Top 10 Skills Every Salesperson Must Have

It is easier said than done. A salesman or a saleswoman for the record has to undergo a whole set of trainings to reach to a position where they actually get to deal with customers on a regular basis. On the surface, it might seem a fairly indecent and unsophisticated job to undertake. But the amount of hardwork put into it makes it the exact opposite. Dealing with numerous new people everyday, sometimes the humble and sometimes the rude ones can be a very testing and challenging experience.  It is one occupation that not all would be able to opt for even if they wish to for it requires the understanding and adoption of certain skills.  These skills then ensure their growth on the professional front. If you have recently taken up the job of a salesperson in a company, then here are top 10 skills for you which you must follow and learn about as quickly as possible. Help yourself by reading the following tips.


  1. Well groomed

You possibly cannot approach your customers dressed up in your tee and jeans. There is a demand of professionalism here as well for you ought to follow a certain dress code. Be well groomed and have a clean look. You have to be as presentable and as pleasant as you can. The way you would dress up to meet your customers would convey a lot about you. There needs to be an aura of sophistication in your apparel. This would, in turn, make a nice impact on your customers and they would get a good feeling about the company that you are representing.


  1. Good knowledge of the product

You have been entrusted with the responsibility of marketing your company’s new product. Be sure to get hold on bits and pieces of information about the new product. No matter if people at your workplace consider you a fool to inquire about even the most basic information regarding the new product. It is you who will have to bear the consequences in case you fail to provide your customers with every detail of the product that you have been persuading them to buy. So before your interaction with the buyers, abreast yourself with the complete knowledge of the product.


  1. Good communication skills

Be very refined in your communication skills when it comes to dealing with your customers.  It is always advisable to have a good command over the national language as well as English given its widespread usage. While having interacted with your customers for a minute or two, you need to quickly analyze to slip into the usage of one of the two languages.  Be wary of the words and the descriptions that you use for your product as it would determine the result.


  1. People friendly

Your job profile requires you to have good interpersonal relationships and that largely involves the customers that you would be selling your products to.  There should be an aura of friendliness about you that would not make people slam their doors on your face. Always approach them with a humble smile. It must be kept into consideration that people would buy something or anything from you if and if they find you appealing and friendly enough in the first place. If you get this one right, half the task would be done.


  1. Be a good listener

So, you have caught your customer’s attention. Strike a nice conversation with them. This is your opportunity to develop a bit of a cordial relationship with them. In order to do so, you must be a very keen listener and allow them to speak about what they feel about the product.  You have passed your first level and not made to suffer through the slammed door. So take things slow now and give your customer some time to express their concerns and apprehensions of the product. Once you hear out their apprehensions about the product, settle to sort them out and explain the advantages of it.


  1. Be inquisitive

You ought to be inquisitive showing interest in the customer’s life. If by luck you come across a very chatty old lady who won’t stop raving about her son who had left for a foreign country recently, then take good interest in it and ask her questions about the same. Make her feel important and as the one providing you with information, be it of any sort. Not only would it help you in breaking the ice between the situation of you being a salesperson and the other individual as a customer, but it would also help you forge an informal relationship with your customer. Often with the aid of such meetings, you might even get a permanent customer.


  1. Manipulator

This becomes one of the significant qualities that you must inculcate within yourself while dealing with your customers. In the course of your job, you would meet all sorts of people who would make lame and not so lame excuses before slamming the door on your face and refusing to buy your product. In order to tackle with such customers, you ought to be a little inclined on the manipulative aspect of your personality. You have been given the task of a salesperson thinking that you would be able to convince people anyhow. Start working on that criteria.  Make their every excuse turn into your advantage which leaves no room for your customer to not buy your product or hear you out.


  1. Courteous

Even in your desperate and hard attempts to sell the products of your company, you must not let go of decency and courtesy. You must gain a good practice over following these two aspects even in the most awkward of situations. After all, sophistication is a virtue that a salesperson must not give up on. Keep your language as well as body language under check.


  1. Very organized

Before going forward and indulging in interactions with your clients, be it in person or on a telephone, you need to take care and organize a few things beforehand. Always form a set of anticipatory questions that your customers are likely to put up. There are always some general doubts and issues in customer’s mind when it comes to buying a particular product. Be prepared with what all points do you plan to include while describing the product that you intend to sell on the behalf of your company.


  1. Knowledge of the market

Being a salesperson, you certainly cannot carry on without apt and good knowledge about the market condition and the future prospects of your product in the present and future market. You will be able to convince your customer in a better way if you present her/him with the utility and advantage of the product in terms of market condition.

You can succeed at being an amazing salesperson if you never let go of your confidence and patience. It might be a difficult start but things would turn out to be better if you hold on to your skills as a salesperson.

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