Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Not Believe in Astrology

Astrology is all about believing or not. You either believe in it or you don’t believe in it. Astrologers try to tell us that there is a relation between what’s happening in the outer space and try to build up a connection with whatever is happening in human relations and around them.

To some people, it is utter nonsense. And yes, mostly this theory is very vague. It doesn’t have a very solid support. 10 reasons and this will show you why:

why you should not believe in Astrology


Now, what these astrologers do is that they tell you that because of the movement in the sky and change of positions of different planets, there will be a change in your personality too. However, this is only based on what you believe and what they make you believe. There is no pure evidence that this is what everything should be based on. Why is it that every time there’s a change in position of different planets, there’s a new theory to it and every single time, there’s a different view by astrologers? A lot of things depend on your zodiac as well, then why is that with each different zodiac and the respective planet related to it, the astrologer’s point of view changes? It makes no sense. A change in positions and some movements here and there will not change your personality every time that happens.

Usually, these theories are based on ancient theories that are respect to change as well. IT IS A VERY DYNAMIC ENVIRONMENT. Things change and so do circumstances. It is absolutely baseless when these theories are based on ancient science, according to sciences.


why you should not believe in Astrology


Following that, any change up there, in the sky that is, if there’s a change in you as well, then why is that not every astrologer believes in that? Every time you go and visit different astrologers, they will have different views on you. No two astrologers will think on the same track. This proves that whatever movement they’re talking about, isn’t making any change in your life. Nope, not happening.


why you should not believe in Astrology


This is one major thing that is absolutely explainable about astrology. If you’re a person who regularly follows astrology, then you should understand this carefully. This theory is about planets and their movements and how this change affects the human life. However, there’s something called ‘dwarf planets.’ And with this, the only planet that comes into mind is Pluto. There are other different dwarf planets that also exist up there, but astrologers DO NOT consider their movement and change in position. And why is that?

No, zodiac signs don’t relate only to the 9 planets. The astrology of dwarf planets is completely different. Basing your judgment on pure co incidences or something that is JUST POSSIBLE is not something one should take into consideration.


why you should not believe in Astrology


Sometimes, astrologers have the same thing to say to almost everyone. They take advantage of the fact that the other person, whoever is coming to seek a little help about their future to maybe save something they can handle, these are the ones who are fooled by the massive ‘hoo-haa’ of astrology. They earn tonnes of money by the people who believe in them. Sometimes when things go the right way, or because of some coincidence whatever they said is true, the amount of customers for these astrologers increases. These astrologers aren’t honest about whatever they’re doing or saying sometimes. Their predictions are true sometimes, and with absolutely no hard work and focus, they tell you everything false about your future and this raises a huge question on their existence. This is one very important thing that has to be kept in mind.


why you should not believe in Astrology


We live in a world where science and technology has an answer to everything. And so, let’s try and make use of that and apply this theory of astrology there. According to astrological theories, there’s something called a ‘connection between celestial bodies and human relations.’ This is where all the predictions come from. This is how everything is decided in this theory. It is difficult to understand just this. How can the astrologers give you answers and predictions if they don’t exist? Yes, you got it right. According to science, if you’re making predictions on the basis of something called a connection between the two, your predictions are false. The sole reason being that this kind of connection doesn’t exist.


why you should not believe in Astrology


Let’s just assume that astrology helps and is true. You must be thinking what has time got to do with this concept. But hear me out, this is true. Often when astrologers make an assumption for your future, they take the entire credit for it and you fill in their pockets with loads of money. But what happens when the astrology is incorrect? This is what happens. The astrologers make you believe that ‘the timing was bad.’ Like seriously, and to people who’re regular with these people are fully convinced with this excuse.


why you should not believe in Astrology


Okay, let’s not talk about our own futures. When astrology talks about human relations and behavior, it includes the entire world. Now, let’s only talk about a specific country. Did you know? According to astrologers, the movements of planets around the sun and otherwise can AFFECT THE WORKING OF COUNTRIES AND NATIONS IN THE NEAR FUTURE?

Like totally assume a situation where you end up going to an astrologer and asking, ‘Hey what’s going to happen to our country in 2020?’

They’ll just be like, your country will have a water crisis and there’s going to be a lot of politics and debating on it. But here’s what you’ll miss out on. Solutions to that problem.


why you should not believe in Astrology


It’s not just a particular country that believes in astrology. You won’t believe what happens in other countries. What people in other countries believe in is not the same for every country across the globe. Star studying is something that helps these people learn astrology. And so, sometimes this is also used to praise the astrology of one country over other countries. Bias thoughts come through astrology, yes.


why you should not believe in Astrology


The affect that wrong predictions have on people can sometimes be adverse. Instead of creating a happy and understanding environment, it might completely change the environment of the house and can lead to wrong conclusions. This is sad. A society simply cannot work only on assumptions and predictions. It would be a disgrace to live in a society where family relations aren’t taken into consideration in front of some random assumptions an astrologer made.


why you should not believe in Astrology


Anyone can become an astrologer. What’s the harm? Just do a little background check on that person and you’re done. Sit and make assumptions. People are good at that. People earn money for nothing and others even believe in them.

