Top 10 Personality Traits of a Pisces Man

Being the last sign in the list of zodiac signs, a Pisces man has the best of all signs. Loyal, imaginative, sensitive, romantic – he seems like an ideal guy straight out of movies. The lonely, brooding guy who is shy at first but later turns out to be your perfect friend/boyfriend/agony aunt besides other roles. The two fish in the symbol represent duality. A Pisces man will always be torn in two directions. He will always be both happy and sad. In one word, he is unpredictable. Here is the list of top 10 qualities of a Pisces man-

Pisces man


Whoever said being dreamy is associated with girls must have never met a Pisces man. He is dreamy, complex and weaves a parallel world for himself every now and then. He talks about things that are written only in novels. Have you ever read a romantic novel and thought, “Gosh, who speaks like that?” Well, the guys under this sign do. He will talk about things that no one else ever mentions in a normal conversation. You will never know when the conversation drifted from food to god to your biggest fears. Do you have a friend with whom the conversations are strange, abrupt, happy, and weird –all in one and sometimes none of the above? Well, you are blessed with a fish friend then.

Pisces man

9.Puts heart over head

A Pisces man is like a glass brimming with emotions. Not just the rim, it flows and flows and flows. He is a sensitive man whose decisions are more likely to be based on what he felt like rather than what is profitable. This is the reason for all the sadness in his life. He will never get past things because some part of his will always be attached. He can read all the manuals, remedies, counseling solutions but once he puts his heart into something, he might never get over it. Be it any loss – business or relations. Do you need an advice? The world is a ruthless place and you better let your heart take a back seat sometimes.

Pisces man


Are you the one who knows everyone’s secrets but nobody knows yours? You are a true Pisces then. A Pisces man tends to be secretive about his real emotions. He won’t tell you all until he knows you all! He guards his heart with a fence around it which only a few people can cross. The element of secrecy backfires sometimes because his friends might get tired of figuring him out. People born under this sign seldom lie and the secrecy is not intentional, it just takes time for them to open up. He will have a small social circle as half of the people will tag him rude; half of the other half will never make an effort and will give up later.

Pisces man

7.Compatibility – Perfect or rock bottom

Either you click or you simply don’t. Are you dating a Pisces man? If yes, then you will agree he is complex and you have to work really hard to keep the relationship going. He needs constant love and affection which he reciprocates as well. Sometimes you might feel like you are his mother! Patience is what gets you through a relationship with a Pisces guy. Are you planning to date a Pisces guy? If yes, some tips- if you are equally shy and reserved the relationship boat might take long to sail. If the boat does sail, it will sail for long. Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn are the best matches. Pisces and Virgo are the wild cards. A Pisces and a Pisces relation will be a too good to be true relation- they can connect emotionally well but the practical matters of life will be difficult to handle. Virgos give the emotional stability that a fish yearns for. However, Virgos are more practical so it may or may not work. Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius- stay away!

Pisces man


Pisces sign tops the romantic quotient. Being imaginative, dreamy and artistic he plans all these little details in his mind. If you look inside the mind of a Pisces man you can get the perfect script for a romantic movie with all the dialogues, background songs, scenes written. He has high hopes at every stage of a relationship and this is why sometimes he gets disappointed. Anything less than their ideal perfect date might leave them in low spirits. The bottom line is a Pisces man loves being in love. When he is love struck he will do anything to make his partner happy. He won’t buy you expensive luxurious gifts but the things that will make you the happiest.

Pisces man

5.Kind and compassionate

A Pisces man will make your problems his problems. Do you have a person nick named agony aunt? He is 90% Pisces then. He will try to help you at every junction even if you can take care of it yourself. He is kind not just to humans but to animals too. You would never see a Pisces man in a fight. He stays away from violence and is the peace makers. He is the most compassionate man and caters the need to his all friends and family.

Pisces man


A Pisces man will procrastinate solving his problems until he is pushed against a wall. The fish is an escapist and tries to wriggle out of a problem by ignoring it. It is like if you don’t think about it, it will cease to exist. He worries about the problems, cribs about things but never faces them head on. He prefers to be in his fantasy world where nothing wrong exists rather than the reality. This is why he needs a strong person in his life that will bring him back to reality.

Pisces man


A Pisces man will always have a creative streak in him. You are more likely to see him traveling, writing, clicking photos or sketching. If you are a Pisces you will never be able to work in a 9-5 job inside a cramped room. You are an artist who needs to see new spaces. The fantasy world strives on new people, new views, and new stories.

Pisces man


No one loves solitude as much as the fish. See a guy alone at a table observing everyone? You got him! He is shy so he prefers the company of few people and sometimes no company. He is dreamy and the lack of social company is the result of that. As soon as he becomes complacent in his made up world he doesn’t make an effort to go out and meet new people. He doesn’t put his emotions on the table so easily in case of a stranger. He is socially awkward and small chats are the hardest part for him. If he doesn’t care about you, he won’t be interested in what you had for lunch or indulge in social formalities. Well, not to be misjudged rude but he just can’t pretend to care unless you are on his friends’ list.

Pisces man


Do you have a friend who immediately notices something is wrong? Chances are that he was born under this sign. He can almost foresee things. It is not like he gets a vision as shown in Final Destination movies but he has a strong gut feeling. He always has the right instinct. If your Pisces friend tells you not to do something you better listen to him. His default reply would be,”Trust me, I just know.” No proofs required when it’s the fish who is speaking!



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