Top 10 Home Remedies to get Beautiful looking Eyes

Eyes reflect a person’s emotions as they are the most expressive features of your face. They are the reflections of our thoughts. But due to sleeplessness and working late hours, our eyes lose their natural allure. There are many ways to ensure that your eyes remain healthy and radiant, a proper night’s rest is the basic way to avoid those dark circles and puffy eyes, but at times we are unable to get the minimum hours of sleep. There are many creams and solutions available in the market that can give you radiant skin around your eyes, but the effects wear off as soon as you stop using them. And since the skin under your eyes is very thin and delicate as compared to the rest of your face, using harsh chemicals will only lead to worse conditions. Spending money recklessly to attain a beautiful pair of eyes is senseless when you can have them by simply using simple home remedies. Home remedies ensure healthier looking eyes with long-lasting results along with anti-aging effects. Try the below mentioned home remedies to get beautiful eyes.

1. Cucumber

Home Remedies to get Beautiful looking Eyes

Cucumbers are great to relax tired eyes and get rid of any puffiness and swelling. It also helps with dark circles and is the most wonderful and natural eye pads. Any skin cream, or cleanser, that contains cucumber is good for firming the skin. The vegetable has high water content and so it hydrates the skin. It can pump the skin’s complexion and help with eye swelling and puffing of eyes. Cucumbers are also high in vitamin E and potassium which can reduce fine lines and can work as a great anti-aging agent. Smoother, more hydrated skin around your eyes means less stretching and fewer lines and wrinkles in the future. To get the best benefits of cucumbers, you can take two slices of cucumber and place them on your eyes for 10-15 minutes

2. Potato

Home Remedies to get Beautiful looking Eyes

We love our potatoes mashed, boiled and baked. But potatoes can also be used in your beauty regimen. They are enriched with vitamin C, antioxidants and other such nutrients that are good for skin. Potatoes also help combat swelling and under eye inflammation of vessels. They can effectively minimize the dark circles and the tired appearance. To use potatoes for eyes, lie down and put two slices of potato on your eyes for 10-15 minutes. Regular use of the remedy can grant brighter eyes.

3. Rose water

Home Remedies to get Beautiful looking Eyes

The beautiful flower universally denotes love. There is no better way to convey the emotions of the heart than to send a bouquet of beautiful roses. However, that is not the only purpose that the flower serves. The anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties found in rose water come handy in a lot of ways. It protects the delicate skin around the eyes from the harmful effects of dust, pollutants that we face everyday. And it also helps with redness and inflammation caused by harmful ingredients in makeup. To use the rose water in your beauty regimen. soak two cotton balls in it. Lie down and put the cotton balls on your eyes for 10-15 minutes.

4. Mint leaves

Home Remedies to get Beautiful looking Eyes

Mint leaves will give cooling effect along with reducing dark circles. The remedy can soothe your tired skin and refresh your eyes. To use the mint leaves for your eyes, take five to six fresh mint leaves and crush them. Apply the crushed leaves around your eyes gently. Wash your eyes gently after 10 minutes as the area is sensitive. It is one of the best remedies to get rid of dark circles.

5. Turmeric

Home Remedies to get Beautiful looking Eyes

Turmeric, also known as the ‘golden spice’ has many uses. It has been used by women since ancient times for beautiful skin.  It has antioxidant and inflammatory properties that are great to reduce under eye circles. You will need two teaspoons of turmeric and few drops of pineapple juice. Mix them both to form a paste and apply it gently around your eyes. The remedy is sure to reduce the appearance of dark circles if used on a regular basis.

6. Almond oil

Home Remedies to get Beautiful looking Eyes

Almond oil is good for reducing the dark circles around your eyes and also it replenishes your skin giving a youthful look.  Almond oil, being rich in nourishing vitamins, can be used for treating many skin problems. It lightens the skin and reduces dullness. It is a good moisturizer and works amazing on the skin around the eye which is thin and delicate. Just take few drops of sweet almond oil and massage the under eye skin daily. By doing this every day, the blood circulation will increase and you will have great results.

7. Extra virgin olive oil

Home Remedies to get Beautiful looking Eyes

Olive oil has historically served as an essential for skin care. It has minerals and fatty acids that plump the eyes and gives them a healthy glow. The vitamin K content helps with normalizing the skin tone. The simple application of olive oil can render many beauty benefits. To use the olive eye in your eye care routine, you will need few drops of extra virgin olive oil. Massage the area around your eyes for a while. Along with reducing the dark circles, it can also help lengthening eye lashes.

8. Tea bags

Home Remedies to get Beautiful looking Eyes

You probably have noticed that many eye treatments contain caffeine. This is because caffeine can help shrink blood vessels around your eye, thus reducing puffiness and dark circles. The tea bags not only contain caffeine and beneficial antioxidants, but they also contain tannins. Tannins are responsible for the tea’s color and flavor; most importantly, tannins can also stimulate healthy blood circulation and help tighten and soothe skin. You will need two used tea bags. Both black and green tea bags can be used, however green tea contains more caffeine as compared to the black tea. All you have to do is rest the tea bags on your eyes for 15-30 minutes. Wash any tea stains and pat dry. For best results repeat the remedy twice a week.

9. Milk

Home Remedies to get Beautiful looking Eyes

As a child, your mother must have told you to have milk daily to grow strong. But she probably left out the part that milk can also be used for beautiful eyes. Milk contains lactic acid that helps soften and moisturize skin under the eyes. Also, milk has protein, enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants that are required to strengthen the skin and heal damaged skin. Milk can be used as a cold compress to treat dark circles and reduce eye puffiness. To treat your dark circles, soak cotton balls in cold milk that has been in the refrigerator for at least one hour. Place the cotton balls under your eyes and hold them there until they become warm. Follow this remedy three or four times daily for a few weeks.

 10.  Tomato

Home Remedies to get Beautiful looking Eyes

Tomatoes are a great skin lightening agent. They are high in certain properties that can effectively clear up the dark circles. Take one teaspoon of tomato juice and mix it in one teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply this mixture, gently on the affected area. Allow it to sit for at least 10 minutes. Rinse it off gently with cold water. Follow this remedy twice, daily till you notice the reduction in the dark circles.

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