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  • How can you not believe in something that’s a proven fact exists? I think that is called ignorance.
    Before time was invented all people did was look to the skies for guidance.
    And provided a lot of insight to millions of people and still does ….

  • This is very true … I had to stop listening to them on youtube because it was wrecking my life made me real negative everytime it mentions my partner that wem gonna spilt up or he’s gonna walk away I went into a mood straight away and started arguing because it said he’s done wrong or he’s done this and that or there another person in his life he’s gonna choose her …..

    • Sara You can do anything you set your mind to.
      According to astrology,My zodiac sign is cancer
      and It has predict that sometimes cancer doubt on their own abilities and they have a lack of self believe
      This is truely shit,If you do not have believe in yourself then grab a dark chocolate It helps to boost your brain.To Remember and learn things quickly.

  • Wrong!! astrology is true.. astrology is a science.if u don’t believe In astrology,than u truely ignore it.I don’t say u are wrong!! because I think u trapped by a false astrologers.. I am a brighter prove of all predictions are comes to true.. so don’t say peoples astrology fake and is science & mathematical calculation.

  • Then as weather forcast is not always perfect we should not believe science! That’s bogus. It is true that astrology is not a science but it is a pseudo science. At least vedic astrology. But unfortunately astrology is not properly known and they come to predict. There should not be ignorance on astrology rather avoiding fake astrologers. In science we also take arbitrary numbers as x or y. Likewise here the calculation was also done arbitrarily.

  • All things mentions in this article can also be related to your precious bible or Quran or other sacred text. Astrology is more intricate than anything I’ve seen. Its not just your Zodiac sign. People don’t do their full due diligence before forming an opinion

  • Yeah.. I agreed your point of view. Astrology depend upon believe and don’t believe on it.

  • May i request to disregard that kind of articles especially about zodiac signs..all about astrology. Its not helpful especially in a relationship..or if they post something or trying to predict a persons zodiac sign PLLLLLLLLSSSSSS!do it all on positive things or a good one!!its not helpful..!!it coz breakup!!!because if someone easily believe on what day said..for turns into seperation.plsss.

  • Every time Mercury goes into rx, couples split up, major events that are out of the norm happen. Immediately after Mercury rx I can count on a change around me to be announced based on ideas that were brewing during the retrograde period. As Mercury is an active and close planet it holds greater social pull than outlying bodies. The solution is to live by principle which you apply to your behavior at all times, treat those you care for well and expect nothing in return. Judging your peers by their sun signs is pretty pointless without an exact birth time and you don’t know how their life experiences altered their behavior and outlook.

    If astrology is worthy of skepticism, so is modern psychology. I find astrology to be a better and more interesting compass to navigate through social experiences as long as you ignore synastry

  • hey ….ma name is kamala…where our priest said tat im a gemini….according to name…but …it doesnt match with my date of birth in i wanna know my zodiac which should be 100% correct…help me out guys

  • Hey all,

    Do not believe astrology. god has given birth on earth and written our fate on our heads. we can’t stop anything whether it is bad or good. Do not forget to pray god everyday that helps u from bads. all astrologers are commercial, they are earning money from who believe astrology.
    Do not loose your hard earned money and time.

    Early morning wake up at between 4.00 am – 5 .00 am and breath fresh air heartfully that gives you a positive energy to your physical body. then everything will go smoothly.
    whatever your heart says that you follow do not depend on others thoughts.

    Thanks for hearing me…

  • astrology is superstition… dnt believe in astrology…becz the man who creates this rule of astrology…only for money making business for bramhin…bhataji….no one know exact timing of birt….and current generation is science generation…so just believe in youself…on ur soul…then ur life will be awesome in every situation….

  • For anyone who doesn’t “believe” I dare you to have a real astrologer (like Sam here:) take a look at your chart.

  • You know what’s worse than astrology though?
    A belief that a cosmic Jewish Zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree. That sounds like real BS there.

  • After giving years to Astrology and looking for solutions, I believe I need to stop and focus on more important things in my life. Before that I need to share my experience.
    In my 20s, i didn’t go to astrologers despite my muted belief in it and kept on doing what I was doing. I had mixed experiences and mostly painful experiences, in my career and personal life. The time I don’t want to remember. Then in 2012, I started looking into astrological solutions to end my miseries. Nothing has helped since to be honest. Every year end I desperately surf astrologers on youtube to see what’s in store for me and will this year be better than the year which has passed. Every year in the start astrologers predict great things about you and by the middle of the year the truth gets revealed, and by the time the year ends the miseries peak. Then as the year ends, and new year predictions come in, the same astrologers say last year was very difficult and you have sailed through successfully. It has been happening since 2013 and now we are half way through 2018. Every year some or the other malefic planets screws it up. It is now making me sick to the bone. It is just being a distraction. The governments must stop this swindling business and ban astrology, tarot, and cards nonsense. There must be a total blanket ban on this without any exception. I am preparing my file for relocation and moving to a foreign country. I am told by an astrologer that I will never be settled in a foreign land due to my malefic planetary arrangement. He has categorically predicted it. I am working on it anyhow with blind faith, hardwork and focus. I will keep you guys updated on it. I have decided to quit looking for solutions in astrology for life

