Top 10 Interesting Facts About Disney World

Apart from all the enchanting tales and childhood memories, the indelible cartoonist, Walt Disney, gave us the happiest place in the world, the Disney World. The place beams with happiness all around and has an essence of Walt Disney’s optimism in it. It is the place where all your childhood fantasies come true, whether it is to wander in Cinderella castle or play with Andy’s toys and all the princesses. The aura of the place will leave you spellbound and no matter what your age is, the theme park will bring out your inner child. Since we all love the Disney World, here is a list of facts about the magic kingdom that might interest you.

1. Remains of dead people on rides.

Disney World

Sounds unbelievable, right? There are many urban legends associated with Disney World. Despite the fact that it is illegal, many people attempt to throw the remains of their deceased on Disney rides. A woman was caught spreading ashes of her deceased on the cameras. There are many people who try to dump the last remains of their loved ones in Disney World, and the haunted mansion is one of the most popular spots. However, crazy it may sound, but Disney workers have to actually vacuum the ashes from the rides.

2. A secret suite in Cinderella’s castle.

Disney World

Imagine, living in Cinderella’s castle and waking up in the breathtaking ambiance. That’s exactly what Walt Disney planned on doing. A special suite was being made for him and his family to live in the upper levels of Cinderella’s castle, in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Unfortunately, before the construction could finish, Walt Disney died, in the year 1966. However, a stay in the special suite cannot be bought with money. What makes it special is the fact that a random winner is chosen to experience a stay in the exquisite suite of Cinderella’s royal castle. Celebrities like Kevin Jonas with his wife Danielle and Tom Cruise with his daughter, Suri; have been allowed to stay in the castle, how lucky!

3. “Andy’s coming”.Disney World

If you have watched the movie “Toy Story”, you know that Andy’s toys come to life when he is not looking at them and go lifeless as he enters the area. In Disney World, if you come across any of the cast members dressed as Toy story’s characters and if you yell “Andy’s coming” at them, they will stop doing whatever they are doing and drop to the ground immediately. But the practice has been stopped for the safety purposes of the cast members.

4. Run Mickey, run!Disney World

Although Mickey Mouse is the most famous creation of Walt Disney and the mascot of Disney World and is loved throughout the world; the theme park is intolerant towards the rodents. There are around 200 cats in the theme park that are released at night to keep the population of rats under control. Because the place is huge, it only seemed practical to keep cats to chase all the mice away from the property.

5. No sad kids.Disney World

Disney World is the happiest place on earth in literal terms. Disney employees are supposed to follow the ‘no sad kids’ rule. Now, you might be wondering how does the rule work. If your kid dropped his ice cream or scraped his knee or spoiled his clothes, and if any cast member spots the upset kid, they will immediately try to replace the ice cream and give away other free souvenirs and mend the wound to cheer up the child. It is their policy to maximize the customer care and to ensure that there is no unhappy customer in their theme park. No wonder kids love the place!

6. Happy birthday to you.Disney World

Is it your birthday today and you are going to Disney World to celebrate the special day? You are lucky! If you let the ticket takers at the entrance know that it’s your birthday, you will most likely have the best birthday ever. They will join with the nearby cast members and will parade you to the city hall where you will be treated with a special birthday sticker. But that’s not all, as you will stroll through the theme park, the cast members will present you with a special birthday gift. And the best part? None of your gifts will be the same as the cast members will decide the gift items themselves.

7. Smellitizers.Disney World

Ever wondered how do the places smell exactly in accordance to the theme of the ride? It is because the devices called air smellitizers are installed beneath the tunnels of the rides that emit the smell to match the surrounding of the ride. You can smell heavenly vanilla and baking cookies near around “Main street”, USA and the honey scent in Pooh’s adventure and salty sea scent in “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride. The aroma adds fifth sense dimension to the rides and enhances the experience of the ride and makes it unforgettable in true sense.

8. Can I have an autograph, Mickey?Disney World

If you are wondering what else to pack along for your trip to the Disneyland, an autograph book is a basic thing you might want to take with you. Getting your favorite character’s autograph is something without which your trip to Disneyland is incomplete. All the Disney characters have their own unique autographs and they are required to practice their autographs to perfection.

9. Don’t break the rules.Disney World

It’s all fun and games until you break the rules. Doing things like shoplifting or drinking or doing anything disruptive inside the Disney World can land you in their jail, apparently known as the happiest jail in the world. There have been numerous reports by people that the jail actually exists and if you break any of the rules, you will be stuck in the jail for some time. And also, dressing up as a Disney character if you are 10 or above is illegal. So, before leaving to the theme park, leave your princess costumes at home.

10. No double characters.Disney World

There will always be only one Snow White in the entire Disney World. You will never spot two Disney employees dressed as the same character. Each character has their own show and their own role to play and if you want to meet a certain character, you will have to ask for them and they will let you know where you can find them. All of the characters have their own personality and interest and to maintain the authenticity of the character, the employees are required to go under extensive training to make a perfect Disney character and hence there will never be two same people dressed as a single character.

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