Top 10 Reasons Why You Have to Smile Every Day

A spontaneous response from situations or things that brings us laughter or joy – a smile. This conclusion is without a doubt true, what people oversee is that smiling might be just like a voluntary response, a conscious and powerful choice. Multiple scientific studies have shown that genuine smile is considered generally attractive to other people around us. Some studies cast a light on why the act of smile uplift one’s mood and those around them. Yet, some found the strong link within longevity, good health, and smiling. The most, studies showed that just an act of smile (making the movements and physical facial shape), may it be a result of genuine joy or just an act, can both have a short or-and a long-term benefit to a person’s wellbeing and health.

Still not persuaded? These are the 10 reasons why you should have a conscious effort to keep on smiling every day.

1. A Smile Alleviates Stress

reasons to smile

Stress can really fill our whole being, and it reflects in our looks. With a smile, it helps us not to look worn down, tired and overwhelmed and yet it can really benefit us because it reduces stress. You may or may not believe it, but smiling reduces stress even though you’re not in the mood to smile or even know that you are already smiling. If you’re stressed, take hold of that time to smile. Not only you will take in the benefits but everyone around you.

2. A Smile is Contagious

reasons to smile

There are already several smiles that have been characterized as being a source to lighten up a room, right? Though it certainly is a nice sentiment, it bears a clue to the truth. Smiling, not just has the power to lift up your mood, it also changes other people’s mood and makes things get happier.

The “Unconscious, automatic response area” is the part of brain responsible for the control of facial expressions for smiling, which means smiling perhaps might be completely unconscious, especially when we try mimicking other person’s smile. Yes, scientifically justified that smiling is “contagious”!

3. A Smile Makes One Attractive

reasons to smile

Usually, we are drawn to those people who smile. There’s a true physical attraction associated with an act of smile. No wonder that negative expression of the face such as a grimace, frowns and scowls do work the opposite way, which eventually push people away. But rather use that drawing power of a smile to attract people in.

4. A smile can lower blood pressure

reasons to smile

When a person smiles, there’s a significant decline in the blood pressure. Have a go if there’s a blood pressure apparatus at home. Sit a while, then get a reading. Again, smile for a while and get another reading while you’re still smiling. Have you noticed any difference?

5. A Smile Elevates One’s Mood

When you feel down next time, do what you can to smile. There is a great chance that your mood changes for better. With us smiling, this helps our body to elevate one’s mood because it triggers neutral messaging in the brain. Just one simple smile activates the release of neuropeptides and neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. Think of a smile as the people’s natural anti-depressant.

6. A smile can boost the immune system

reasons to smile

A smile can increase our overall health. This act can help our immune system function well. It’s a notion that when people smile, the immune function becomes better because they are relaxed (there’s a certain neurotransmitter that is released, so thanks to this). Also, in taking a precautionary measure like cleaning your hands, why not try preventing flu and cold by smiling?

7. A smile makes one feel good

reasons to smile

Some studies showed smiling releases serotonin, endorphins and natural painkillers. All of these neurotransmitters help our whole body to feel good. These chemicals not only uplift your mood, they lessen physical pain and also relax the body. Smiling is a natural drug.

8. A smile makes you appear successful

reasons to smile

According to some studies, people that smiled regularly appeared to be more confident, inclined to be promoted more, and they were likely to be approached more. Try putting a smile on in any business appointments and meetings. You just might notice people react differently to you.

9. A smile helps one stay positive

Check this out: Try to think any negative thoughts while smiling. It’s difficult, right? Even one’s smile is forced or unnatural, it will still send a message to your brain and eventually the rest of the body that says “Life’s Good!” Avoid worry, depression and stress by smiling.

10. A smile makes people look younger

reasons to smile

Smiling makes one more attractive, it gives you a more youthful look. The muscle responsible for smiling also lifts the face which makes one appear younger. That’s why instead of planning for a facelift, just try to smile throughout the day- you’ll feel better and look younger.

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