Top 10 Things to Avoid for a Longer life

The are plenty of things you can do for you to slow down your entire body clock and extend life longer in any age whether you are in the twenties, thirties, sixties, seventies or beyond. It’s never late for you to start healthy behaviors as per research.

Below are the 10 things to avoid for a longer life.

1. Avoid processed foods

Things to Avoid for a Longer life

Processed foods are high in sugar, saturated fat, sodium, and less fiber that can result to hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.

The recommended sodium intake per day as per NIH (National Institute of Health) is not more than 2.4g or lesser than 2300 mg. Others who have a certain condition in health such as high blood pressure and seniors should take a lesser portion than the recommended amount. Nevertheless, upon the survey of greater than 7000 Americans, CDC (Centers for Disease Control) found out that most of them still consume 3300 mg sodium each day approximately. Mostly, the salt came from the convenience store and from the restaurant such as cured meats, baked goods, soup and milk.

Do some favor for yourself, and try to consume “clean” foods that are also rich in fiber (can be connected to long life) and other ingredients you purchase and cook it for yourself. If you have enough time, cook in large amount ahead of time, or prepare salads which are ready-made and other frozen fresh vegetables while inspecting the sugar and sodium contents on the label.

2. Avoid smoking

Things to Avoid for a Longer life

For smokers, you’ll definitely know how hard it is to quit the habit. As per some estimates, 10 years life may be rob by smoking. Your body will surprisingly change whether you quit out from your habit or phase out cold turkey; blood circulation and blood pressure will surely improve, the risk for cancer will automatically decrease each year thereafter. Your loved ones may also benefit since they will be free from second-hand smoke. You will also look young by avoiding this habit.

3. Avoid being impatient while waiting for the grand result

Things to Avoid for a Longer life

It might be inspiring if you have radical or sweeping changes in your habits, however, it might also be short-lived, therefore, intimidating for normal people. Try to aim low if you want your eating habits and exercise habits to be healthy. Minimal changes at a time might be a smart way to try, instead of a big life makeover like waking up 10 mins ahead in the morning to cook something healthy for yourself at work. According to the activity shown above, even a minimal spurt of exercise everyday may boost benefits for your lifespan.

Under the radar of your own, minimal shift can fly by boosting up the benefits without giving any stress in your own busy world as time goes by. Compare to grand gesture, short-term, being consistent is more than important. Moreover, seeing the changes on a daily basis can make you feel inspired and energized to give a twist more slightly going to a direction which is healthy.

4. Avoid sitting still

Things to Avoid for a Longer life

If you think you have no time for exercise, you might consider this: a global 30 mins per day minimum recommendations, 5 or greater than times each week for you prolong your life might not be needed. In Taiwan, “The Lancet”, which was published way back 2011, studied and habitual activity of greater than 416,000 male and female and proved that only 15 mins a day of moderate to intensity helped the subjects to extend their life for three extra years. If the threshold became 30 mins a day, the improvement of longevity boosts up to 4 yrs. The results were proven even for persons who are overweight whose pounds didn’t decrease even over their activity and for people who have health problems such as cardiovascular disease.

According to Taiwanese research, brisk walking was included in the exercises of “moderate intensity”. A mindful effort should be made to work out your daily routine, however, 15 mins of exercise will extend your life for three extra years and horns bargain longevity.

5. Avoid stress

Things to Avoid for a Longer life

Stress may hang up on your entire body and might be the reason of shorter life like anger. Reducing stress is one way for your health to improve, prolong your life, and get life’s quality for the meantime.

Writing or making a journal, learning relaxation, meditation (an activity with tons of benefits in longevity) are awesome ways to keep away from stress. Meditation done for a few minutes each day, or even at your table only, can make your mind tension free and anxiety free.

6. Avoid grudge

Things to Avoid for a Longer life

Anger might be an emotion that is hard to release, especially when you feel your outrage is being justified. Do you think the cortisol is worth it? That’s the best thing for yourself to ask. Stress hormone level goes up when you’re angry or stressed. It can cause negative effects to your immune system, metabolism, and heart. According to a number of researches, high mortality rate has been related to high level of cortisol.

7. Avoid being a loner

Things to Avoid for a Longer life

Staying socially might be a booster to good longevity. It can help the immune system strengthen and manage your stress. Relationships that are good can make you strong and relationships that are bad might give you negativity towards the mind, can cause you a heart attack and may cause you depression.

When you’re feeling down, staying connected might be a hard one, when you live away from your partner, friends and extended family, or someone who is close to you is lost. There are some methods for you to know new people to re-engage, this includes reaching out to some people who have the same interests as you via network such as book clubs or business groups and volunteering.

8. Avoid denial or don’t let your fear take you away from having a healthy life.

Things to Avoid for a Longer life

Conscientiousness, a personality trait which affects longevity, always ranks top and the utmost important one. Do you know the reason why? It’s because people who are conscientious are more involved in healthy attitudes such as exercising, follow the advice of the doctor, and avoid behaviors which are risky to health life, fast driving and smoking.

Nevertheless, you must not confuse with the difference of diligent or conscientious compare to being neurotic in terms of health. Being neurotic may be connected to emotions which are negative such as depression, anger and anxiety. A person who thinks that he has a diagnosis of cancer and fears the unwanted and doesn’t consult to a doctor is the simplest example of a person that is being neurotic. To compare with a conscientious person, they might still worry, however, they’re screening and tests, study their diagnosis, and have their treatment in a timely manner.

9. Avoid blaming and relying upon your genes.

Things to Avoid for a Longer life

When your ancestral are still alive from their 90’s and beyond, they might advise you to blame your genes, however, don’t be affected too much in the history of your family. In Scandinavia, a research was done on twins and advise that the responsibility of genetics is only about 1/3 of potential longevity.

This is somewhat great news for people without ancestry that is exceptional. Lifestyle and environmental factors such as diet, number of exercises you have, stress you are encountering, your conscientious about screening and medical tests and even social relationship’s strength have a big part in the lifespan and how you age fast. Genetics should not be the focus on to since you can’t control it, give your attention instead on the factors that you can avoid.

10. Avoid cheating on your sleep at night

Things to Avoid for a Longer life

Your longevity can be affected by the number of sleep aside from a sleepy driver who has a greater risk of vehicle accident. According to epidemiological studies, people who sleep less than 6 hours or greater than 9 hours have been noted to have a higher risk of mortality rate. A decent sleep at night can take away heart disease, depression and stress.

Keeping the room away from light, making the temperature cool, and keeping yourself away from distraction are some ways and measures to help you fall asleep easier. Noise machine can give you calming sounds and meditation exercises can help you to have a good and decent sleep at night. You can consult with your specialist if you still find it hard to fall asleep despite those methods.

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