Top 10 Things UK is famous for

United Kingdom, located at the northwestern shore of Europe, was the world’s first industrialized country and still possesses substantial influence in terms of culture, science, economy, politics and military globally. Distinguished for its music, books, movies like Harry Potter, its exports, from giving the world some of the best musicians to its archives and education, UK stands as an epitome of development throughout.

Here we enlist the top ten things the United Kingdom is famous for.

  1. Sports

UK is famous for

Sports have been an integral part of every individual’s life residing in the UK. It has always been acknowledged as a common leisure activity. Most of world’s beloved and admired sports began in UK which includes football, golf, cricket, rugby and lawn tennis. Cricket became England’s national sport. Football is also very sought after in UK. It has produced some of the very well known football teams, the most eminent being Manchester United. A professional Ice Hockey league operates in Great Britain called the Elite Ice Hockey League.

  1. Archaic monuments

UK is famous for

UK is a land of earliest age-old cities and has colossal basilicas, royal palaces, gratifying gardens, mighty castles and puny villages which enhance the beauty of country. One of the famous landmarks in UK is a primordial Stonehenge which is a circle of stones. Other prominent landmarks include Windsor Castle, Kings College, Blackpool tower, Hadrian’s Wall, Buckingham Palace and the list goes endless.

  1. Pop Music Celebs

UK is famous for

United Kingdom has always been in limelight for its music. In Britain, pop music marches ahead of jazz or classical music. Some musicians and their bands such as Pink Floyd, Rolling stones, The Beatles, The spice girls and George Michael are at fame internationally for their contribution in music industry. We stay tuned to rock, punk, house, R&B and garage created by artists like Justin, Britney, Beyonce, JLo, Pink, McFly, Xtina, Mis-teeq and Timberlake. Over the past thirty years, United Kingdom along with US has been the main contributor in the growth of rock and roll.

  1. Archival Acropolis

UK is famous for

The United Kingdom is very famous for its castles and historic palaces. The official residences of the royals have been Palace of Whitehall (till 1699), St James’s Palace (till 1837) and Buckingham Palace (after 1837 till date). The Queen’s official home is royal Buckingham Palace. The queen spends significant time in Windsor castle which is the world’s largest occupied castle and covers 13 acres of land. Its name was inspired by a Royal family’s surname. Private and much-loved castle is Balmoral’s Castle which has been a favorite place for Queen and her folks to spend time during summer holidays.

  1. Pubs

UK is famous for

In United Kingdom pubs are a communal meeting place. It’s an acronym that stands for public house. There are about 60,000 public houses out of which 53,000 are in England & Wales, 1,600 in Northern Ireland and 5,200 in Scotland. Fighting Cocks located in St. Albans is one of the oldest pubs and is entrenched in an eleventh-century building. Pubs are taken to be the place where people can chill, talk, drink, eat and unwind themselves. As a custom a group usually buy drinks in round where a single person pays for everyone. Most of the pubs belong to brewery but they offer all kinds of beer. They usually have traditional names such as The Crown, The Chequers, The King’s Arms, and The White Horse etc. Some of the finest pubs in the United Kingdom are The Jolly Butchers, The Evening Stars, The Compton Arms and The Free Trade.

  1. Hub of brands

UK is famous for

UK is one of the world’s most eminent financial centers with its capital city, London, housing nearly world’s top 100 corporations. British brands are acknowledged for their quality and finesse. British brands have made their mark in every category. In tea, from British Gourmet to Twinings, luxury cars from Bentley to Jaguar and McLaren, enriched flavors and formulations of an array of beer and the much adorned Biba apparels all have their roots in the United Kingdom. One can not miss the clothing tags that receive much love throughout including Dorothy Perkins, Reebok, Phase Eight, River Island and Jack Wills.

  1. Home to our beloved celebrities

UK is famous for

The United Kingdom has given birth to and reared an endless list of renowned and admired public figures. Shining at the peak in all spheres some of the eminent personalities are Princess Diana, David Beckham, Robert Pattinson, Daniel Redcliffe, Daniel Craig, Bonnie Wright and Kate Winslet just to name a few. An esteemed English poet and the world’s pre-eminent writer William Shakespeare can just not be missed. Often referred to as England’s national poet, he wrote 35 known plays, around 154 sonnets and two narrative long poems.  His best work includes ‘King Lear’, ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘Hamlet’, ‘The Two Noble Kinsmen’, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, which have been translated in almost all existing languages.

  1. Royal Family

UK is famous for

There are a thousand royal families around the world but the ones of United Kingdom are renowned for their actively charities globally. Queen Elizabeth II, aged 86, is the head of British Royal Family and has reigned for more than 60 years. She took the lead on 6 February, 1952. She has become the oldest supremacy, British monarch by outliving her great-great-grandmother. She is also the second longest reigning monarch. She also heads the Commonwealth of Nations which includes 54 member states advocating human rights, liberty, democracy and world peace.

  1. Educational Institutions

UK is famous for

United Kingdom has the second largest cluster of educational institutes in the world. About 400,000 student population reside in London. Three of the United Kingdom universities made their mark in the top ten universities league table. They are Cambridge, Oxford and Imperial College London. In United Kingdom each country has its own education system and together its education system has been ranked as the sixth best in the world by global league table.

  1. London Eye

UK is famous for

London Eye, designed by the architectural team of David Marks and Julia Barfield, is the world’s largest ferry’s wheel, which gives a ride of thirty minutes and carries over 800 passengers. It is a very popular tourist attraction located in the Jubilee Gardens on the South Bank. The 135-meter tall structure was built as a part of London’s millennium celebrations, thus is also referred to as the Millennium Wheel. The observation wheel turns slow enough for people to emplane while it is moving. The avant-garde capsules can accommodate up to twenty-five passengers. The construction on the outer side of the rim is such that the passengers have a breathtaking 360-degree bird’s eye view over London.

The great power country is a blend of culture, sports, music, academics and a magnetizing tourist spot. It has not just given the world it’s best people, movies and landmarks but has served as an inspiration of development, management and growth in all terms.

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