Top 10 Things you should do Before you turn 20

Oh, how some of us simply adore our teenage years. Some of us just don’t want to let go of it and the rest of us are just looking for escape routes to step into adulthood. Nevertheless, teenage years are most definitely the best years of our lives. We mess up and stand up again, we look forward to each and everyday without fail, we feel proud of ourselves and at the same time, we let ourselves down. But again. What is life if we haven’t lived it that way? So go all out as you enjoy the most carefree time of your life.

Here are 10 things you must have or you’ve got to do before you turn 20:


Things you should do Before you turn 20

You have got to go out and see the real world. Irrespective of whether or not you have some place in mind, just pack your bags and leave. Because opportunities like these don’t come back to you that easily. Sometimes we’re stuck in sorting out our own lives that we’re too busy to take out time for road trips. But don’t forget that something like a road trip is exciting, adventurous and absolutely the best decision you’re going to take. So, even if you’re going to plan or not, this is something you NEED TO GO FOR.

So grab your best buddy’s hand and force them to drive down with you and have the time of your life.


Things you should do Before you turn 20

Love happens. It really does and when I categorize it under 20s, I’m doing so because everyone finds their first love usually during this period. It is vital to get your heart broken at least once in your life. You need to understand how strong this emotion is and how a million sentiments are attached to it. It isn’t something really easy to let go of. But you never know, circumstances talk for us.

So, in order to realize the importance of this term of your life, do fall in love because if you haven’t done this, then you’re not normal.


Things you should do Before you turn 20

Well, we are defined by the kind of hobbies we have and the kind of people we’re with. Hobbies are something that are a part of us and is a part of our everyday life. Some of us get so busy in life that we forget about our hobbies and what we’re good at.

Make sure you give time to your hobbies too. They help you remain determined and keep your mind off other things.


Things you should do Before you turn 20

‘Swim swim swim across the sea!’

The most adventurous thing to do, to swim and what’s best about it? When its not just a swimming pool you’re swimming in. Plan a vacation or just a one day tour to some beach or river or a lake around your city (make sure its clean though.) Go out and spend a day over there, swimming and doing other water activities with your friends and having the time of your life!


Things you should do Before you turn 20

We all love music and we love how it influences us in different ways. There are some band and songs that we listen to all day and we still don’t get bored. Also, almost everyone has a way with instruments. We love the sound of a few of them and a ‘music-bound.’

So go out and pick up that one instrument you want to learn. And make sure whatever you’re learning, you’re learning it out of passion and the zeal to learn something.


Things you should do Before you turn 20

We’re all strangers in this world. At least to each other, we are. And we’re all aware of social media platforms and other websites that help us make friends from everywhere. However, this isn’t the kind of conversation I’m talking about here.

Look back at the old times, where there were no laptops and internet to make any contact with people. During times where there was no technology, things still worked out. So, if you’re in a metro, a bus, a train or an airplane or just simply walking down the street, try talking to that one particular person you’ve never really spoken to, but have always just seen them around. You would know how it is to make relations in today’s world without technology.


Things you should do Before you turn 20

The feeling of being independent, being able to earn for yourself and learning how to value useful resources like time, come only and only by working somewhere and under someone’s guidance. It is imperative that we do something not for anyone else, but for ourselves.

The best time to go out and work? Summer vacations, winter breaks etc.


Things you should do Before you turn 20

Everyone has that ‘one language’ in mind that they sure as hell want to learn. Did it just cross your mind? Well, that’s what I’m talking about. Language is an important part of life. When we travel around the world, we get eager to learn a language because it actually sounds beautiful when spoken. Language is a means of communication and helps you gain a hell lot of knowledge.

So, grab some books, sit online and start learning a language for it is an amazing experience to have.


Things you should do Before you turn 20

When was the last time you took yourself out on a date? You don’t remember, right? Or you just haven’t made the effort to? Now is the time you do so! You need to be independent, you need to be capable enough of carrying yourself in public and you should know how beautiful a feeling it is, to love yourself first.

So, go watch a movie alone, get yourself some food and do whatever you want to do that makes you the happiest person on earth!

1. VOTE.

Things you should do Before you turn 20

Seriously guys, this is important. When we’re given a chance to change the way we live, change the way our system works, then we definitely should take that chance up. We’ve some duty towards our cities and countries and no matter where we live, voting is our birthright. So, make sure that you stand up for what you want and go out there and vote!

Ps – voting always makes one feel like an adult. It is also the best way of showing concern for your country and that you also see that something aren’t in the correct place. And so, we are also responsible for making changes and living life the way we want to.

Remember, whatever you do in your teens, stupid or not, these are things you’ll never forget for the rest of your life!

Happy Teening!

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