    • And did you succeed? Because i have the same astrological problem they told me my chart lacks aspects of settling in a foreign country and my dream is to leave my country… please keep me updated

    • Thank you in the world would a fellow man like you pridict your own life for you and you believe,that only shows how insecure and dependent you are .man we are all the same except for the fact that we grew up in different environments.astrologers only base on natural facts and twistings to make you believe what they say.astrology is just senseless!!!

  • You’re completely wrong across all your points. The change in the position of planets will never cause a change in your personality. No astrologer would ever tell you that. Where did you get that interpretation from? lol Your birth chart shows the position of planets at the time of your birth and indicates your personality features. That’s rather fixed for lifetime. It’s more about the tendencies and characteristics that will show because of the influence of the planets. It doesn’t preict your future either. Then, every change in the position of the planets talks about influencing energies, not changes in the personality.

  • Astrologer will say about ones present n future time, either bad or good…. Whether the character of that person will be same for all the people who born on same day n same time… Eg-26th sept @10.20 PM…. Many babies would have born on that day….. The people born on that date n time will face similar problem in their life…??? Is it believed… Means I’m saying… They will have same sun sign, star etc…. Or it varies…. It all depends on as individual grown up, his character depends on him…. How can a astraloger can say about his future….. Please answer me

  • Actually i dont believe in astrologers bt der is 1 astrologers here in my country whose prediction has been 100%accurate 4 different people how can it b if astrology is fake???any 1 plzzz reply me…

  • This post is a little bit disappointing for Astrology Lovers. I guess this article mainly focusses on Western Astrologers. I used to tell all my friends & followers that Western Astrology is more of counseling than doing predictions & solving out the problems of the people. I agree with the fact that there is no guarantee to any of predictions since Vedic Astrology is a science that mainly works on the Divine blessings & intuitions.

    I come from a state in India called Kerala & we mainly follow a system called Prasna Analysis which is mainly done using Cowry shells. 95% of my online predictions on Twitter are based on the Prasna Analysis & I have never ever misused the science. Nothing is 100% in the world, & I have also made blunt predictions. But generalizing Astrology as “Fake” or it’s not true, because of some Astrologer’s who have made this field dirty.

    Everything is based on “Karma”. To meet a great Astrologer & get the right predictions or solutions to his or her problems needs a great stroke of luck. I request those people who generalize that Astrology is fake, should start learning from basics. I am sure that it will take years to learn, but let it be & after years of learning you are free to judge whether its genuine or not.

  • Hii… My name is ritu n i love someone so much.. Everything is ryt b/w us even there will be no complications in our marriage also.. Bt one astrologer said to my partner that u will not get married if u do either ur wife or u will die in 2 years.. Now I dont understand what I do.. ????????

  • Yow. This is my take on this. I use to believe astrology and as u can see in my name I’m a Taurus. I use to seek guidance by reading it’s daily horoscope. But because of that, Because of reading almost everything about my zodiac sign and it’s personalities, it controlled me. It was as if I was letting it decide who Or what my actions are going to be as a human. Of course I was flattered by it’s positive sides and when I believed in it’s negative sides, I find excuses for doing this bad thing/ decision all because of the guidance of my zodiac sign. Looking back dang It seemed weird. If you guys really want to have a self-understanding, then go for self-help articles online, no I’m not promoting but I genuinely want to share it to you guys. I don’t really know if there are other legit articles like this out there online. This will help have a good day!

  • Moon is not a planet. Rahu and ketu are not planets. Other planets are far away from earth apart from that there are billions of planets in the Universe according to science there are also gravitational forces of planets. Then which planet is more influential on human beings. When you can’t predict what will happen in next moment like for example I broke my right hand without any accident & a Father of my friend who is a astrologer couldn’t save his service also his children’s are gone away leaving him
    Then as a astrologer he could have done some remedy for it or knew about it. Then what astrology means.

  • This article is so badly written. It is pure opinion, and does little to convince me not to believe in Astrology. I have studied it for 10 years and to me it makes sense and has truth.

  • I ask every morning for the daily horoscope for Aquarius. This app reads me Aries, Sagittarius or Taurus, but acts as if Aquarius is not a valid sign. What kind if a horoscope still can’t recognize the name of astrological signs? it finds Aquarius one out of every six tries. this app made me almost throw my Alexa device out the window. Thankfully I am able to disable it and enable a skill that includes all 12 zodiac signs consistently.

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