Top 10 Reasons Why Your Kid Should Have a Cell Phone

Nowadays, most kids have their own phones. Others believe that these phones don’t have good effects on children, while some understand that they should acquire one for emergency cases. A 2016 survey concluded that 100% of children in the US ages 18 years old now have cellphones. If you are still undecided about whether you need to get a phone for your kid, here are the ten valuable reasons why your kid should have a cell phone.

1. For safety

Why Your Kid Should Have a Cell Phone - for safety

Bad weather, traffic accidents, earthquakes and fires are some of the unexpected events that might happen the moment your children leave your house. Cell phones can be used to call rescuers for emergency cases and a lifeline between children and their parents.

2. For practicality purposes

Why Your Kid Should Have a Cell Phone - for practicality purposes

In this world where everyone is almost busy with their work and business, it is really important to be able to reach out or call your children if ever you’ll get late in picking them up at school. With a cell phone, kids will be able to call their parents too if they will be late for coming home.

3. Teaching your kids to be responsible

Why Your Kid Should Have a Cell Phone - teaching your kid to be responsible

It teaches the kids to be responsible and call their parents if they are late. It also teaches them to be responsible for safekeeping their phones, making sure to place them in a safe place to avoid any interested snatchers or thieves.

4. Cellphones are now a necessity

Why Your Kid Should Have a Cell Phone - cellphones are now a necessity

Only few payphones left for your kids to use when they need to call you – if ever they will be coming late from school or if they will go to other special events like a birthday.

5. Giving kids your trust

Why Your Kid Should Have a Cell Phone - giving your kids your trust

If you give your kids the chance to own a cellphone, you are giving a signal that you trust them. It also means that you are trusting your children to use his money and the phone’s allocated time wisely.

6. Reach out relatives and family abroad

Why Your Kid Should Have a Cell Phone - reach out relatives and family abroad

One of the fastest ways to reach out to your relatives and someone living abroad is by calling or texting them. Most phones have mobile apps that can let you chat or send messages as well as video calling – letting you reach out to those loved ones at any time.

7. Communicate with divorced parents

Why Your Kid Should Have a Cell Phone - communicate with divorced parents

If the parents are divorced and one doesn’t live in the same house, the kid still has the chance to communicate with him. It’s an excellent way to contact parents, whether they are divorced or not.

8. Social communication

Why Your Kid Should Have a Cell Phone - social communication

Phones are widely used for social interactions. They can view any picture of current happenings or communicate with their group of friends. They can be updated with the latest trends and posts from their groups, news, or even celebrities that they admire.

9. Fun mobile apps

Why Your Kid Should Have a Cell Phone - fun mobile apps

Every time boredom strikes, kids can play with their mobile phones. Either waiting for their dental appointment or waiting in long lines, phones are there to make the wait more fun.

10. Helps kids to become more organized

Why Your Kid Should Have a Cell Phone - help kids become organized

Alarms, notes, reminders, calendars and any other essentials apps are now available in all phones. These help your child get more organized and get reminded of their appointments, quizzes, or other important events.

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