Top 10 Things Russia is famous for: More than Just Vodka

Russia is the largest country in the world, taking up 1/7th of the earth’s land area. It spans 11 time zones and is one of the most fascinating places on earth. It is the only country in the world which is washed by twelve seas. The country is one of the most popular tourist destinations because of rich culture and heritage. Keeping in mind the vastness of this country there are several things which makes this country extremely famous throughout the world. It is because of these popular things that tourists are attracted towards this country.

There are plenty of reasons which will make you fall in love with this country. Here is a list of some of the most popular Things Russia is Famous For.

things russia is famous for

10. Russian Culture-

Russian culture is considered one of the richest and most influential around the whole world. Russian literature is famous all over the world with writers like Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoevsky. The country is home to more than 190 ethnic groups and while Russian is the official language, people also speak English and many other minority languages. Ballet is the most famous art form. The rich tradition of ballet and famous ballet dancers are cultural symbols of Russia. The development of Russian culture is closely linked to its religious traditions and one gets to examine this better while travelling to this country.

9. Russian Cuisine-

Russian food and drinks should never be underestimated as they leave you the most satisfied. Blinis are the original Russian fast food and they are more like pancakes which can be stuffed with sweet or sour fillings. Piroggi is another traditional Russian food and it is said that a feast is incomplete without this dish. Borscht or beetroot soup, funghi, beef stroganoff, filling pelmeni are some of the other favourite dishes. Soups are also very famous because of the cold climate and are mostly eaten in the afternoon. Syrniki is cottage cheese cutlet and is counted under famous and amazing dishes of Russia.

8. Drugs-

Russia is notoriously famous for drugs consumption and consumes 21% of the world’s heroin. Around 2.5 million Russians are addicted to drugs which are imported from Afghanistan. But in the recent years a deadliest drug has hit the streets of Russia which is known as Krokodil. This drug is much more dangerous than morphine and it is named Krokodil as it leaves the addicts with scaly and reptilian skin. The codeine present in this drug is relatively harmless, but the drug is manufactured with various adulterants such as gasoline and paint thinner. Krokodil users just live for two or three years after becoming addicted to the drug. Krokodil addiction is very common in Russia and is a major problem in the country.

7.The Tsar Kolokol bell-

The Tsar Kolokol bell is the largest ever bell produced weighing about 201,924 kg and is on display on the grounds of the Moscow Kremlin. It is a masterpiece of the 18th century and was commissioned by Empress Anna. The bell is decorated with depictions of Tsar Alexei and Empress Anna. However a fire that swept Moscow in 1737 also engulfed the Kremlin and when cold water was poured on the hot bell it cracked and 11.5 ton piece broke off. The interesting part about the bell is that it has not been rung since 1735.

6. Moscow Metro Station-

The metro system in Moscow is the fastest means of transport and has a length of 325.4 km. Moscow metro is famous worldwide for its architecture. During the peak hours the metros are scheduled for every 90 seconds. The Metro of St. Petersburg is also the deepest subway in the world which is 100 metres deep. More than 9 million people ride metro every day. The stations are also referred to as ‘underground palaces’. The stations of Moscow are a major tourist attraction. Some of the most beautiful metro stations are Majakovskaya, Revolution Square, Prospekt Mira metro station, Komsomolskaya metro station etc.

things russia is famous for

5. Vodka-

The word vodka comes from the Russian word ‘voda’ which means water. Vodka is undoubtedly the most popular alcoholic drink in Russia. It is reported that during festivities the average amount a Russian spends on alcoholic drinks is $400. Russian people have a traditional love for vodka and nearly 25% Russians die before reaching the age of 55, the main culprit behind it is vodka.

