Top 10 Healthy Evening Snack Ideas that you can Cook Quickly

Evening snacks are the trickiest. The thin line between being full but not very full is hard to see. You want to get rid of the hunger, but still conserve enough space for dinner. These are the times when you grab the unhealthy chips or ice creams, and unwillingly gain the extra calories.


So what exactly to eat when you are hungry, but not hungry enough? Here are some healthy options to help you out –


  1. Smoky Kale Chips.

Healthy Evening Snack Ideas

Healthy and chips do not sound accurate together. But at times, both these factors can be brought together to chase the hunger away. A divine for health freaks, the smoky kale chips make an evening snack with the perfect blend of flavor, nutrition, easiness to cook and deliciousness.

Quick to prepare in few minutes, fresh kale leaves are torn into 3 to 4 inch pieces after the removal of ribs and stems. Then after spreading a teaspoon of olive oil with dash of smoked paprika and salt, the leaves are laid over baking sheets and allowed to bake in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit till the edges turn brown and crisp. In 15 minutes of time, you will be pleased to have yummy, crispy yet green and healthy chips on your plate comprising only 60 calories.


9. Carrot and hummus roll-ups.

McDonalds has taught us to be in love with wraps. But with the low nutrition value and high-calorie content of these junks, it’s best to stay away from the restaurant. There exists a healthy alternative. You may prepare an equally mouthwatering and healthy wrap within 10 minutes for satisfaction when hunger strikes.

Get the pre-prepared wraps from stores and spread a thin layer of hummus on it. The stuffing is made with chopped and grated carrots mixed manually with handful of rocket leaves. Roll them up, and let the flawless combination melt in your mouth with each bite.

8. Toasted Barley and Berry Granola.

Healthy Evening Snack Ideas

The mention of barley and granola are enough to estimate the high healthy nutrient content of the dish. Mainly comprising rolled barley flakes mixed with other healthy ingredients, the dish requires about 20-30 minutes of cooking in the oven.

To get it ready, first roast some pumpkin and sunflower seed kernels in the oven, and allow it to cool down. In the meantime add salt, sugar, cinnamon and other flavored items to syrup. Mix the cooled kernels and syrup with barley and wheat germ. Later spread the barley mixture on parchment, put in the oven and wait it turns slightly brownish. By perfectly mixing the barley with cooled granola, a delicious attractive dish comes on the plate.


7. Cherry Couscous pudding.

The sweet-lovers can now find a healthy substitute to their bowl of ice cream. Usually, it is tricky to find deserts with appropriate nutritional value. But with Cherry couscous pudding, the quest is now solved.

Add sugar, almond extract and pinch of salt to 1 cup of skimmed and almond milk, then boil the mixture in a saucepan at medium heat. After that add three-forth cup of whole-wheat couscous, half cup cherries and one cinnamon stick for flavor. Cover the mixture and let it cook for 2 minutes. Just like that, the pudding is ready and you may top it up with almonds and honey to get the mouthwatering dessert ready to melt on your tongues.


6. Chili Tortilla Chips.

Healthy Evening Snack Ideas

Another menu of chips makes it to the list! But you shouldn’t be complaining. No one ever gets enough of chips, especially when it comes to healthy chips.

For this simple and efficient preparation, get some corn tortilla base from the market. They are basically made up of finely grounded maize in the form of unleavened flat bread. You may also prepare corn tortilla at home in your free time and keep them stored for the hunger attacks. The corn tortillas are cut into triangular pieces and oil is spread with chili powder sprinkled on the surface.  Then with the accurate addition of salt and cayenne, the delicacies can be kept inside the oven on baking sheets for 15-20 minutes at 350 degree Fahrenheit, to get it perfectly ready.

5. Popcorns.

Healthy Evening Snack Ideas

Easiest, Quickest and luscious! Although popcorn does not supply our body with the vital nutrients that gets our health piped up, but once in a while it’s alright to please our tongues. Plus popcorns are not hazardous to our body in any manner, and hold the capacity to supply carbohydrates that act as energy boosters.

Hence, fill up your kitchen with popcorn bags, and grab the chances to pop them up in lazy evenings. Popcorns come in many flavors to choose from. You may also add chili powder, caramel, cinnamon, or syrups to suit your taste.


4. Roast Beef and horseradish cream on pear.

Healthy Evening Snack

Meat with fruit. The combination does not sound appealing. But this dish holds the power of bringing them together deliciously on a single plate. The fast preparation with easily available ingredients makes it a must-try for all the evening snack searchers. Rich in wide range of nutrition value, this dish can be prepared within few minutes.

You would require turning on the stove only to roast the beef. Other ingredients are readily available to shape into the desired dish. Low fat sour cream and horseradish are mixed and put on an even horizontally sliced pear. Then slices of roasted beef are placed with the cream, topped with fresh herbs like chervil, parsley or any other of your choice.


3. Tofu Sticks.

Healthy Evening Snack

Rich in protein and deliciousness, an Asian dairy product named Tofu can make mouthwatering evening snacks. To get a flavorsome delicacy out of the tofu, frying and dipping in thick sauces is not always required. Tofu can be sliced into sticks and firmly baked to obtain a great snack. With homemade tomato or green chili sauce, the hot tofu sticks are ready to enjoy.


2. Soups.

Healthy Evening Snack

Is there anything better than munching on your snacks? Well having the choice of gulping it right away is! Soups are the most healthy, flavorsome and quick evening option. The impeccable variety in taste and cuisine that a bowl of soup can hold makes it the most favorite eating option in cold winter evenings. Moreover, the hundreds of tasty varieties help keep your bowl of soup forever exciting.

Numerous companies of soup manufacturing a vast range of flavors can be found in the market at an affordable price. All you need to do boil the water and follow the direction written at the back of the packet. Simple recipes to make homemade soups can also be learned from the net and cookbooks.


1. Smoothie.

Healthy Evening Snack

A two-minute, nutritious, and luscious snack is all we look for in the evening. Smoothies cover all these aspects thus capturing the top spot in our list of favorites. A glass of smoothie comes with no boundaries. They can be prepared with any fruit or vegetable having the combination of desired flavors, and can be consumed at any hour of the day in any month of the year.

Smoothies prove that it’s not a necessity to always turn the gas or oven on to land on something delicious. Just by adding milk or yogurt and the desired fruits into the blender, a delicious glass of smoothie will get ready in no time. Moreover, the health quotient of the drink can always be boasted about due to presence of dairy products as well as natural fresh fruits and vegetables.

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