Top 10 Reasons For Syrian Crisis

Just a few days back the world was shocked by the photograph of a small kid in a red shirt and blue shorts lying face down on the beach. This was the moment when the harsh cruelty of the ongoing Syrian crisis hit people who live in their peaceful homes. The photo was of Aylan Kurdi who was trying to escape in a boat but failed. He along with thousands of other refugees put their lives in danger each day. What conditions are so worse that people have no option but to flee their homeland? Is the crisis so severe that people are bound to risk the lives of their family?

Syrian Crisis

Syria is what becomes of a nation when the people can no longer bear the injustices. The monarch rule has made no progressive policies till now. The anger and disappointment of people have hit rock bottom. As a result, many are fleeing the country, some are in constant battle with the military while others are joining terrorists. Sadly, it has become a war with no clear winner. Read on to find out why the crisis began in the first place and why there seems to be no end to it. These are the top 10 reasons for Syrian crisis-

10.Economic Crisis

It comes as no surprise that the Syrian Economy is spiraling down. There are no jobs in the market. There is no major cash flow. Poor people are becoming poorer while the rich are becoming richer. The middle class is busy fleeing after spending all their life earnings. The standard of living has fallen down. This has angered people who feel let down by the monarchy. The rebel groups have had enough. They are protesting with all the resources they can lay their hands on.

Syrian Crisis


9. Corruption

The increasing corruption is like a weed in the economy. The money is usurped by the corrupt bureaucrats. Even if you want a birth certificate, you have to shell out a wad of notes. The foreign aid that comes is taken by the officials and used for personal purposes. The officials bear loyalty to no one. Who so ever pays them the most becomes their ally. The citizens suffer the most. They cant get their rations, proper documents or even basic health care without giving out bribes.

Syrian Crisis

8.Ethnic Tensions

Syria has an ethnically diverse population. The majority comprises of Sunni. Shia, minority have sided with the Assad regime for the fear of suppression from Sunni sect. Assad is an Alawite. Many videos are uploaded on YouTube in which rebel commander is seen eating the heart of an Alawite soldier of government army. Researchers are claiming that the war could have undertones of sectarian clashes- between Sunnis and Shiites.

Syrian Crisis

7.Military Actions

Monarch has unbounded control over the military. As a result, the military takes actions without giving a second thought to the lives of the citizens. Peaceful protests are stopped with violent means. People are shot, bombed, detained irrespective of any laws. The fact that rebel groups consist of untrained citizens has resulted in a large toll of dead bodies. The military puts the bodies on display to teach the people a lesson. Such is the poor situation!

Syrian Crisis

6.Persistent Drought

Various studies have concluded that climate change played some role in the uprising of people. A drought that stayed for 5 years resulted in a migration of farmers to the cities. Their crops had been destroyed, livelihood ruined; moving to cities was their last resort. The trouble with such a large scale migration is that it results in instability. The city did not have enough jobs to give. Some people disagree with the climate theory but it did play some role in creating unrest among the people. The ineffectiveness of the Assad regime became clearer. No policies were issued to help the aggrieved farmers. As a result, the anger rose and piled up over five long years.

Syrian Crisis

5.Violation of Human Rights

This is one of the main reasons why the number of refugees is rising daily. They seem to have lost all the hopes from their government. People are shot without any reason; torture by the police happens openly, no trials take place; women and minority groups are discriminated against and freedom of speech is absent. A land where basic human rights are not provided will never be a happy place for a person to live in. The death toll has risen well above 100,000. Any efforts undertaken by Humanitarian organizations are stopped. The foreign aid like money, clothes, food are not allowed to enter into the province.

Syrian Crisis

4.Foreign Intervention

The Syrian crisis is no longer a domestic issue of Syria. Powerful countries have shown their support to different participants in the war. Iran and Russia are in favor of the Assad regime. Russia has openly declared that the government will help provide the regime with missiles and other weapons. The US, on the other hand, are on the side of rebels. They have criticized the Russian stance. Qatar and Saudi Arabia want to take advantage of the crisis and gain some control over Syria. They have made alliances with the terrorist groups. So many external powers have interfered with the crisis which is a huge trouble for UN. It acts as a peacemaker but if the participating members show opposing support, what can UN do?

Syrian Crisis

3.Terrorists attack

New alliances are made and broken every now and then in Syria. Terrorist groups have taken advantage of the instability of Syria and have entered the country to create havoc. Internet is abuzz with the cruel beheadings, killings, rapes and other heinous crimes done by terrorists. Hezbollah has joined hands with Al- Assad`s government. Some reports state that the leader of an Islamic extremist rebel group in Syria has pledged its support to Al-Qaeda. The day is not far away when the guns will make no differentiation between terrorists, soldiers, civilians and rebels. Everyone will bear the brunt of mindless killings.

Syrian Crisis

2.Civil War

Civil war happens sooner or later when the disappointments and anger of the citizens has crossed all its limits. The monarch rule since 1971 was a rule of suppression. Human rights were violated, no freedom was given to people to express their opinions and the army had a huge unchecked power. The civil war caught the attention of the world on March 6, 2011. Few children painted anti-regime graffiti on the wall. The police detained them and some were killed inside the jail premises. This incident was the last straw. People decided to fight for their rights and to end the monarchy. Civilians organized themselves in groups and a rebellion was born.

Syrian Crisis

1.Authoritarian Rule

Syria has been under the rule of President Bashar al-Assad since 2000. His family has ruled Syria since 1971. They have no intentions of turning Syria into a democracy or letting a new party enter the political scene. Any political party that tries to enter politics is exiled immediately. Bashar al-Assad made many promises but acted on none. The policies are rigid with cruel punishments for petty offenses. Such an authoritarian grasp can be broken only through an uprising from common people. However, the problem became serious when a small uprising turned into a massive civil war and later few foreign forces entering Syria to gain control. Assad government has made no efforts in reviving the tense situations in Syria. The monarchy has failed to rescue the citizens of its own nation.

Syrian Crisis

The countries of the world have started to empathize with the cause. People are coming forward to help the refugees on the border. They are supplying accommodation, clothing and food for the families. The world leaders have made policies to accommodate the refugees into their countries. But this is not enough. The countries should come forward to help in transportation of migrants. The inhumane conditions in which they are smuggled are devastating. Thousands of people stuck inside small boats as cattles, smugglers charging exorbitant rates, children dying each minute. Surely, the countries can come forward and help a nation in trouble. The people of Syria need the support of the world.


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