4. Architecture-

There are several legendary buildings in Russia that dates back to the past and showcases Russian architecture. Russian architecture was pre-dominantly religious and the most common architectural feature is that of the onion domed churches. Some of the important and most famous architectural structures in Russia include- Red Square, the Kremlin, Cathedrals of St. Sophia and St. Petersburg, the Hermitage and many more. Red Square dominates the centre of Moscow and the Kremlin was built in the 12th century and the cathedrals within the walls of Kremlin highlight the 15th century religious architecture in Russia. Cathedral of St. Sophia is the oldest stone monument and the cathedral of St. Petersburg was constructed in a neo classical architectural style. The Hermitage is a series of six buildings which is the world’s greatest museums.

things russia is famous for

Lake Baikal, Russia

3. Lake Baikal-

The Lake Baikal is an amazing destination located in the southern part of Eastern Siberia within the Republic of Buryatia and Irkutsk. It is the world’s oldest and deepest freshwater lake. The lake contains 20 percent of the world’s total unfrozen freshwater reserve. There is an outstanding variety of flora and fauna found in this lake. It also supports various animal species out of which the most important is the Baikal seal. There are around 1500 and 1800 animal species at different depths. The water is crystal clear and pure. The shoreline provides opportunities for camping and is a favourite tourist spot because of the serene atmosphere.

2. Moscow-

Moscow located on the Moskva River in western Russia is the nation’s cosmopolitan capital. It is a sprawling city with a blend of historical and contemporary sights. It is considered one of the most lively cities full of entertainment and places to visit. The Moscow Kremlin is the ancient part of the city and symbolises Russia as a whole. The list of UNESCO world-wide heritage includes both Moscow Kremlin and Red Square. GUM and TSUM are the largest and famous shopping malls in Moscow. All in all the city provides you an overwhelming experience.

1. Matryoshkas-

The Russian dolls also known as Matryoshkas is considered the symbol of nation and is also very popular among tourists. These dolls are made by Russian artists and every doll is made up of two parts. The smaller dolls are inserted in the big one and a lot of effort and hard work goes into making of these dolls. These dolls are made out of wood and are famous as a symbol of Russian National art. A museum for these matryoshkas have also been opened in Moscow in 2001. The doll attracts people from all over the world and taking back a Matryoshkas from Russia is a must thing.

things russia is famous for

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  • I’m American and I love Russia! I’m not a huge fan of their government but the people and culture are great. One thing that I really love about Russians is their ability to separate a government from its people. Americans have a very hard time separating the two because we consider government part of our identity as Americans. I hope that one day our governments can put their differences aside so that Russians can vacation in America and Americans can vacation in Russia! All of the Russians I’ve met in my short life have been wonderfully kind and generous. I hope I am lucky enough to befriend more. ❤️

    Also, Russian history should be added to this list. Russia has the most interesting history, much of it brutal, but a history to be proud of nonetheless.

    • It is so heart warming to read that and it’s absolutely true about separation of government and people. I wish the way of governing in my country had changed. Unfortunately, people cannot freely express their opinion, but I’m hoping for changes.
      Feel free to visit Moscow. It’s a charming city, I have been to some other Asian and European countries and should admit that Russian capital is among the best places to see.

  • i love Russian and i hope i can go there just looking at this place it is so beautiful i am going to come here one day maybe tomorrow and see all see all my beautiful family in that big country i love u family.я люблю русский и надеюсь, что смогу поехать туда, просто посмотрев на это место, это так прекрасно, что я собираюсь приехать сюда однажды, может быть, завтра и увидеть всех, увидеть всю мою прекрасную семью в этой большой стране, которую я люблю тебя, семья
    ya lyublyu russkiy i nadeyus’, chto smogu poyekhat’ tuda, prosto posmotrev na eto mesto, eto tak prekrasno, chto ya sobirayus’ priyekhat’ syuda odnazhdy, mozhet byt’, zavtra i uvidet’ vsekh, uvidet’ vsyu moyu prekrasnuyu sem’yu v etoy bol’shoy strane, kotoruyu ya lyublyu tebya, sem’ya

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