Top 10 Safest Cities in the World

In 2015, The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) conducted the study on the Safest Cities Index in the world 2015, sponsored by NEC on top 50 cities in each continent and scored them up. It involved the in-depth interviews and researches in order to get to the conclusion. It has divided the study index in four groups based on infrastructure safety, health security, digital security and personal safety. Technology, cyber laws, wealth /income, life expectancy and population size have played greater role in city safety. All major factors are been considered in conducting and generating accurate survey report. In health security measure the levels of air pollution is considered and how the cities have technology to control it. On another hand the digital safety includes the cyber laws implemented in the region, crime rate in cyber world and portion of it, capacity of dealing it and laws implemented in controlling it or from illegal net activity. It considered the crime rate of every region and ranked them accordingly on the parameter. Various ups and downs are visible in the list from the last year report.

10. Tokyo, Japan

Safest Cities

It is not a surprise that undoubtedly Tokyo, the capital city of Japan and the populous city has topped the ranking with first position on the index conducted by EIU. Tokyo offers you with best variety of entertainment.  Now as Japan has something to show you up with being the safest city in the world 2015. It scored #1 in the digital security with 87.18 score. Average Life expectancy found 82 in Tokyo. It showed a bit poor performance in health security; else it has topped the entire list remaining with the tag of safest and cleanest city and getting #1 on the index of 2015.

9. Singapore, Republic of Singapore

Safest Cities

Singapore with its splendid infrastructure and eye-catching largest building has been scored #2 in the EIU safest city index of also come at top on the wealthiest city list. Singapore is known for its strict rules and laws that are considered draconian by Amnesty International. Till 1965 under British rule, the city highly thrived on commerce only. This is what makes Singapore to be stand out at number two in the list. The city has been scored high on the personal safety issue. In digital security it has scored 83.85 out of 100. But it drops at #12 on health security. The life expectancy rate to be found here is 82.

8. Osaka in Japan

Safest Cities

It is a pride for Japan that two of its prominent cities are among top 10 safest cities in the world 2015. Osaka ranked number #3 in EIU report index. This port city is the commercial capital of Japan. It ranked at number #5 on digital security and cyber challenges with score of 77. Being the second largest city in Japan, Osaka offers the best outta best to you with marvelous digital and personal safety to its countrymen.

7.  Stockholm, Sweden

Safest Cities

Sweden’s capital city Stockholm, is a city in the aura of its youth infinity. The city is rich in Information Technology sector as the city is highly strengthened by the Skype IT wave. With the globalization the city is becoming the center for design, innovation, technology, fashion, scrupulous food, budding talent, international exposure, education, and much more. it is indeed considered a wealthy city from centuries.  Stockholm, the beautiful city of Sweden stands at #4 on the safest city report. Stockholm is home to medieval old towns, great grand palaces, churches, public parks and museums. This Swedish city has much to offer you with top class personal safety with number #4 on the list of it and score of 87.51. It stands at #10 on  health security with 75.83 score. Life expectancy to be found is 82.

6. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Safest Cities

Amsterdam is a relatively small capital city of the Netherlands. It is known for its small square narrowed houses. the city is famous for its dutch styles houses.  Amsterdam comes #5 in the EIU report because of its health care programs, safe urban environment to live in, and limited tax charge. In infrastructure safety it stands at #4 with 91.27 score. Life expectancy rate is 79 here. In personal safety it occupies bit low position at #9 with 82.39 score as the city has wide source for two wheeling. Bike and boats are popularly seen in Amsterdam and is cheapest way to move around. That is why city stands high in personal safety.  Overall score including personal, digital, infrastructure and health safety the beautiful city score 79.19 score out of 100.

5. Sydney, Australia

Safest Cities

Sydney one of the largest and populous city of Australia stands at number #6 with score of 78.91. This city of lights, glamour and never ending day light also make Sydney the most livable city in the world. It stands #3 in infrastructure safety with score of 91.4. Life expectancy is expected to be 81.The city stands low in health security with #10 best in personal safety. Overall, friendly folks, outstanding culture and modernized architecture is what all will take you to the grip. It is worth time spending city in Australia.

4. Zurich, Switzerland

Safest Cities

Zurich is the Old Town city in Switzerland. The picturesque lanes of this city amidst the clear crystal river on either side and surrounded by roman architecture styled building makes Zurich to stand out in the list at #7 score of 78.84 in the EIU safest cities in the world 2015. It is ranked #1 for infrastructural and health safety. Life expectancy is high with 81. This city is the home to large number of banking giants across the world.

3. Toronto, Canada

Safest Cities

Toronto is another city which stands high in EIU report in the safest and livable cities in the world 2015.It rank #8 position with a score of 78.81. From infrastructure safety Toronto in Canada, which is the largest city in Canada stands at #8 in it with 87.57 score. Its a matter of great surprise that the city with high crime rates is now showing deep-cut decline in the crimes. Life expectancy of 81 is found due to its good health safety. Toronto is only city from Canada that has made to the top 10 safest cities in the world in The Economist report of 2015.

2. Melbourne, Australia

Safest Cities

Melbourne is another dynamic and cosmopolitan city from Australia that has made to top 10 safest cities in the world 2015 in EIU report. the Gold Rush-era architecture and multicultural outlook is what attract the visitors most to this city. Melbourne stands #2 in infrastructure safety with 92.28 in the survey report and most livable city in EIU index report of 2015. Overall it stands at #9 in the safety in all four groups in health, infrastructure, digital and personal safety. It ranked #8 in personal safety with a score of 82.72. Life expectancy is found very high with 86 in general and the largest of all.

1. New York City, U.S.A.

Safest Cities

New York is the only city of United States of America that has made to top 10 in the EIU report of 2015 for safest and livable cities in year 2015. As it ranked high previously, but due to its increasing population the position has deteriorated so far; letting a downfall in rank. New York stands at #10 with overall score of 78.08 out of 100. In terms of health security the New York City stands at #2 with 78.52 score in it. In personal safety New York is listed at #3 in the list, thereby making this city to be among the top three safest cities in the world in terms of digital security.

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