Top 10 Mistakes that are making your Life more Complicated

Seldom, we find ourselves in the middle of fights, in the middle of abject decisions and meaningless conversations. And if we think things can get better on their own, then my dear, we aren’t on the right track. Life comes as it is, it doesn’t ask before causing problems, whatsoever. And if we want to take a decision to make our life less complicated, then we need to do it before we think of passing the denunciation on to someone else.

Here is a list of 10 things that you must be thinking are too cliched, but are very true. You must even be ignoring a few of them. So, here they are:


Life more Complicated

10. EGO.

There are going to be circumstances in your life where after continuous arguments and discussions, you’ll find out that it’s you at fault and not the other person. Ego is one hell of a devil and is voluntary. It is completely in your hands and if you feel you can let go of it, you should.

If it is your fault, THEN OWN UP TO IT.  Life isn’t about who says sorry first or who’s the big person. Complicating your life based on absolutely vague and abstract decisions will not lead you anywhere. If ego is what is coming in between you and happiness, then sort it out. Because it won’t lead you anywhere if you choose to make it your habit.

Life more Complicated


Not everyone needs your judgment or, not everyone will be agreeing to what your judgment about something is. And here, I’m talking about life, relationships and family problems. If you have a problem of judging everyone on what they do, how they react and then you use it against them, its time you started believing in Karma.

Seriously, STOP JUDGING PEOPLE. They will do whatever they want anyway, but this will surely reflect the kind of personality you have. Let them say/wear/do whatever they want to do. Unless they’re erring and you have a say in it.

Life more Complicated


Often, people lack the idea of being less complex, in some situations. By stability I mean, be less complicated and choose one path for yourself. Be yourself and don’t try to change with time and people. Trust me, when people need you the most, they need you for who you are and not who you’ll become with them.

Nobody wants you to keep agreeing to them. This is a universal problem. BE YOU. DO NOT CHANGE WITH PEOPLE BECAUSE THEN, YOU’LL HAVE NO SELF RESPECT AT ALL.

Life more Complicated


A probable problem, yet a very serious one. Attitude is both positive and negative. But you know what the error is? The number of people who have that negative attitude is much more than those who consist of the positive one. Why the attitude? Why are always wanting to prove yourself right? YOU CAN BE WRONG. YOU’RE HUMAN.

Can’t you simply curb the attitude down and smile? And why are you showing so much of it anyway? You should know, that there are people who’ve done exceedingly well for themselves by throwing away this ONE problem from their system.

Life more Complicated


Views clash.  THERE ARE 7,324,782,000 people in this world. And trust me when I say this, EACH AND EVERYBODY’S VIEWS ARE DIFFERENT. What are we ourselves for? Don’t we realize that what might be important to us, can be of least interest to the other?

DO NOT impose or force your views on someone. Aggravations in life don’t emerge just like that. It’s you wanting to make them happen. Change that.Life more Complicated


Yet another misery. It is one of the biggest problems in the world. And no, I’m not going to say that anger isn’t necessary. It is, but only in places where it should be used. Don’t cross lines. Anger doesn’t help you in any way because the decisions you take while you’re angry are the worst choices you can make.

Life more Complicated


This isn’t really that common and some of you must be wondering why this is even on the list, but I’d like to tell you why.

A lot of people lack fundamental manners and etiquette. In a working environment, what is taken into consideration the most are your manners and how well you choose to be around people. If you lack these, then there are serious needs for improvement because manners it speaks a lot about you, yourself. Give respect and earn respect.

Life more Complicated


Some decisions take time. Please don’t be in a hurry to finish everything and just get it over with. Be mature and try to face what the circumstances might be. Most of us just want to get things done as soon as possible. But that’s not how everything works.

Sometimes you need to be careful about what you’re doing or saying because this might change your life. Be mature about things. DO NOT HESITATE TO TAKE TIME.

Life more Complicated


Be able to trust others. Everyone is born with some sort of insecurities and that’s perfectly normal. Build yourself in a way that people can trust you. Don’t exceed your limits all the time. Sometimes, you need to be content with whatever you have in life. Small things, make bigger ones. Always remember that.

It is also very important that you keep relations in mind. Relations are developed only on the basis of trust. If you’re able to trust someone, then trust them fully. Don’t trust them halfheartedly because that won’t be trusting. It would be doubting what all they’re doing for you.

Life more Complicated


STOP LYING. There are many people, I’m sure you’ve come across them, who lie a lot. And some, just to seek attention. Lying about yourself or your life isn’t the solution to everything. And attention isn’t something that you’ll choose for yourself. If you do what is correct and rational, attention will make its way.

Don’t try to be authoritative either and try and hide what you’re trying to say because there are people working under you. Often, people start lying to even get accepted at social meetings and gatherings. People become so different, that they forget who they really were. Being truthful doesn’t include everyone, all the time. It includes being true to yourself and loving yourself the way you are.

And so, do not complicate your life every single time. Follow this:

Problem? Speak.

Ego? Remove.

Question? Ask.

Confession? Make.

Scared? You’re allowed to be.

Hurt? Face it.

Fear of losing? Lose.

Failure? Fail.

Success? It always prevails.

Keep the above description of life in mind. Things and even people can find better solutions to their problems if they state what they have in mind, outright.

So, live life the way you want to.

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