Top 10 Most Famous Cartoon Characters of all Times

Thanks to the abundance of cartoon characters, we had a very enjoyable time as children. If not for anything else, we did get accustomed to a time-table because of our favorite shows, be it on the good old Cartoon Network or Disney Channel. Fun was coming back from school or from a game with friends and getting glued to television to enjoy our favorite animated characters. Amazingly they never failed to surprise and impress us with their tactics. Many of us must have been desperate to adapt into the life of our favorite characters and experience it to the fullest. Now you may say a sheepish no to that, but your parents would surely confirm to it on your behalf. Recollecting always becomes a more tender and pleasurable activity to indulge in given the fact that we as children had an amazing time back then. Here are top 10 all time favorite cartoon characters. Did your list include all of the following?


  1. Fred Flintstones

Famous Cartoon Characters

That is from where our knowledge and interest in the Stone Age emerged. The monotonous and daily life activities of Fred as an early man and his indulgence in the family front always made it a boring on the surface. But, his relationship with his family, neighbors and his pet dinosaur made it amusing to watch the series. There was nothing heroic and gallant about Fred and yet we loved him for the father, husband and middle-class man that he was. Yes, his automobile was the best!

  1. Coyote

Famous Cartoon Characters

Coyote from the Looney Tooney series was one character who not only amused, but made us all crazy with laughter. The poor creature’s mastermind yet useless attempts to trap the Road Runner always backfired on him. He got immensely injured as a result of his stupid attempt and yet never gave up. The heavy iron falling on his head, or he himself trotting off mountain with a bolder following him were a few of his tragedies. His well-engineered methods to trap the fast-paced bird were always humorous to watch. If only he tried preying on some other creature.

  1. Bubbles

Famous Cartoon Characters

The sweet and blonde Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls was one of the cutest characters on Cartoon Network. She was innocent as well as power-packed. That chirpy aura about her made her the best and most loved sisters out of the three. Little girls dotted on her for sure, keeping aide her naivety and her tears that were always on the brink of rolling down. We knew she was babyish and so did her sisters and Professor who made her.

  1. Oswald

The Blue octopus with his hamburger like dog became an instant hit when aired on Pogo and Nick Junior. His huge community comprising of Daisy, Henry and Madame Butterfly, The Egg Twins and Johnny Snowman dotted on Oswald as much as we did. His humbleness, courteousness and benevolence towards everyone around made him immensely lovable. The part that every child looked forward to was him crossing the road with his dog pertaining to all the road safety rules. The three times ting-ting-ting  automatically comes to mind if we try remembering Oswald.

  1. Johny Bravo

The one wannabe, yet charming character that the 90’s saw was the yellow-haired Johny Bravo. His desperation to get a pretty woman to date him always made him a huge failure. He might have been a hunk in his mind but he was nothing more than a little boy to his mother who had no inhibitions in spanking his adult boy. That certainly placated us to some extent. If an adult boy is getting spanked and punished like a child, then who were we to be spared, being mere children.

  1. Scooby

    Famous Cartoon Characters                                                                                                                                                                           

The Scooby-Doo series was amongst the first shows to start with mysterious stories as the concept in their background. The silly yet inquisitive Scooby always ended up helping his Scooby Doo gang. He assisted the lanky Shaggy Roggers like a best friend would and always came to the group’s rescue. It was more or less like an adaptation of famous Five by Enid Blyton.

  1. Courage

The poor, scared dog living with an old married couple in the middle of nowhere deserved all the pity in the world. Anything unfamiliar to him got easily on his nerves. Despite being scared to death because of the monsters that were threatening to eat his beloved Muriel, he did gather up all his courage. In the end, Courage always managed to reconcile to a happy ending. He adhered to the meaning of his name by the end of the day, only after facing a lot of hardships. We hated Eustace for harassing the frightened creature with his pranks.

  1. Dexter

He was no dwarf scientist but a little school going kid. Just like his name he was a dexterous child. His plain white lab coat along with those high powered glasses added to his nerd look.  Unlike others of his age he had no pleasure and interest in the childlike activities. He preferred the solitude in his laboratory and was always more than happy to be immersed in his experiments. His joyful and chirpy sister, Didi was a sure foil to his projects and experiments. She was evil, evil to him. Somebody should have told Dexter about the proverb, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

  1. Mickey Mouse

Famous Cartoon Characters

It was a lifelong affair that Walt Disney started. People of all age, not just children have loved Mickey Mouse since ever. The black mouse with his red shorts, large yellows shoes and white gloves won the hearts of almost everyone who ever saw him. He along with his other friends namely Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto, the pet dog became the prime reason for children yearning to go to Disney Land. He has journeyed a long way from the black and white television to the colored one, unfailingly entertaining one and all

  1. Tom

Famous Cartoon Characters

The frustrated and shrewd cat, Tom has been a huge hit and continues being today. His petty quarrels with the brown mouse, Jerry has always been a delight to watch. Despite being fully aware of the ending, we never failed to watch the entire episode for it was their silly drama that was more exciting and fascinating to watch than the ending. Hadn’t it been for the notorious and naughty Jerry, the big puss would never be irritated and forced to make attempts of trapping and eating him up.

That surely must have been some good reminiscing. We loved them back then and we would love them still for they would unfailingly incite a certain part of our childhood memories.

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