Top 10 Latest Fads and Trends among Teens Today


Parents end up having a very hard time trying to cope up with the forever changing wish list and demands of their teenage kids. All that is needed to sway their ideas of the best and the trendy is a huge virtual cry about the thing or practically everyone in and around their group following the same blindly. There could be indefinite reasons for a teenager to adopt a fad or a trend. One among them becomes the need to be in the group, no matter what. It is this desire which pushes them towards becoming a part of the mad rat race. Who after all would stand being insulted by being called out-dated?  It becomes an absolute matter of pride, prestige and acceptance. While there is a complete list specifying each of those fads and trends being followed, here you would get the top 10 ones being sought after by all those splurging teens out there.


  1. Donning the nerd look

Latest Fads

This has been in for while now. Before, somebody wearing big round glasses would have provoked laughter and giggling stares. As of now, you will find a teen or as a matter of fact even an adolescent donning those big glasses, accompanied with a messy look. What’s more to it is the addition of their own style elements to it. Who said, being nerd had to be boring? The teens today definitely know how to invent their style statement. It is the combination of the messy and nerdy look that has been going round the corners.


  1. Being proudly single

Latest Fads

Gone are the days when having a guy or a girl clung to shoulders was absolutely a matter of social status. Young adults today are more than happy flaunting their relationship status that is single. This gives them a chance and opportunity to showcase their independence and level of freedom without the constant nagging of a partner in their life. It is all about being free and away from the hassles of the complications of a relationship. They understand the difference between casual dating and a serious liaison. It is considered better to remain single nowadays for they have their focus on a whole set of other aspects of life.


  1. Feminism

Latest Fads

With the insane increase in the number of atrocities against women, everyone is becoming a feminist or claims to be so. That brings into light yet another fad that almost every youngster is more than happy to be associated with. Half of them do not even realize whether it’s feminism or radical feminism that they are following. They might be wearing 4-5 inches of heels to work or college pretty often or getting offended on being asked to do household chores, but they still love being called a feminist. It is certainly one of the rising fads found in the teens today, be it with respect to either of the two sexes.


  1. Cool becomes kewl

Latest Fads

Texting has become particularly funny. Pick up a teenager’s cell phone and you would be amazed to see the new rules of language being employed in their messages. Abbreviations and acronyms are a matter of past, what we get to see now is an absolutely new invention of short forms of words. It is almost like every alphabet being sent to the receiver via the text is costing which might be provoking the teen to shorten the words as far as possible. Apart from that exclamation words and adjectives just had a makeover with the infinite number of  “o’s” in good. So, every caption on top of a picture on a social networking site has those elaborate and ultra descriptive words like “That waaaasss AwEsssOme!!!!”


  1. Being on every social networking site

Latest Fads

It is a must to be on every possible social networking site for the kids today. It helps them in expanding their social circle or rather virtual circle. Facebook is worn-out and something left for the ten year olds. There is a need to propagate and popularize themselves. The more the better. Thanks to the ever growing number of such sites, the young people today have a vast option of platforms to utilize when it comes to expanding their friend list.


  1. Following the right T.V. shows

Latest Fads

F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Sherlock Homes, Big Bang Theory, The Mentalist are some of the few shows that have managed to secure a vast audience amongst the teenagers. They love the thrill, action and comedy packed shows. Being a part of the tech savvy generation, they simply download the entire series of show and watch it in a day or two. Discussing the plot line and the way the story has been progressing is a ritual that many practice every day with peers. And then there are all sorts of merchandise available online of their favorite shows.


  1. Learning a foreign language

Latest Fads

French, German, Spanish and even Chinese, the new generation is very keen and set to learn one or all of these foreign languages. Apart from wishing to add something prospective in their respective CVs, they also intend to use it often as a flaunting tool. You would be able to identify from someone’s Whatsapp status whether he or she has been learning a foreign language recently. If yes, then there would be the puzzling philosophical or funny lines put up there in the language that they have been striving to master in.


  1. Selfie sticks

Latest Fads

This is one raging trend being found among youngsters today whether they are high on the traveling quotient or not. Having a selfie stick has become an absolute must, otherwise how is one to take a group picture of twenty or so people. It is about making the best memories for them and this comes as a rescue tool then. You might trek on the top of a mountain with nobody to take a snap of your entire group. It is here that a selfie stick comes in handy!


  1. Tattoos and piercings

Latest Fads

This one goes to our celebrities. It is largely with their experiments that their young admirers are replicating their style quotient too. The idea may be coming from an actor or a musician, but once noticed by their young fans it stays for a long time. It is not very difficult to spot a little butterfly on one’s neck or a flamboyant quote inked on one’s ankle and wrist. These youngsters are ready to take a needle to their skin and endure all the pain for they find it worth it.


  1. Snapchats

Latest Fads

Using Snapchats has become a hilarious and interesting way to make virtual conversations today among the teens. Simply sending text messages using  We Chat or Whatsapp is quite passé now. Youngsters today prefer to text sending their videos or snaps with a text or two. The whole experience of chatting keeps on getting better and better.

As of now and till date, the teens are following these fads and trend. One can’t be sure whether these would be the same tomorrow too.

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  • in my opinion this is a very good fashion development where in the past glasses were only used for nerdy people who have a bad impression but now it is a trend where people wear them with a look that looks cute and they only wear them as their appearance and style.

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