Top 10 Must Have Winter Accessories For Women

As winter winds gently blow, we crave to snuggle in our blankets with a book along with hot chocolate, but also it is the time we can dig in our favorite sweaters and boots. Winter dressing is all about chic outwear, and looking hot while staying warm isn’t really rocket science with so many latest trends coming up every season, and took fashion to another level. With sweater weather approaching soon, you might already be making a list of winter clothing to buy. But shopping for winters can be a daunting task and if you are a fashion lover and always hunting for different things to experiment with, your search brought you to the right place. Before heading off to your shopping spree, you might want to consider these terrific winter accessories to add to your shopping list.

1. Berets

Winter Accessories For Women

Gone are the days when berets used to be recognized as official military uniform. Now, you can spot them on streets and celebrities sporting them thereby making them huge style statements. They are the symbol of Parisian style and became popular in the 19th century in Europe. These cute yet versatile hats bring the retro glamour back and are popularly known as French hats. They come in a variety of fabrics ranging from classic wool to polyester, silk and cotton. Based on your liking, you can choose a beret with bows or with buttons; you will find a wide range with many eye-catching colors. If you are a long-haired beauty, you can experiment with your look, you can tie your hair in a ponytail or a fun messy bun with a beret on top. They will keep you warm and are way to go for effortless style.

2. Tights

Winter Accessories For Women

Sheer, opaque, dotes, solid or heart print, there are tights for everyone’s taste. Wondering how to pull off your pretty spring dresses during the fall? Simply pair those dresses and skirts with tights and you are good to go. They go with everything and are a practical way to wear your dresses and skirts. You may want to stock them in your closet for the chill that’s approaching as they are a must have and never go out of style. Simply put them on with shorts, skirts or dresses along with heels or sneakers to give you a chic look. And if you love your shoes, they make a great canvas to statement shoes. Don’t be afraid of trying the colors and prints and rock that dress.

3. Boots

Winter Accessories For Women

A pair of nice comfortable boots is a must have for winters. With a nice pair of boots, outfit possibilities are endless. Boots with a heel for the party girl, combat boots for the tomboy and casual ones for the office lady, over the knee for the fashion diva; there are boots for everyone. You can style them with almost every piece of clothing you own whether its skinny jeans, dresses or skirts, such is their versatility. Classic black, grey, brown, tan are the basic colors you can choose from. The best thing about them is that they never go out of style and you can never go wrong with the right pair of boots to match your personality.

4. Trench coats

Winter Accessories For Women

How many times have you spotted a celebrity rocking those trench coats and thought that you might want to try it too? This fall, if you are looking for a fresh style to add to your wardrobe, give trench coats a try. They can effortlessly transform your look and don’t we all love the chic look on Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s?  With flat oxford shoes, they can give you a tomboy look and if the same is paired with knee-high boots; you have yourself a sophisticated look and ready to make heads turn in your direction. There are many ways to rock trench coats, it doesn’t matter what you are wearing underneath if you tie it artistically at your waist or you can wear a flattering dress under it and leave it undone. The basic beige color is perfect to go with everything and if you are feeling bold, you may try different colors and printed ones for a quirky look.

5. Boot socks

Winter Accessories For Women

Socks don’t just keep your feet warm during the cold days but also they have turned out to be a great fashion accessory. You don’t have to be a fashion genius to figure out how to make socks work with boots. The combination is safe and you can try with many options for socks from thickly knitted to solid shades or the ones with lace trim. It depends on the kind of boots you are planning to wear and they look super cute with peeking a little from above your boots. It is a fun way to make your outfit instantly interesting and adding layers to your look. The look emits the free-spirited vibes and it can’t get any better when fashion meets utility.

6. Oversized sweaters

Winter Accessories For Women

The biggest trend to try this chilly season is oversized sweaters. Throw on your favorite oversized sweater and it will never fail you. There are a lot of interesting and easy ways to incorporate your summery skirts and dresses with a massive sweater. Simply pull it over a chambray shirt or wear over a dress to get the cute look and with skinny jeans or tights and pumped up with boots or pumps, you will definitely love the whole look and so will everyone else around you. You can experiment with it by putting a belt around it flatters your shape or team it up with a contrasting scarf to compliment the whole look. There are endless possibilities when it comes to oversized sweaters and is a great way to draw attention to your shapely legs.

7. Fingerless gloves

Winter Accessories For Women

If your wardrobe is missing the interesting and eye-catching dimension, go for fingerless gloves. It is one of the latest fashion trends and if donned correctly, they can transform your whole look. There’s no going back to plain old gloves when you will try them on and the best part is that you no longer have to struggle with you mobile, bag or any other gadget which makes it a practical concept. With so many lengths, fabric, patterns and textures available, you can play with different looks and stay toasty without compromising fashion. Invest in some cute, fun fingerless gloves and they are sure to highlight your whole look and are super stylish and a must-have.

8. Fur Vest

Winter Accessories For Women

For instant attraction and to stand out from the crowd, pick a fur vest today. Warm, cozy fur vests are what your fall closet is lacking. If you are confused about how to style them correctly, don’t fret. There are numerous ways to style them, they go perfectly with a shirt underneath and over a dress and with a skin-tight jeans. They can totally transform you into a fashion diva and the trend never wears off. However, choose faux fur as we wouldn’t want our furry friends getting killed for the sake of fashion.

9. Earmuffs

Winter Accessories For Women

If you are looking for something totally off the edge to try this fall, earmuffs are a way to go. These cute winter accessories are the trickiest to get right, but if you succeed, you will never regret buying them at the first place. Some of them also come with built-in speakers to listen to your music while wandering around, how cool is that? If you want to stay warm without sacrificing style, grab some cute ear muffs. They are versatile and you can try different hairstyles with them from a ponytail to loose strands.

10. Scarves

Winter Accessories For Women

Twist, tie or let it hang loose, you can wear your scarves in many interesting ways. Scarves might become your favorite accessory with all the knits and patterns they are available in. From chunky knits to lightweight, you can find one according to your taste and update your wardrobe. Scarves can be worn with any of your clothes which make them the most versatile accessory. But it doesn’t end just here, infinity scarves might be something you will absolutely adore as they are the latest ones that you shouldn’t miss to try this winter.

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