Top 10 Reasons to Stay in a Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships are really difficult to maintain. You are devoid of frequent meetings, running into each other and lots of other things that you can think of in a close proximity relationship. Though nobody consciously chooses to be in a long distance affair, but since we can’t control our fate, why not look at the bright side of it rather than feeling low about it.  Yes, they are challenging and aren’t always ideal and come with a lot of responsibility and problems. But however hard long distance relationships are, there are numerous perks of being in one. Listed below are reasons why long distance relationships are actually great.

1. Art of communication

Long Distance Relationship

For any long distance relationship to work, good communication is the basic necessity. Since they are far away from you, you have nothing else to do but talk a lot. Texting, skype, phone calls are the only way you can communicate to each other. You have to learn to be clear about your emotions and you have to learn to convey them properly. There will be times when conflicts can arise based on misunderstandings and assumptions which is when you have to be patient and precisely put your emotions out in the open because there is no scope of body language and gestures to convey your feelings. But over time, you learn to communicate deeply with them and it is no longer a barrier in your relationship. The communication skills that you will gain will definitely help you in future as well.

2. Truly committed

Long Distance Relationship

A long distance relationship comes with many commitments. You have to stay committed to your partner if you expect the same from them. And the commitment is required in all forms, whether it’s time, money or emotions. You should be able to make time for them and always attend to their calls and texts and you would rather be cuddling with them instead of skyping but you have to make peace with the fact that they are far from you. But all the patience and hard work pays off, you feel secure knowing that they are equally committed to you and the distance may be geographical but there is no distance between you and your loved one. Long distance relationships give you a cement bonding and all the efforts you put into it gives you the satisfaction that they really want you and if you can stay committed to each other despite the distance, then you can overcome any problems that come between you.

3. Tests your endurance

Long Distance Relationship

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet said Jean-Jacques Rousseau, which is true. Being patient is not easy, you will get frustrated and you will lose your mind. You will be tired of waiting to meet them, to call them or waiting for them to call you, but when you learn to be patient, it will be worth your wait. Patience and perseverance have a magical effect, when you will finally get to see them, you will never regret waiting. The feeling you get after you meet them after months of waiting will be ecstatic, you will already have moments planned in your head and all the things you have to tell them. You will cherish each second of the hour with them and you can always have something special planned. The memories you will make will stay with you forever.

4. Unbreakable trust 

Long Distance Relationship

When you can’t be around your partner, you have to trust them with all your soul. When you will know that they are having fun without you and have many new friends, it will be hard to control your insecurity and jealousy. A long distance relationship teaches you to trust each other with open hearts. But trust is really hard to earn as it cannot be handed over. With time you will learn to trust them and know them enough to be secure that they would never break it. It gives strength to your relationship which is the foundation principle of any relationship. Trust is the glue that will keep you intact in case of problems and an amazing base to spend your whole life together.

5.Blissful memories

Long Distance Relationship

The best part of a long distance relationship is the amazing memories you make despite the distance. Since you don’t get to see them often, you work really hard to make your date special. It lets you get creative with ideas and no two days spent with your partner will be the same. When you are in a close proximity relationship, the moments spent together are easily forgotten and sometimes it gets boring. But in a long distance relationship, all the pictures you take and all the fun things you do that you plan days before the meeting is truly bliss. You create your own stories and you never take time for granted. You have the scope of making memories during the days you are apart; you can send them romantic letters, gifts, postcards which they are sure to preserve. Memories are the essence of such relationships and no moment is dull.

6. Warm sense of appreciation

Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships make you appreciate your partner more. you become aware of their presence to a different level. You notice each and every little detail about them and appreciate little things like the way they throw back their head and laugh, the way they say some things and the way their fingers entwine with yours. You can’t help but adore them. Whether you are out to shop with them or you are simply hanging out with them on your porch, you savor each moment and appreciate it fully. You can never take them or the time you spend with them, for granted. You try to absorb their presence and the moments and you are always grateful for it.

7. Pinch of excitement

Long Distance Relationship

Even when you plan all the details of how you are going to spend your time, the feeling of excitement and nervousness never leave you. The butterflies in your tummy, heart performing somersaults in your chest and some of the things you feel from a huge list of things. There is always a spark in your relationship as you are never bored of each other’s company and whether you have met them ten times or thousand times, each time it feels like the first time.

8. Brews your courage 

Long Distance Relationship

When your partner is living miles away from you, you have to learn to be self-dependent.  It will seem like a con of the long distance love but actually it is a huge benefit. Whether you are sick or your car broke down in the middle of the street or you are having troubles with people around you, you learn to stand up for yourself. It makes you tough and self-sufficient. Your partner can always support you emotionally but cannot help you when such issues arise. But at the end, you turn into an independent person and gain another amazing quality for your partner to adore you more.

9. Measure miles with your partner

Long Distance Relationship

One of the many perks of a long distance relationship is that you get to explore the country or the city your partner is living in. All the traveling you do to meet them gives you the chance to explore the different places in the city. You can go out and discover many new places, create indescribable happy memories and learn about the place. The experience is fulfilling and all the day trips and venturing will be an adventure for you and your loved one.

10. Discovery of each other

Long Distance Relationship

Since you can only communicate using words, you get to know about each other’s fears, secrets, regrets and many stories that you are unable to tell in person. Your talks are meaningful and it will help you build your trust. You find out whether you are able to take the challenges and if your partner can help you overcome them. You learn to support each other emotionally and feel secure with each other. You find out each other’s strengths and weaknesses and help each other overcome those weaknesses. Simply put, it is one of the greatest experience of your life which will help you grow into a responsible and a mature person.

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