Top 10 Simple, Delicious Dinner Ideas

Living alone is all fun and games but when it comes to your food, you can’t help but miss the aroma and flavor of the delicacies your mom used to serve you scalding hot while you watched her chop, dice and telling you off about how you need to learn cooking. But now that you are living all by yourself, coming back to an empty, dark apartment with a grumbling stomach is the worst feeling ever. But that doesn’t mean you have to survive on bread and ready-to-make food items, we have assembled a list of mouth-watering dishes that you can hook yourself up with in no time. And if you aren’t living alone and simply need to cook up a quick dinner for your loved ones, look no further. Take out your apron and the chef in you and happy cooking!

10. Mexican lasagna

Dinner Ideas

A dinner loaded with cheese, tomato, sausage, beef is what you need after a tiring day at work. Go Mexican with the Mexican lasagna recipe which is easy to make and will promise you a hearty meal. Cooked in oven with onion, garlic and Italian seasoning, the recipe will take less than hour to prepare and will make an impressive pasta dinner. The gooey cheesy dish is versatile as you can add your favorite layers and keep the rest of it for the next day. Drooling already? Whip up the recipe and serve it with a salad of lettuce, tomatoes, olives and sour cream.

9. Chicken noodles

Dinner Ideas

Are you a big sucker for Chinese food? Try this simple recipe that everyone is going to love and ask you for a second bowl. You probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen for this recipe. For those who love noodles, the recipe will promise you a heavenly bowl of soupy, creamy noodles.  The recipe will take 40 minutes and is easy to cook. Add some salad and mouth-watering dessert to it and your guests will rave about your dinner party.

8. Mac and cheese

Dinner Ideas

Try these cheesy, creamy, chewy, gooey pasta is the best thing that will happen to you at your dinner table. It is an easy stovetop dish that doesn’t require much of your time and efforts and is a piece of cake to pull off at the end of a long, tiring day. Whether you want to whip up a yummy treat or some comfort food; macaroni and cheese is your answer. The ingredients are basic, the recipe requires 40 minutes to the maximum. Rich mac and cheese is a great and enjoyable vegetarian recipe for those who don’t like meat.

7. Spanish rice

Dinner Ideas

The spanish rice is the classic recipe that is healthy and easy to make. You can knock up the spicy rice recipe in no time because it takes basic ingredients like tomatoes, bell pepper, chilly powder and some rice. Simply saute rice with with onion and bell pepper and then let it simmer with water and chopped tomatoes and spices. The recipe will take 40 minutes of your time and you will have yourself a scrumptious meal to finish off your day with.

6. Bow tie pasta with sausage

Dinner Ideas

Craving Italian food recently? Indulge yourself in this yummy dish that won’t take much of your time and is great when you have a pack of pasta lying around. The ingredients include sausage, bell peppers, pasta and some beef broth. Prepare the sausage sauce while the pasta is being cooked and toss the both of them together when you are done. It is a super-fast dinner recipe and will only take 35 minutes to prepare. The meal is quick, easy, delicious and is perfect for busy weekends. You can serve it to guests with garlic bread or French bread and you’ll get endless praises for your cookery.

5. Pizza pinwheels

Dinner Ideas

Can’t have enough of pizza? Well, so can’t we! If you have friends over for a movie or a game night, pizza pinwheels are the way to go. They are easy to be passed around the room and who doesn’t love pizza? Cheesy pizza pinwheels, topped with pepperoni and sauce will take 30 minutes and are insanely delicious. The best thing about them is that they can be baked right away and all you have to do is toss some ingredients together and the recipe will never fail you. The kids and adults will like them alike and will surely be a hit.

4. Sweet and sour chicken

Dinner Ideas

If you are in no mood for spicy food, the recipe for sweet and sour chicken recipe will pamper your taste buds to the max. The super quick recipe calls for basic ingredients like chicken breasts, cornflour, vegetable oil and spices that you can already find in your pantry and you can add your favorite veggies to it to suit your taste. What can be better than juicy, sweet chicken glazed with sour sauce on cold winter nights. The sweet and sour flavors go extremely well with each other and couple the dish with some rice for a great dinner. The recipe will take 25 minutes and if you have guests over for dinner, don’t think twice before whipping up the recipe as everyone will love it.

3. Zucchini patties

Dinner Ideas

The delicious vegetarian recipe is the way to go when you want a yummy dinner without roasting yourself in the kitchen for hours. The recipe calls for ingredients that you can easily find in your cabinets like zucchini, eggs, cheese, onion and some all-purpose flour. Making the dish isn’t rocket science either; all you have to do is combine all the ingredients together and drop the small amount of mixture on an oiled skillet and cook for few minutes. Your dinner will be read in 30 minutes and top it with tomato sauce or sour cream to finish off.

2. Greek pasta

Dinner Ideas

For the days when you want to pamper your taste buds, try the greek pasta. Fix yourself with a flavorsome meal at the end of the day that takes 25 minutes and is really easy to make. You might need to hit the grocery store before you get cooking as the list of ingredients include Italian-style tomatoes, cannellini beans, spinach and feta cheese. But once you have assembled the items, you can make yourself a dinner that has wonderful flavors and is finger-licking good. The cooking part is easy; cook the pasta and combine tomatoes and beans in a different pot and let it simmer and lastly add spinach to the sauce and serve pasta topped with sauce and feta cheese.

1. Chinese chicken fried rice

Dinner Ideas

This is another last-minute recipe which will hardly cost you anything in terms of time and money. The recipe is really easy and its ingredients are basic that include chicken, soy sauce, rice, pepper, and eggs. If you have time you can add veggies like capsicum, carrots, and beans and take the recipe to another level. Stir fry chicken, rice and the other ingredients for a yummy dinner that will only take 15 minutes of your time.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.”  – Virginia Woolf. A stomach full of good food is the definition of happiness and happiness is homemade. You have the recipe and the ingredients, so what are you waiting for? Get cooking and bon appetit! 

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