Top 10 Natural Face Cleansing Products at Home

Who doesn’t want to have a clear and enchanting face? Obviously, having clear, fair and flawless skin is what every person aspires for. Having beautiful skin makes you feel beautiful inside out. In fact, beauty of the skin determines your focal health.  There are a plethora of factors that adversely mutilate your skin like scorching heat, excessive pollution, stress, sleep deprivation, vitamin deficiency, dehydration etc.

In the hustle and bustle of the hectic city life you cannot abstain yourself from the factors mentioned above and so, all you can do is to improve and take care of your skin. And no, you shouldn’t bring into play heavy cosmetic products as sometimes they may have adverse adverse effects on your skin. So, all you can do is opt for some home made natural cleansing products that will make your skin feel vibrant and stay beauteous.

Here are 10 natural face cleansing techniques that you can easily opt for at home without any hitch.

10. Lemon: Yes, you saw it right. The most easily available and cheap substance that you can use to keep your skin clear is lemon. Lemon has Citric acid which has skin lightening and bleaching properties. Also, lemon helps to prevent acne, blackheads, wrinkles and yeah most importantly suntan. You can apply lemon on your skin directly   or team it up with yogurt to give a charming and fresh look to your face. Two things you need to take care off are: First, NEVER go out in sun after applying lemon juice; Second:Do not leave the lemon juice for over more than 20 minutes on your face. You must use sunscreens and other preventive measures before you go out as lemon makes your skin dry due to the acid content. Though a little time consuming, lemon juice is sure to leave a lasting impact on your skin if used effectively.


9. Honey:  This mouth watering sugary and shiny liquid is a great cleanser and moisturizer to your skin. It helps fight bacteria and tries to reduce the effect of the harmful UV rays that may cause a lot of damage to skin. Honey has some prodigious supplements that helps open up pores and tries to lighten the shade of skin by its  compounds. It also helps in dimming of the scars by its properties. Honey can either be used raw on skin directly or we can mix it up with various supplements like water, yogurt, lemon or oil. Honey will breathe new life into your skin and give you enchanting look.


8. Walnut: Wondering how this pocket-sized seed of fruit can do wonders to your skin? This nut can do abracadabra to your skin by it’s essential vitamins, nutrients, unsaturated fatty acids and other nutrients. Nature has provided us with this shipshape nut which helps to nourish our skin and make it charming and supple. Also, Walnut helps to fight harmful UV rays and helps in healing. You can apply walnut oil to your skin directly and leave it for about 10 minutes and wash it off. You can also make a walnut home made face pack for best results. You can make walnut powder using a blender and mix it with up with 1,2 tablespoons of honey and apply it on face. You can also add oil to it, make a thick paste, leave it for over 20,25 minutes and wash it off. Regular consumption of walnut also helps in dealing with the daily skin problems.

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7. Cucumber: This cooling salad is highly effective for skin as it has the proficiency to trim down skin problems like reduction of puffy eyes, reducing dark circles, preventing acne and toning of skin. They have nutrients like Vitamin K, C, B1, manganese, potassium which help in improving color complexion with time and also helps in treating sunburn due to it’s cooling properties. Cucumber helps to tranquilize your skin and gives your face rejuvenating and limber look. Cucumber can either be rubbed on your skin or you can apply it’s juice for over 15 minutes and wash it off. You can also conjoin it with lemon juice, curd or mint to make it even more cogent. You can put slices of cucumber on your eyes for the eye treatment.

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6. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera, also called the plant of immortality is highly recommended for visibly clear skin. Aloe Vera has high medicinal properties which helps in healing of bruises, wounds and helps to free you from other blemishes. Aloe Vera is highly effectual in treating sun tan and acts as a guardian angel to your skin. It also acts as a great moisturizer and helps to prevent problems like acne and skin aging. Gel can be extracted from the Aloe Vera plant and can be applied on skin directly or by mixing it up with lemon juice or rose water for best results. You can wash off the pack after 15- 20 minutes with lukewarm water to check out the flawless effect on your skin.

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5. Tomato: Love this toothsome red fruit? If yes, you will love it even more when you get to know what benefits it can do to your skin. Tomatoes have high Vitamin C, Potassium and other antioxidants and nutrients which helps to provide skin a new effulgence and charm. Tomato juice will help to buff up your skin complexion and make you look graceful. Tomato has high Lycopene content in it which protects skin from harmful UV rays. Tomato can be applied raw on skin or it’s juice can be mixed with lemon juice, Aloe Vera or honey and then washed off 20-25 minutes later.

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4. Salt: Ever thought that salt can help you with your skin dilemma too? Your very own ordinary salt is loaded with extracts like sodium, potassium, calcium which helps to sterilize and smoothen your skin. Salt can help in brightening your skin and give you a rejuvenating look. Salt can be mixed up with various oils like coconut, almond, walnut and with aloe vera or simply warm water. You can easily apply it on your skin and wipe it off.

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3. Neem: This natural green herb is highly applaud able for it’s anti-fugal and anti-bacterial properties. If you are tired of pimples, pigmentations or blackheads then surely neem is the Band-Aid to your apprehensions. Regular usage of neem gradually helps in skin toning, reduction of acne, blemishes and blackheads. Neem is a great antiseptic and thus easily deals with skin infections. You can dry neem leaves and make a powder of it and mix it up with honey, rose water or yogurt and apply it on your face. Let the pack dry and then wash it off. You can also make a pulp of neem by boiling it and mixing it up with the same ingredients as mentioned above to avoid skin troubles.

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2. Steaming: Steaming is a really effective way to make your skin clear as it unblocks the facial pores and breathes new life into your skin. It helps in the removal of dead cells which are present in the topmost layer of your skin. It helps in removing blackheads, dirt, acne as it loosens up the skin. You can use normal water for your skin or team it up with small amounts of table salt, lemon or mint.


1. Almond: Almond is laden with various bloated nutrients like Vitamins A,B,E which helps in making the complexion fairer and nourishing the skin from within. It helps in moisturizing the skin and helps to retain the glow of the skin. It softens and smoothens the skin by it’s rich extracts. It also helps in reshaping the deformed skin by providing it immense care and reducing dark circles. Almond oil can be applied directly or compounded with salt or sugar to scrub your face.

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Now, don’t just read. Go, bring into play these untroublesome techniques and see the change you desire. 😉

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