngling. Forsooth, it is very stirring to descry the way various gifts are presented to the originators and the multiple amusing and enjoyable games that are organized for the visitants.  There are beau coup shower games that are conducted for the guests who bring in typical baby gifts to present to the expectant mother ( like diapers, baby bottles, blankets etcetera).

Here is a list of top 10 baby shower games.

Baby Shower Game Ideas

10. Don’t vocalize “BABY”:

Baby Shower Game Ideas

It is perhaps one of the most exciting games organized during a baby shower. It becomes difficult to scape a word like “Baby”, especially when it comes to attending a baby party. You can get this icebreaker started the moment the invitees start entering your house. While you greet your visitants in, hand them a diaper pin. When all guests have finally entered the party hall,  announce the task of forbidding the word “Baby” for the duration of the shower. If a person is caught or heard speaking the same,  his/her pin would be taken away and handed over to the person who overhears the other. Consequentially, the person with the maximum number of pins wins the game. He/ she is then earns a gift. This is an easy and riveting game that can be organized for a baby shower.

9. Guess the baby snapshot:

Baby Shower Game Ideas

You have to request your guests to get a photograph of their baby to the shower. You will have to collect and randomly place them on the table. Every individual guest will have to figure out who is who’s baby in the snapshot. The one who gives the maximum number of correct answer wins the game and is thus, awarded a gift. This is a simple and intriguing game to be played as a baby shower game.

8. Gender reveal franchise:

Baby Shower Game Ideas

This game can work as an instant conversation starter. You can make your guests cast their votes just as they enter the hall. They will have to vote their guess on the gender of the expectant mother’s baby.  You can keep two ballot sort of pots and pieces of blue and pink strips. The guest will be required to write a reason behind their thought of ‘why the chosen gender? ‘ later, after this, the chits will be read out loud and the best reason/answer wins and gets a price for the same.

7. The price is right! :

Baby Shower Game Ideas

Guessing the price of baby goodies is not an easy task to do. You will have to gather all your guests together and play it like a TV show. All that you need to do is attach a note card on each baby item with its actual price written on either side. The participants need to guess the actual correct price of the item. The visitor who gives the maximum number of right answers wins the game and receives a gift for the same.  this is quite an interesting and easy game to play in baby showers.

6. Race the water break:

Baby Shower Game Ideas

This is a much engrossing and absorbing game that the visitors prefer playing on baby showers. Any particular kind of non- alcoholic drink is served to all the guests with ice cubes in it. One of the ice cubes in the drink has a tiny baby toy filled with it. The guests are deliberated told to take their drinks remarkably. Whosoever’s ice cube with the tiny baby toy melts first in the drink, he/ she wins the game. This particularly is a very attractive game preferably played by the guests during occasions of baby showers.

5. Name the baby animal:

Baby Shower Game Ideas

For this game, you need to prepare a list of animals for all your guests. After they arrive and start the fun and frolic games, display this list in front of them. Every visitor needs to note down the list of animals that have been displayed for them.  They then have to guess the terms used for their young ones. This undoubtedly is a baby game!! Isn’t it? The guest who gets the maximum correct answer for the young ones of various animals is declared as the smasher and hence is given a gift for the same.

4. Playdough babies:

Baby Shower Game Ideas

This is a cherished game which involves the expectant mother as well. All the guests are provided with colorful dough of clay. Have the guests flex their sculpting skills by making dough babies. The expectant mother is made the judge for this game and is asked to categorize the dough babies as creepiest baby, cutest baby, funniest baby and so on. This one of the cutest games played during baby shower occasions.

3. Measure mommy’s belly:

Baby Shower Game Ideas

You will have to have guests cut pieces of yarn to a length they think corresponds to the size of to- be- mom’s belly. Later, measure the piece of yarn around the expectant mother and see who’s length is the closest. The guest with closest approximate length wins the game. It is sometimes OK to have one time fun and comment on the woman’s growing waistline. This is thoroughly an adorable and rejoicing game.

2. Count the candies:

Baby Shower Game Ideas

For this simple game, you need to fill a big baby bottle with colorful candies. The guests need to guess the number of candies the baby bottle contains. whoever gives a closest approximate number of candies in the bottle takes the big baby bottle filled with candies home as their treat and winning price. Though simple, this game is absolutely winsome.

1. Baby bottle bowling:

This is yet another simple game that can be used as a baby shower game. You need to set up some baby bottles in a triangular formation (as bowling bottles are kept) with some sand or candies filled and stuffed in them. Make the guests play this game using a tennis ball or any other small ball to knock the baby bottles down. The guest who knockdowns maximum bottles in one shot wins the game and thereby receives a gift for his/ her winning.

These are simple, cute and alluring games played on occasions of baby shower for the cute baby who is to soon arrive in this world. These games are absolutely fun-filled which brings a huge smile not only on the face of the expectant parents but also to the face of the visitors who shower their blessings through baby showers.

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